Best Wood Computer Desks in 2020


Computer desks do not have to be boring, they can be elegant, contemporary and even not look like a computer desk. The choice is up to you and the top 10 wood computer desks in 2020 will make your decision very difficult.

These top-quality computer desks should enhance your decor and make you look like a professional computer surfer or worker. They also should give you enough room for all your computer equipment and snacks. Getting your work done is what is most important.

When you go for one of the best computer desks around, you should also get durability, long term use as well as flexibility. Location options should also be no problem as you can put these desks anywhere. Go with the best to make sure you do not have to waste time and money when lesser computer desks do not work out for you

List of Best Wood Computer Desks in 2020

10. FRU L Shape Wood Computer Desk

10. L Shaped Computer Desk with Keyboard Tray, Wood Reversible Corner Desk

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FRU wood computer desks are quality products for your home supply. This product is a design from P2 class elected quality eco-friendly particle wood boards, and it has very sturdy steel frames. The design of X-legs for standing, without shaking or wobble, offers excellent stability and durability. Indeed, this desk is supplied with a slide-out keyboard drawer which gives enough space for keyboard and mouse, acting as an addition to your bedroom, study room, or office, and serves as an office workstation, study table, computer desk, writing or gaming desk.

You may have the desk in order to make as U- shaped corner by 2 desks for the home office. That is called a flexible desk ever. You can set this desk up with the longer board on the right or left side as you want. The wood computer desk L shape also offers with foot cups height fit to keep the legs in proper height even you install on a slightly uneven floor.

FRU desk has dimensions of 50.4*46.5*29.1In. It gives sufficient room to hold your printer, laptop, speakers, PC, and a bunch of books. Our product offers a workspace that is both spacious and flexible. The desk is also established with the leg-rest bar to give comfort during long working sessions. Everything you need for comfort working or learning is under purchasing our wood computer desk.

What we like about this product:

  • The provision of the shelf is perfect for work and study stuff.
  • It is durable and applicable to most room supplies.

What we don’t like about this product:

  • Nothing we don’t like about this product.

9. FURINNO Computer Writing Desk

9. FURINNO Computer Writing Desk, Walnut

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FURINNO computer writing desk will give you a good time. This is a kind of wood computer desk which can be used for a long time. It is easy to accomplish and use for self-work or study at home. You can even have one for office and other places. The desk is manufactured from composite wood and PVC tubes which are types of materials that most customers need for their purposes. Moreover, the wood is 100% recycled material so that it will harm the environment.

Our desk is sturdy on a flat surface. Thus for good use, you should see instruction. Moreover, we supply our desk with a stylish design that contains shelves on both sides for books and CPU. From this, the elevated shelf is for a compact printer or other stationery decoration you would like to have in hand. A special design like this is what you are looking for. The desk is really suitable in your space and your budget. FURNNO wood computer desk perfectly suits any room which has limited space for your materials or your computer. To be specific for the shelves, the shelves are on the left and right sides which are so convenient.

You might prefer the best size of this desk. It is 35. 25 in Width x 35. 5 in Height x and 18. 8(D) inches. We believe this dimension is perfect for you. It is not so big, nor small. It fits most areas in the room such as the corner or in the middle of the room because this one is not in L shape.

What we like about this product:

  • Our product is manufactured from composite wood and PVC tubes. This is what you are looking for a kind of wood desk for computer.
  • Durability and compatibility are with the FURINNO wood computer desk.

What we don’t like about this product:

  • The upper space might be not good when you would like to use the laptop on the table.

8. Elephance L Shape Corner Computer Desk

8. Elephance 59 Large L Shaped Desk Corner Computer Desk Gaming Table Workstatio

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Are you looking for this kind of shirt? – No worry anymore. This is the right option for you. Elephance wood computer desk is the best desk ever for those who need work or study. It has sufficient space for your computer and other stuff which are put nearby. Our desk is established from P2 class participial board with perfect edge modern technology and thicker steel frame. These can ensure strength and durability for lifetime use. Moreover, it is designed with adjustable leg pads that can be used for different height need. At the same time, the pads are to keep the desk stable balance although you put on the uneven floor and carpet.

The design of the L shape is very applicable and beautiful. That L-shaped design gives you to save the space of your home office maximumly and offer plenty of surface space for computer work, handcraft, writing, and other home and office activities. Indeed, the size is good as well. It comes with (59+59) L x 23.6 W x 29.5 H inch.

We design for multi-functions and offer wide freedom desktop. It plays as an addition to offices, apartments, homes, college, and bedrooms. You need no worry about the fact that it might disturb your time while working or study from the frame. The lower space is almost empty at your leg space.

What we like about this product:

  • The L shape is rather marvelous for those who like special design and wide space to store things at hand.
  • The pads are tough and ensure stability on every kind of floor.

What we don’t like about this product:

  • There is no shelf for putting more stuff.

7. FURINNO Abbott Corner Computer Desk

7.Furinno Abbott Corner Computer Desk with Bookshelf

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FURINNO abbott corner computer desk is one of best-selling products in 2020 from FURINNO. This wood computer desk is very applicable to most room and decoration. You might have it for work or study. It is best placed at the corner of the room or office. Our product is durable. FURINNO abbott has a sturdy construction that is made of MDF materials.

What you like to have for the office is with this best product. The desk is for apartments and dorms that the space is limited, and it is small enough for that space. Other than this, the desk itself has sufficient space for your needs. There are additional compartments for storage and organization. It has space for magazines and desktop, books, and other small items at the side. The provisions of the three shelves are enough for many tasks you have in hand. Why do we say it is in hand? – Because of all that, your stuff is put near you at each shelf.

Believe us that this one product is very easy and applicable to use. It has an easy assembly with given hardware and instructions you can follow in order to get a well-organized product in hand. To be specific, this wood computer desk comes with easy installment which you just need a short time to set up and each connection is safe for long time use.

What we like about this product:

  • It is durable and applicable to most room and decoration.
  • The sturdy construction is supplied with FURINNO computer desk. Moreover, our desk is easy to install as well as set up.

What we don’t like about this product:

  • The leg does not have steel for an easy movement.

6. Calico Designs Convertible /Computer Desk

6. Calico Designs Convertible Art Drawing, Computer Desk for Kids in Ashwood

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Calico is very special for your work. This 3 in 1 wood computer desk lets you work on your computer or laptop, or it can convert into a drawing or art desk. It is up to you and your hobbies how you use this innovative desk. Plus, you get approx. 55 by 20” tabletop dimensions. We believe this dimension is applicable to space for personal work.

Also, you can extend those dimensions by using the 2 removable leaves. They measure 20 by 10 inches in size. But that is not all the space you get with this desk. A sliding keyboard shelf and a removable computer shelf make sure your desktop is not overcrowded. This sliding keyboard shelf is convenient when you have your keyboard for the desktop, and it stays in the proper place in medium height for your work.

In addition, all this space is supported by a strong powder-coated steel frame and legs. You get rust and corrosion protection as well as a good weight capacity limit. You also get about 27 inches of high leg room taking into account the sliding keyboard shelf. With the supply of a strong powder-coated steel frame is stainless that can ensure durability and stability. At the same time, each leg is supported by strong standing which is for no-slip. Our wood computer desk is the best for the year 2020.

What we like about this product:

  • Our product is durable and applicable to most activities such as working, learning, gaming, and so on.
  • Made of stainless steel which can ensure long time use. The supply of

What we don’t like about this product:

  • Nothing we don’t like about this product.

5. Casaottima L Shape Computer Desk

5. L Shaped Desk Home Office Desk with Round Corner Computer Desk

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We think you are looking for a quality computer desk for a house. Here it is. We are providing a good look computer desk which can give you a good time. This wood computer desk is from Casaottima which one of best selling stores in the world and in 2020. The desk is supplied with high-quality materials and under sturdy design in elegance way. Also, there are thick metal frames and extra metal brackets that ensure stability while using. To be specific, this desk is made of MDF (the wooden Medium Density Fiberboard).

Our product is waterproof and anti-scratch that you will get easy to clean. As mentioned above, the frame of the desk is made of heavy-duty powder-coated steel which ensures durability. Other than this, the desk comes with L shape. The specialty of this is that you can set up to any side. This means the dis-mountable monitor shelf might be set up on either right or left side as you want. And the shelf could be used as space for storage or a computer shelf for standing working posture in an elegant way.

In addition to the L shape, there is a wide desktop sleek and beveled there. There is plenty of surface space for computer work, writing, and other home activities like gaming. That would be a fantastic choice for home supply ever. At the same time, there are adjustable leveling studs to make the desk stable even on uneven floor or circumstances. Please get our product with a dimension of 50.8” (L) x 18.1″ (W) x 28″ (H) at best.

What we like about this product:

  • The removable shelf is very adorable and applicable to most needs as you might have to fit your proper location of the desk.
  • This wood computer desk is durable and compatible. It has a waterproof reveal.

What we don’t like about this product:

-There are no under shelves for storing other stuff at hand.

4. 4NM Folding Computer Office Desk

4. 4NM Folding Desk, No-Assembly Small Computer Desk Home Office Desk

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4NM folding computer office desk is nice to have one at home. This wood computer desk is the right choice for home supply or office supply as it is made with metal which can ensure durability. Our product has concise look which is complemented by a high-quality desktop and a sturdy metal frame to fit perfectly into home and office. More than this, with its folding design, you might fold or unfold it in a few seconds without any assembly needed. It only needs up a small space so that you save your space a lot.

This wood computer desk is the best fit. You may keep the desk in your living room, bedroom, office, and so on. It will be used as an office desk, writing desk, computer desk, and study desk as you prefer. The ideal furniture for your home or workplace is with 4NM folding computer desk. We believe this is small enough to have. Not big and not too small. You might prefer the size of 31.5 x 17.72 x 29.72 inches when you expand it, and it becomes 31.5 x 2.55 x 29.72 inches after you fold and keep. This fact becomes the suit desk for small spaces ever.

The surface is smooth with quality materials so that it will not disturb your time. More importantly, the supply with metal standings makes it more applicable to be durable and compatible of all time. The standing pads are nice that ensure stability even on the uneven surfaces from any circumstances.

What we like about this product:

  • It is durable and compatible with most occasions. You can help it to study, work, gaming, and other activities.
  • Supplied with metal, this desk becomes better and attractive to most customers.

What we don’t like about this product:

  • There are no shelves for storing things besides what can be put on the desk.

3. Frylr Small Folding Writing Computer Desk

3. Frylr Small Folding Writing Desk with USB Ports & Power Plugs

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Frylr wood computer desk is the right choice for you. What you find a simple and good use computer desk is with Frylr store. It comes with wood and metal which is good for durability and compatibility. Similar to other computer desks, this one is established by using MDF. It gets CARB approval that ensures non-toxic and no harm. These small desks come with a strong frame of heavy-duty and powder-coated steel for lifetime use.

One difference from other computer desks as well as one specialty to these types of desks is the supply of plug for convenience. There are 2 power plugs and 2 2.1A USB ports for you. These offers are easy for charging computers, phones, laptops, without additional outlets. Start to tidy up your desk and room with Frylr wood computer desks.

You don’t need to worry about how to use it. It is easy and convenient. Our desk is foldable and no installation work. After use, you can fold it to save space for other activities, like parties, dinners, dancing balls, and so on. We believe this is the point that attracts customers so much. Just fold and unfold to use and keep at the place.

What we like about this product:

  • Our product is durable and compatible with most needs. You might use it in the middle of the room or at the corner because there are no specific needs for a particular location.
  • Wood materials plus metal are sufficient for lifetime use.

What we don’t like about this product:

  • No shelves are offered which are not so good for storing things.

2. SHW L-Shaped e Office Corner Desk

2. SHW L-Shaped Home Office Corner Desk Wood Top, Espresso

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SHW is one of the famous stores in 2020. Now it brings you the best quality wood computer desks to fit the needs of work or study. This 51 by 20 inch L shaped desk gives you the design and dimensions you need to make sure your computer work goes smoothly and without interruption. With two end shelves, you can store unneeded items out of the way while you are doing the work or study stuff. The storing parts are convenient because you can bring them back when you are in need. The opening shelves give a perfect room for your binders and books. The desktop has two grommets to prepare your cords at a time.

Our product is made of Espresso, wood grain laminated environmental particle board which ensures durability and compatibility. Plus, each corner of the desk holds protective feet to keep your floors looking their best and without damage. A cable management opening helps you organize your cables keeping them out of your way as well.

Also, the particle board is tough and should stand up to normal desk use without any hassles. Its only drawback is that its shape is restricted to the one side set up only. Assembly time depends on you and your tool ability. But plan on about 15 to 20 minutes to get it all together. Your computer needs will be met by this desk. Easy install and set up are with our SHW wood computer desk. You may prefer the measurement like this. It is 51″ W x 19.7″ D x 28.3 ” H (51″ overall depth).

What we like about this product:

  • The given shelves are great for storing things at hand.
  • The desk can ensure no slip. It stays in a place for your work or study.

What we don’t like about this product:

  • For a good look, you can place it only at the corner of the room.

1. SHW L-Shaped Office Corner Desk

1, SHW L-Shaped Home Office Corner Desk Wood Top, Walnut

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This product also comes from SHW store. For this one, it doesn’t take up a lot of room but it has a good steel design and protective feet to make sure no harm comes to your floors. It can ensure no-slip to your floor and stay there for long. To be specified, this wood computer desk is made of a steel frame, powder-coated finish, and environmental particleboard. The footrest bar offers for more comfort, adaptable glides stabilize/balance the desk on an uneven surface. Then its 51 by 19-inch dimension comes with a rounded center section to give the desk a unique look.

The powder coat finish not only looks good but protects the metal from rust and more. Also, you couldn’t ask for more legroom, as the legs are situated at the back and the sides of the desk. This means the part of the legs is designed specially in order to give you no disturbance or inconvenience. A handy footrest makes sure you can relax as you work. Just be careful in putting a lot of weight on the desktop.

Our product is easy to use and install. You just follow the step-by-step instructions and hard wares included as guides for you. Please be sure that you install the desk carefully; otherwise, you might damage it. The dimension of this desk is 51″ W x 19″ D x 28.5″ H (51″ overall depth).

What we like about this product:

  • Our desk has good design which is applicable to most room decoration or office work.
  • It is durable and compatible.

What we don’t like about this product:

  • The desk does not have a shelf for storing things.

Buying Guides for Wood Computer Desks


You should think carefully about the materials used in each item. What we are providing here is almost a wood computer desk. One difference is just about the point that few computer desks are supplied with wood and metal. However, it is still not a concern. What you should consider is the materials used and how it lasts long for your work or study.


Here is about shape. There are many designs of wood computer desks in 2020 with various shapes. Some are rectangular shapes, while some are L shapes or L with curve shape. We can give you an idea. The rectangle shape is very simple and it appears as normal. Thus you can choose the L shape because you can get things at hand, and you can have desktop and laptop at the same time that you just turn aside yourself.


There are many sizes to fit the need. You should know in advance about your room space so that you will purchase the fit desk for it. One more important thing is about the particular location you like. If you want a desk for a corner, it is best to choose the L shape one. The L shape looks good at the corner as well as makes the room more comfortable.


Price is a simple thing here. Please look at the price and quality at the same time. If you just need a simple desk for work because you don’t have much stuff to put, better get a cheap one.


Having a good computer desk to work on makes your office and computer go more smoothly and a lot easier. When you use one of the top 10 wood computer desks in 2020, you are getting good looks, quality, and lots of years of use.

That is the way it should be as you invest good money on the desk and you should get good results in return. Go with the best to make sure you have your computer work station issues handled.

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