Best Water Shoes for Men in 2022


You enjoy beaches and playing in the water with your family and friends and looking for the perfect water shoes to go with your looks, dress, and vibe. Don’t worry we listened to it. Whether you are going kayaking, boating, diving or simply strolling or for a long walk alongside the beach, the part that comfortable water shoes for men would play can not be neglected.

Water shoes come in handy in those situations without any compromise with your overall get-up. They are designed to protect your feet and also to give you great comfort. Earlier men did not have many options to choose from, but now with the advancement of designs and technology, you have huge options available for you to choose from.

In this article, we have discussed the best water shoes for men in 2022. We have chosen them from personal experience and are suggesting them after that. Even a buying guide is attached at the end for you to not miss a factor while purchasing them. Let’s get started.

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12. Merrell Water Shoes for Men Hydrotrekker

Merrell Water Shoes for Men Hydrotrekker

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Merrell is known for designing shoes that are comfortable, versatile, and durable. These Merrell water shoes come in four colors: flame orange, dusty olive, directoire blue, and black. The overall design of the shoes is pretty flawless as they are made up of 100% fabric.

They have a slip-resistant and anti-skid rubber sole to protect you from falling on slippery grounds. You can surely enjoy your life without worrying about your shoes.

The sufficient amount of cushioning on the insides makes them even more comfortable to wear. The design and fabric ensure the lightweight feature that helps in draining and drying the shoes quickly when wet.

Why do we recommend it?

  •  Cushioned insides
  •  Lightweight
  •  Quick dry
  •  Durable

11. Body Glove Max Water Shoes for Men

Body Glove Max Water Shoes for Men

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Yet another comfortable, lightweight shoe on the list. These are available in two colors: black & yellow and black & dazzling blue. They are made up of 100% synthetic material and have synthetic soles as well.

The design is moreover bent on the minimalist barefoot feel meaning three toe design, zero heel lift, ultra-grip soles. The features provide a barefoot feel along with maximum comfortability for hiking and watersports.

Adjustable shock lace system and the loop strap makes for the comfortable wearing of the shoes. Other features of the shoes are flexibility, breathability, and lightweight.

All these add up to make them perfect for fishing, swimming, boating, and other water activities. Moreover, the shoes come with an inbuilt integrated drainage system (IDS), for quick dry.

Why do we recommend it?

  • Comfortable
  • IDS system for quick dry
  • Barefoot feel
  • The adjustable shock lace system
  • Enhanced Ultra Grip

10. Teva Men’s Sandal Water Shoes

Teva Men’s Sandal Water Shoes

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Teva shoes are known for their designs that are specially made for outdoor sports and activities. These Teva water sandals are made up of 93% synthetic and 7% textile material. The sole is made up of rubber for perfect grip.

The design meshed synthetic on the upper with an outdoor sandal look. They are cushioned from the insides and also have anti-microbial protection to protect your feet from any infection and all when in water or when wet.

Further, it comes with a lacing system and ankle strap that can be easily adjusted to make your feet comfortable. The midsole is made up of EVA to bear the compression and feel soft on the skin. You can enjoy to the fullest your every water sport with these embedded shock padded at heels shoes.

Why do we recommend it?

  •  Sandal Design
  •  Shock Proof sole
  •  Anti-Microbial Protection
  •  Cushioned, comfortable, and lightweight

9. Eddie Bauer Water Shoes for Men

Eddie Bauer Water Shoes for Men

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Another one on the list is from the Eddie Bauer Store. These are available in two colors mushroom and cinder. The shoes have a classic fit available in men’s sizes from 8-14. Some features of the shoes are EVA footbed perforated with InsoFit to provide breathability to your feet and quick drying of the shoes when wet.

The outsole has a non-marking design for better traction. They also have a quick lace closure for easy wear. Overall the shoes are comfortable, lightweight, and durable.

Why do we recommend it?

  •  EVA footbed
  •  Non-marking outsoles
  •  Lightweight and breathable

8. Xero Shoes Lightweight Water Shoes for Men

Xero Shoes Lightweight Water Shoes for Men

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Available in two colors: olive and snorkel blue. The design is unique making it the one and only do-everything sandals from long walks to boating to other water activities. Also, known as colorado sandals the built of the shoes is such that they can handle from high mountain treks to rafting.

The shoes are made up of neoprene lining providing it an afloat and light water-friendly feel. These sandals are water friendly with a natural fit, feel and move. A wide toe box provides a comfortable fit.

A 5.5mm rubber sole is used to protect your feet while giving your brain natural walking signals. The sandals are flexible enough to bend, move and flex easily for the natural experience. The design is minimalist with features of quick-dry, afloat, and durability.

Why do we recommend it?

  •  Minimalist design
  •  Water-friendly
  •  Natural feel, fit, and motion
  •  The do-everything sandals

7. Vibram Water Shoes for Men

Vibram Water Shoes for Men

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Available in three colors: black, blue-black, and grey. These are another lightweight shoe with 2mm EVA insole of silicon treatment and a 3.7mm outsole. The mega grip feature of the aqua sole provides ultra-grip on both wet and dry terrains.

Overall the shoes are made up of vegan materials. The shoes are highly durable and specifically designed with 5 toe features for water activities. The five-toe features provide the most natural feel to the feet that helps in smooth walking, swimming, and other sports.

The silicon prints on the insoles provide the most secure fit. Moreover, they can be easily washed in machines.

Why do we recommend it?

  •  Silicon treated
  •  Ultra-Grip
  •  5 toe feature
  •  Machine washable

6. Salomon Water Shoes for Men

Salomon Water Shoes for Men

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The shoes are designed with a mix of three colors each: burnt olive/black/vintage kaki, green gables/mineral grey/primrose, and black/lead/white. These are three different shades of shoes available to choose from.

They are made up of 100% synthetic material. The design is much like the other normal shoes but the features and the built make it different and that is why it can be worn as normal shoes and also water shoes.

The sustainable build of 1.75 plastic bottles, 2 ears of corns, 10 gms of bamboo fibers make them just perfect for all the water sports and activities. A special compound is attached with the sole lugs to increase the grip on wet surfaces and ease walking on underwater rocks.

Overall the shoes are comfortable, soft, flexible, and breathable because of the mesh lining. Also, they come with a 2-year warranty.

Why do we recommend it?

  •  Sustainable built
  •  Meshed breathable design
  •  High-grip
  •  Different color variants

5. Crocs Water Shoes for Men and Women

Crocs Water Shoes for Men and Women

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Crocs is also another brand well known for its comfortable, cool, and trendy water shoes. Available in many different colors from pink, black, brown, lime punch to peach, red and yellow, here you can find almost all the colors. These are made up of 100% synthetic material.

Crocs have something to offer to every personality with their different styles and colors. All the shoes are cool, fun, and lightweight as hell. Ventilation ports add to the breathability of the shoes and also help to shed water easily.

The shoes are designed in a slip-on fashion suitable for water-sports, walks, gyms, and your yoga sessions also. You can easily wash them with soap and water and let them dry.

Why do we recommend it?

  •  Range of colors
  •  Ventilations
  •  Easy slip-on

4. Columbia Water Shoes for Men

Columbia Water Shoes for Men

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Available in four different colors: black-lux, city grey- mountain red, grey ice- tropic water, and phoenix blue- leaf green. These are made up of 100% textile material along with a rubber sole.

The design is simple and classy with a synthetic well-woven upper and non-marking outsole making walking on wet rocks easily and comfortable. The advanced technology and adjustable features of the shoes make them comfortable and durable.

The shoes are designed with technology that supports superior cushioning and provides impact absorption. The shoes can be customized with adjustable straps and convertible heels. Also, the high traction grip of the outsoles makes the shoes durable and slip-resistant.

The shoes are recommended for all kinds of watersports and activities. Even you can wear them on normal occasions. Some also refer to them as comfortable walking shoes with ventilation allowing breathability.

Why do we recommend it?

  •  Advanced impact absorption technology
  •  Versatile
  •  Customizable
  •  Excellent Grip

3. All Out Blaze Water Shoes for Men by Merrell

All Out Blaze Water Shoes for Men by Merrell

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These are yet another water shoe offered by Merrell. Available in many colors from light brown, dark slate, olive night, black, castle rock, brindle, and green, the shoes are super comfortable and cozy to wear. They made up of 100% leather fabric with a Vibram sole.

The waxed waterproof feature of the upper protects the shoes and helps in quick dry. Some other features include bungee lace, neoprene stretch collar for easy wearing, and about 3mm hollowed lugs for making the sandals lightweight.

The shoes might appear a little over budget but it is surely a one-time investment. The sandals are extremely comfortable, wide, perfect natural fit, and breathable. We highly recommend them for boating, kayaking, hiking, and other activities. Moreover, the shoes can be easily washed and dried when dirty.

Why do we recommend it?

  •  Leather fabric
  •  Bungee lace
  •  Hollowed lugs for lightness
  •  Range of colors

2. Keen Newport Water Shoes for Men

Keen Newport Water Shoes for Men

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Available in all the colors you can imagine from navy-grey, brindle-canteen, multi, brown, black-lime punch to the dark earth, Aztec and multicolor, here you can find a variety of water shoes to choose from.

The design is moreover like the sandals cum shoes with 100% polyester material and rubber sole. The shoes have an easily washable upper weaved feature with the meshed fine lining that offers a quick-dry feature when shoes are wet.

The material used is water-repellent and PFC free which helps faster the drying much more, thus helping in increasing the life of the shoes. To provide traction and protection, they have multi-directional lugs that help a lot while you walk on wet surfaces and provide ultra-grip.

They also have this unique toe bumper to save you from any kind of injury. For comfortability for all day long use, they have a non-removable EVA footbed and the midsole is made up of compression-molded EVA for cushioning.

Further, the lace-lock bungee lock system adds to the easy-slip on and secure fit. In short, the shoes are durable, comfortable, cushioned, and fit properly. You can easily wash them in a machine and can also air dry them.

Why do we recommend it?

  •  Secure Grip
  •  EVA footbed cushioning
  •  Durable
  •  Proper fit
  •  Lock system

1. Adidas Water Shoes for Men

Adidas Water Shoes for Men

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The Adidas water shoes are the best to buy. These are available in four cool colors: col navy-chalk white-back, true green-chalk white, blue beauty-chalk white, and black-chalk white and in sizes from 6 to 15.

They made up of 100% knit textile and synthetic material with a rubber sole. The shaft measures the low-top from the arch and falls in the category of an easy slip-on. The shoes are a perfect regular fit with lace closure.

The open mesh design in the upper makes space for ventilation and lets your feet breathe. The optimal grip ensured by the Traxion outsole for preventing slipping on wet terrains.

For quick-dry, the shoes have a perforated drainage system in both the midsole and the outsole. You can easily clean them with a soft wet cloth.

Why do we recommend it?

  •  Easy slip-on
  •  Amazing cool colors
  •  Optimal grip
  •  Perforated drainage system

Things To Check While Buying Water Shoes for Men

Having the perfect shoes for every occasion is on the list of every man while getting ready. Since men want to outstand themselves with their shoes and watches. These water shoes have got you covered for all your happy moments in water and enjoy the most all of your water sports and activities. There are some points you should consider while purchasing the water shoes that are listed as follows:


You should look for the type and the quality of the shoes Look for shoes that are made up of skin-friendly fabric like textile, leather, or other kinds of meshed weave design. Also, the material of the shoes accounts for the amount of breathability to the feet they offer.


Since these are water shoes choose wisely for the fit, the shoes should fit your feet when snug. It is recommended to go for the tight, secure yet comfortable fit that helps in a movement when shoes are filled with water. They should fit you tightly so that when rafting, swimming, or doing other watersports your shoes don’t come off, and then you have to walk home barefoot.


Features like durability, comfortability, cushioning, soft and natural feel, durability, anti-microbial layer, and ease to wear are some of the most desired features of all. The shoe material should be resistant to wear and tear. It should have something the EVA for providing cushioning to your feet and also the natural feel.

Quick Dry

The basic feature expected of water shoes is quick to dry. There are many shoes that are made up of water-proof or water-repellent material that does not allow water to get to the shoes. Others have something known as a perforated drainage system and lugs for quick dry. You should always look for this feature when purchasing.


The shoes should be designed to prevent you from slipping on wet grounds. You must look for anti-skid rubber outsoles to prevent any kind of injuries. Having perfectly designed shoes for wet terrains lets you walk on wet water rocks without getting hurt, thus letting you enjoy instead of constantly focussing on your walk.

This should be the first priority to look for in a water shoe. It helps you with optimal grip. You should also take care of the budget. If you look carefully, you would be able to get the maximum features you are expecting under your budget.

Budget plays an important role while purchasing. Make a list of the desired features and then go with the water shoes that provide you with the maximum in your pre-set budget.


In this article, we discussed some of the best water shoes for men in 2020. Also, a buying guide attached at the end for you to refer to for optimal buying. After reading, we feel you would be able to choose your best perfect fit.

The perfect water shoes are a sound and secure investment towards making your next trip to the beaches loaded with fun and no worry. Some of the shoes discussed in the article can also be worn as normal shoes, so these are total to go for.

People sometimes think that it is a waste of money to buy water shoes specifically, but we would personally ask you to give them a try and see for yourself what they are worth, which we assure you they are. Also, something is certainly present for everyone. We hope you find your perfect fit, natural feel water shoes under budget.