Best Travel Hair Dryers in 2022


Many of us have the notion that blow drying the hair is an absolutely redundant step in our grooming routine. However, the truth remains that the hot air from your dryer holds the key to perfectly styled hair. If you are trying to find some of the best travel hair dryers for carrying with you on a trip then keep reading this article where we are going to discuss the 10 best travel hair dryers presently available in the market. In this post, we have listed some of the top travel hair dryers which would allow you to save your space without compromising on your styling.

List of Best Travel Hair Dryers in 2022

10. Elchim 3900

Elchim 3900

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The ionic ceramic hair dryer by Elchim brings you the perfect blend of power, heat, and air flow and reduces your hair drying time by over 30%. The force of this dryer is super strong but it is properly directed which ensures that your hair doesn’t blow all over the place. Unlike other cheap dryers on the market, this one is never going to leave your hair dry and frizzy. The ionic and ceramic system hydrates the hair leaving it super soft and shiny. The Elchim 3900 can be used to achieve all kinds of looks be it soft, tight curls, or waves.

9. Baby Bliss Pro

Baby Bliss Pro

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One of the best travel dryers in terms of size and functionality, the BabyBliss is a compact and ultra-light dryer which can be your ideal choice for overseas travel. One of the most versatile of all the dryers in the compact range, this one delivers super high velocity for its size. In spite of its little size, it gets really hot without leaving frizz on your hair. To put it simply, the BabyBliss is the smallest, lightest, and most powerful travel hair dryer which is never going to leave you disappointed.

8. Conair Vagabond

Conair Vagabond

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The lightweight and stylish Conair Vagabond Compact is the ultimate travel hair dryer which couldn’t have been more space-saving. It comes with a patented folding handle which allows you to tuck it even in the handbag. The ionic technology gives the perfect heating, making your hair dry real quick. One of the best features of this dryer is that it includes two speed and heat settings for a personalized grooming experience.

7. Andis Micro Turbo Dryer

Andis Micro Turbo Dryer

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This has made it into our list of top travel friendly hair dryers because it is possibly the smallest hair dryer in the market. It features dual voltage options which makes it the perfect companion for your overseas travel. It allows you to select between 2 heat settings and even comes with a Lifeline shock protection. The size, portability, and the chic design of this hair dryer make it a must have accessory for your next trip.

6. MHD Professional

MHD Professional

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The ceramic mini hair dryer by MHD has all it takes to be one of the most functional travel hair dryers of the year. It comes with ample cord length, a number of speed settings, and even a hanging loop on the back that helps to save your counter space. Some of the top features of this dryer are the cooling button and the concentrator nozzle which helps a lot with managing the frizz. The easy to clean the filter of this dryer is really helpful for people who shed a lot of long hair. Its low key yet professional look works well for both the ladies and gentlemen.

5. Conair Vagabond Compact 1600 Watt

Conair Vagabond Compact 1600 Watt

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Like the other Conair hair dryer on our list, this one also comes with outstanding features and is guaranteed to dry your hair within 5 minutes. This powerful yet lightweight hair dryer works as well as a full sized dryer without taking a lot of space in your bag or countertop. Perhaps the only drawback of this model is the lack of a cooling button.

4. Conair Folding Handle Dryer 1875 Watt

Conair Folding Handle Dryer 1875 Watt

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One of the most popular hair dryers on sale this year, this model by Conair features the ionic technology which emits negatively charged ions to thwart the hair damaging effects of the positive ions. The dual voltage setting makes it ideal for your travel requirements, while the cool button of this dryer is really being lauded by the customers. Although a bit on the noisy side, this lightweight and powerful hair dryer is perfectly suitable for your round the globe trip.

3. Andis Fold-n-Go 1875 Watt- Best Travel Hair Dryers

Andis Fold-n-Go 1875 Watt

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The fold-n-go ionic dryer is packed with plenty of useful features such as various heating options, styling options, and a number of speed settings. This ergonomic dryer comes with a special technology that makes your hair dry 60% faster by breaking up the water molecules.

The negative ion emitting tourmaline crystals instantly seals in the cuticle layer of the hair which in turn helps to do away with frizz for good. The end result is a lasting blow-dry without damaging the health of your hair. The cool shot button locks in the style effectively. Another attractive feature of this dryer is that it comes with a warranty of 5 years.

2. BabyBlissPro Tourmaline Titanium Hair Dryer

BabyBlissPro Tourmaline Titanium Hair Dryer- Best Travel Hair Dryers

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This compact 1000 Watt hair dryer by BabyBliss is infused with tourmaline crystals that emit negatively charged ions to prevent hair damage. The folding handle makes it really easy to pack while the dual voltage setting is ideal for users who have to travel abroad often. This tourmaline titanium dryer keeps the moisture of your hair intact while drying it, giving your tresses a smoother and voluminous look.

1. Revlon Infrared Hair Dryer 1875 watts

Revlon Infrared Hair Dryer 1875 watts

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The topper of our list is the Revlon Infrared Hair Dryer- an economically priced dryer which is at par with the most expensive ones of its kind. The Infrared Heat Technology helps to retain your hair’s natural moisture while drying thus giving you the maximum shine.

The 3 layers of ceramic coating prevent your hair from heat damage and eliminate any chances of frizz. The best feature of this dryer is its volumizing finger diffuser and the smoothing concentrator which gives you a total salon kind of look.

Now that you know about all the best travel hair dryers you can buy this year, it’s time for you to log on to Amazon and place your order.