Best Window Fans in 2022


Buying an air conditioner is a huge financial burden. Its installation, maintenance, and its impact on the electricity bill are going to be costly. Instead, you can buy a window fan with your limited budget and keep the heat of the room at bay. Most of the window fans have dual fans and the motors are water-resistant.

They can be fitted on any window irrespective of size or type due to side extensions provided with them. You can use them as an exhaust to throw the hot air out and you can control the speed and temperature with a thermostat. They literally have no maintenance and they last for longer.

List of Best Window Fans in 2022

10. Ouxima Ajustable Fan

10. Holmes Twin Window Fan Reversible Dual Blade Exhaust Adjustable Portable Fans, Slim design allows for use with screen in place

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These window fans have twin blades of six inches and they can be used on hung or slider windows perfectly. The design of the fans is slim so that they do not take extra space or looks bulky and distracting. The motors used in the fans are water-resistant and you can change the speed of the fans to suit your requirements.

You can also use an extender screen and panel in case the window in large than usual. The best part is that the blades are capable of moving in reverse and you can use the fans as an exhaust.

9. Cool Works Window Fan

9. Cool Works F-5280A 7 2-Speed Plastic Twin Window Fan 2, White

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This window fan set can be used as an exhaust as well as an indoor fan. The blades can rotate in the reverse direction and there are two-speed settings. The grill guard is provided for the safety of the kids or accidental touch. The fans are highly portable and adjustable and they are resistant to water which makes them sustainable even when they get drenched in the rains. The airflow in multidirectional and you can get air in any corner.

8. HowPlumb Window Fan

8. Portable Twin 9 Reversible Window Fan with Remote Control

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This is another set of twin window fans but the specialty of this set is that they have removable covers that let you clean the fans and blades convenient. Not only that, but there is also a remote control available so that you can regulate the fans sitting on your couch or bed. There are three modes of operations available – cool, exhaust, and circulate. A fabric cover is provided which you can attach to the front side of the fans to keep the bug away. There is also a bug screen at the back of the fans.

7. Optimus Window Fan

7. Optimus F-5280 7-Inch Twin 2-Speed Window Fan, White

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The air flow and delivery are efficient and just like other fans, this too has twin setup and there are two-speed controls available. You can manually reverse the blades so that it can act as an exhaust. Even in the exhaust mode, you can control the speed. The product is rain resistant and highly adjustable to fit in any window type comfortably.

You can assemble it instantly into the window frame without needing any tool. There is a protective grill provided to keep your fingers safe. It comes with slide screens so that you can close in the gaps on the side in case the window is large.

6. Lasko Window Fan

6. Lasko 2155A Electrically Reversible Window Fan, 16-Inch

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This is a single piece window fan, unlike most other twin fan setup. It is quite large in size and there are 3-speed controls available. The product is energy efficient and the operation is quiet. It spreads air all around the room and there is a safety blue plug that cuts off electricity instantly when it detects potential electrical hazards.

The exclusive storm guard lets you close the window instant in case of the storm rising. It can be used in the exhaust mode and there are 3-speed levels as well. It is quite lightweight and easy to mount. There are side extenders provided for ensuring a custom fit.

5. Genesis Twin Window Fan

5. Genesis Twin Window Fan with 9 Inch Blades, High Velocity Reversible AirFlow Fan, LED Indicator Lights Adjustable Thermostat & Max Cool Technology, ETL Certified

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This is a high-speed window fan setup and there are three different speed levels available. It comes with an inbuilt thermostat and the LED lights provided helps in keeping track of the temperature. There are dual motors available and these are copper motors that ensure high durability.

The fans are all-weather compatible and there are expandable side panels provided for fitting perfectly in larger windows. Just like other fans, it can also act as an exhaust when you want it to.

4. Holmes Window Fan With Thermostat

4. Holmes HAWF2043 Dual Blade Twin Window fan with One Touch Thermostat

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This is a stylish twin window fan that looks great and there are three different modes of operation. You can use it as a normal fan for air intake, as an exhaust for throwing air outside as well as both modes in the air exchange mode. It is tailor-made to fit in every slider or hung window thanks to the side extensions.

There is also a one-touch thermostat provided to keep track of the temperature. The company claims that it saves nearly 60% power over normal and traditional ones.

3. Bionaire Thin Window Fan

3. Bionaire Thin Window Fan with Electronic Thermostat

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This is a combination of three different small and thin window fans. The fans have greater speed but lower power consumption properties. They can be fitted in horizontal as well as vertical directions.

There are three different speed levels available and the various other controls and the thermostat make it an ideal comfort providing the product. There is a big screen at the back to keep the bugs away.

2. Holmes Water Resistant Window Fan

2. Holmes Dual Blade Twin Window Fan, White

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This is one of the highest selling and highly durable product. There are two different motors available and both the motors are water resistant so that they do not get damaged during the rainy season and accidental water spill. The durability is the reason for its high sales figure.

Apart from that, the controls are easy and all the normal functions are available. The fans are designed for large rooms and the air reaches the corners comfortably.

1. Bionaire Window Fan With Remote Control

1. Bionaire BW2300-N Twin Reversible Airflow Window Fan with Remote Control

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The remote-controlled window fans have become a fashion these days. The fans are capable of drawing cool air, throwing hot air and do air exchange simultaneously. The controls come with an LCD screen and there is a remote control provided by which you can regulate the speed and the entire operation.

A programmable thermostat is available to turn the fan on and off at a desirable temperature. The fans fit perfectly for windows of range 24 to 37 inches.


As the summer hits your area, it becomes almost unburnable to survive at your home as the temperature of the room increases exponentially. A window fan is the best cost-effective solution and the best window fans in 2022 as listed above are the best choices you have to make your rooms cool instantly. One fan will be enough for the entire home as they are adjustable and portable.