Best Wooden & Bamboo Cutting Boards in 2022


Do you find slicing, dicing and chopping of ingredients a nerve-wracking task in your kitchen? This may be attributed to the use of an inappropriate cutting board. Perhaps, the cutting board is a great investment that you can have in your kitchen. Everyone likes cooking according to their style. Cutting boards are made of recycled composite wood and do not allow for any leakages from spices that you cut.

They are thus safe and healthy because bacteria and other harmful microorganisms don’t thrive in it. There is a variety of wooden cutting boards you can find in the market. It, therefore, requires you to know what to keep into consideration when shopping for one. Here are the top 10 Best Cutting Boards in 2022.

List of Best Wooden & Bamboo Cutting Boards in 2022

10. John Boos Reversible Wooden Cutting Board


This is a multi-use cutting board that enables you to cut different stuff. You can use one side to cut meat, another side to cut vegetables or any other food. It, therefore, aids you in avoiding any form of cross-mixing or contamination while cooking. John Boos cutting board has hand grips at the ends that make it easy to transport.

It has been professionally designed to meet FDA standards. It looks stylish and trendy with its cream finish. This cutting board is very easy to care through regular oiling and hand-washing. Ideally, it is ideal for mincing, dicing, and much more. It should not miss in your kitchen.

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9. Organic Bamboo Wooden Cutting Board


An organic Bamboo cutting board is another eco-friendly board you can consider for seamless operations in your kitchen. In case you are looking for a strong and large board to handle heavy cooking tasks in your kitchen, then you can go for this pick. It features a 100% premium grade hard organic bamboo that makes it durable especially if well-cared.

Moreover, this wooden board is all-natural and does not have any color dyes hence safe from food contamination. It also has rubber feet that prevent it from sliding when in use. This board provides ample cutting space to accomplish most of your cooking tasks. Give it a try.

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8. Quirky Mocubo Wooden Cutting Board


This board comes with acrylic drawers that you can use to store chopped food spices. It is constructed of high quality and durable bamboo. The quirky Bamboo wooden board is 100% BPA safe. It allows you to cut your food in a germ-free space. This cutting board is very easy to clean after using as it can be wiped clean. It is one cutting board recommended for master chefs. Dice, slice and organize your spices with no hassle with this cutting board.

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7. Bamboo Butcher Block-Best Cutting Boards


This wooden cutting board features a large and strong block that makes it suitable to handle a wide range of kitchen cutting tasks. It has rubber-capped legs that aid in keeping it from slipping while being used. It is pretty simple to care by occasionally washing it with warm water once you are through with your cooking tasks. And you can use Bamboo Revitalizing Oil to spice its beauty and extend its life.

Bamboo butcher has an end-grain design that renders it stylish and a great addition to your kitchen.Also, it is totally made of bamboo hence environmentally safe. You can easily avoid contamination of food when using this bamboo block.

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6. Prep Snow River 7V03345 Board

Best Cutting Boards

In case you want to cut juicy spices, you can consider this great board. It comes with a backsplash that keeps all your spices in place while cutting. Moreover, it also has a front lip that helps keep the board stable. It is beautifully handcrafted from finest solid hardwood and thus it can last for long provided you give it the needed care. And, it has a large surface where you can cut your food hassle-free. It is one must have a board for consistent cooking results.

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5. 3-Piece Bamboo Cutting Board


These 3 set boards are made of eco-friendly and durable bamboo. What makes these three sets unique is the juice grooves. To avoid warping, these bamboo boards are made thick and solid. It also has a double tray for easy serving of crackers and cheese. It is FDA-approved hence one safe pick that you can consider for cooking in your kitchen. When you buy it, you get a free cooking eBook. These cutting boards do not splinter or crack easily thus when you buy it; you are assured of long-term use.

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4. Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board


This lightweight cutting board version has a dripping groove that collects juices from spices. It is made of top quality antimicrobial bamboo that is both safe and durable. Most users prefer this board as it does not blunt knives when used in cutting spices. It is very simple to clean and maintain. All you have to do is clean it with soap and warm water then air it to dry.

It is both natural and eco-friendly. It is thick and large hence ideal for beating most of your cooking tasks. Furthermore, its great size makes the storage of this board simple. You can place it anywhere in your kitchen.

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3. Reversible Pastry Wooden Board


This has a backsplash thus an ideal pick in case you do not want to mess while preparing food in your kitchen. It has an extra large cutting surface for carrying out heavy cutting projects. One advantage with this board is that it can be used in the preparation of baked food. Moreover, you can decide to do certain projects on one side and others on the other side.

It cleans easily by use of a damp piece of cloth. You can also oil it to help extend its useful life. There is a lip on either side that adds stability while being used. And this board guarantees you the best cutting experience in your kitchen.

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2. Seville Classics Cutting Board with Removable Cutting Mats


This board is constructed from high-quality bamboo that is anti-microbial. It is shipped together with 7 cutting mats that are color-coded. This; thus saves you the stress of having to wash the board every time after you use it. The mats also allow you to transfer food easily once you are through with cutting. Its patented design makes it stylish. It can be a good addition to your kitchen. Anyway, it is ideal for cutting vegetables, poultry products, dairy, bread, and seafood. It is one of the best-selling cutting boards.

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1. Flexible Cutting Board


Flexible Cutting Board is one adorable wooden cutting board bought frequently. It is BPA-safe, non-porous and anti-scratch. And it is very easy to clean as compared to all other cutting board versions. It consumes the smallest space in your kitchen hence in case you want a space-savvy board, and then you have got this.

It is perfect for chopping and dicing a variety of foods in your kitchen. So, it comes with a set of 4 cutting mats assorted in food icons and bright colors. You can assign every mat to specific food to avoid contamination.

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