Best Teak Shower Benches in 2022


Teak shower benches are the supporting tools used to enhance your comfort and safety during a spa or shower. Not only this, but the one with a good design can also be a storage shelf for you and a decorative piece of furniture to put inside your shower room. You can now shower with better ease when you pick any product from FitzgeraldMuseum‘s best review list. All of them feature sturdiness, durability, catchy-look, and a good water-drainage system to make sure you do not slip during your showr.

List of Top 10 Best Teak Shower Benches in 2022

10. HOMECHO Bamboo Shower Bench Stool Seat

Bamboo Shower Bench Stool Seat with Shelves

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With a large surface and capacity, the bamboo shower bench comes with a shelf. The design has a surface of 23.62inch in length, 11.8inch in weight, and 18,1inch in height. Thus, the bench is stable and comfortable in size for people to use during their shower. Since the product will be used in a mixed environment of wet and dry surface, the product designs in high-quality material. The shower bench is made of high-quality bamboo material and the legs are designed in curve shape with high durability.

The shower bench is also incorporated with a sturdy slatted design to ensure stability along with four non-slip rubber pads to prevent any accident during the shower. The product is an eco-friendly product, which is constructed perfectly to ensure both safety and durability. There are two handles on each side of the bench for the purpose of hanging towels or other bathroom stuff. It is also used as a supporting area for users to get up or lift the product around. The bench is simple and easy to use or place, therefore, the assembly is perfectly no trouble for the customer at all.

What We Like:

  • Multi-purpose: can place bathroom stuff or sit down
  • Eco Friendly
  • Stable and safe material

What We Don’t Like:

  • The handle is too low for hanging a big towel

9. EcoDecors Oasis Teak Corner Shower Bench

EcoDecors Oasis Teak Corner Shower Bench with Shelf

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The product designs specifically for the corner positions. It can be used as a bench and shelf for bathroom stuff placement. Oasis Teak Bench comes in fully assembled with a natural wooden pattern design. The lower shelf can also be used as a foot placement while the user sits on the upper shelf. The bench has the level foot adjustment, which helps the product to stay stable in uneven areas. The teak corner bench is water-resistant.

Moreover, it’s not just a shower bench, it also can be used indoors or outdoors. The product is 17 pounds and can endure the maximum weight of 250 pounds. It is recommended to use a soft cloth to wipe clean the product for long-lasting usage of the product. The corner bench is 18.5inch in height, 22.25inch length, a radius of 15.75inch. The slatted design is purposely used for water drainage. Thus, those surrounded frames give additional strength to support the weight.

What We Like:

  • Small size
  • Can use in any place
  • High duality
  • Adjustable Footing

What We Don’t Like:

  • The tiny size which might not include all size of people
  • Can only place at the corner

8. Bambusi Bamboo Corner Shower Bench

Bamboo Corner Shower Bench

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The shower bench from Bambusi built from high-quality bamboo material. The design is simple and elegant for users to put it at the corner wall of the bathroom. The wooden bamboo material is water-resistant and can withstand a humid atmosphere very well. Moreover, it is also antibacterial material, which ensures hygiene quality in the bathroom. Such products are convenient for customers to use in the shower as either a bench for the spa or a shelf for bathroom material. The design and color of the shower bench are suitable in all types of housing design varying from old-age design home to modern design resident.

The simplicity of this product allows this product not only to be used as a shower bench but also can be used as a table or shelf in outdoor, indoor, balcony, or living room as decoration. It is a multi-functional product whereas it can be used as a shoe rack, hallway shelf, or nightstand. It can be used to put plants, newspapers, magazines, or books as the user prefers. The product is coming in as a dissemble form, yet it is easy to assemble it. The product is highly guaranteed to ensure stability and safety for use. If there’s anything dissatisfied with the customer, they can feel free to ship the product back and get a refund.

What We Like:

  • Multi-functional bench
  • High durability and safe
  • Simple design

What We Don’t Like:

  • Dissemble package
  • Can only put around the corner

7. AquaTeak The Original Grate Teak Shower Bench

Grate Teak Shower Bench

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AquaTeak’s shower bench comes in a rectangle shape and brown color. Its shape is 18inches in length, 12inches in weight, and 18inches in height. The shower bench is water-resistance and durable wood material. In addition, it can be used in both indoor and outdoor areas. There are adjustable rubber feet for stability when placed in an uneven place. It has a very attractive and unique design which makes the product featured in Architectural Digest Magazine. The product is handcrafted with natural wooden material.

Nonetheless, customers can choose options in either order the bench as original price (required some assembly) or bench in form of fully assembled at a higher price. The product does not come with a lower shelf, thus it can be used as either a product placement table or shower bench. The square hole design is purposely for water drainage for long-lasting use.

What We Like:

  • Quite lightweight (12 pounds)
  • Stable and secure
  • Water resistance
  • Elegant design

What We Don’t Like:

  • No shelf
  • Can cause blemishes, scratches, or dents

6. CoastalVogue Oasis Shower Stool

Oasis Shower Stool

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CoastalVogue product its oasis shower stool from unique material than other brands. The shower stool produces from natural driftwood with earthy color. The material is formally recognized as an FSC certified solid teak wood. To ensure and boost the function of water resistance, the product is also coating in a five-layer water-based earth-friendly stain and protector. The product has a shelf that allows the customer to place their bathroom materials or stuff as decoration. Its durable material is beneficial for buyers since they put it either outdoor or indoors.

There are adjustable rubber feet that support and stabilize the bench in an uneven area. There are also additional planks underneath to support the weight of the bench. The product is handcrafted and fully assemble before shipping to the customer. The interesting point is the production of this shower stool is highly involved in corporate social responsibility (CSR) activity since CoastalVogue has been highly interacting with local villagers and local businesses.

What We Like:

  • Local production
  • Secure and stable
  • Adjustable rubber feet
  • High quality, unique and elegant material

What We Don’t Like:

  • There is no guarantee that the stool can use as a shower bench

5. CoastalVogue Tranquility Shower Bench

Tranquility Shower Bench

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Just like the Oasis Shower Stool, this Tranquility Shower Bench from CoastalVogue is made from natural driftwood with earthy color. The teak material is formally recognized as an FSC certified solid teak wood. The stool is water-resistant and coat in five layers of water-based earth-friendly stain and protector. Having shelves that allow customers to place their bathroom materials or stuff as decoration, is pretty useful. This wooden bench is highly durable and can be placed as decoration either indoor or outdoor.

In addition to the shelf, the shower bench also has arms handle at each side for support as well. The shower bench has a wide width for further space for sitting comfortably or spa in a relaxed manner. The shower bench can be used as a small table decoration either in the living room, hallway, balcony, beach, or resort due to its natural driftwood pattern. The product is highly satisfied by the user with both the quality of the product and the service from the company.

What We Like:

  • Beautiful design
  • Stable and sure
  • Protecting coat to ensure long-lasting usage
  • Huge space for sitting

What We Don’t Like:

  • Buyers have to do some assemble themselves

4. Decoteak Teak Shower Bench

Teak Shower Bench Fully Assembled with Shelf

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Decoteak Teak Shower Bench is adapting with serenity eastern style with additional shelf. The size of the shower bench is 18 inches in length and height along with 12 inches in width. The maximum weight that the product can endure is 250 pounds. The product equips with flared legs that give additional support on stability and safety. The flared legs are adjustable and anti-slope. The product will be shipped to the customer in a fully-assembled form which is very convenient for the buyer. The shower bench has a shelf where people can place their bathroom materials or any important items.

The product produced by local businesses. And, the product is handcrafted under the concept of ‘serenity’. The beautifully inspired zen-design gives multi-functional usage of the product. It can be used as a shower bench in the bathroom or a decoration table with a shelf in indoor or outdoor areas. The product is highly recommended by the user due to its durability, adjustability, and aesthetics outlook.

What We Like:

  • Beautiful material for housing decoration
  • High durability, stability, and safety
  • Fully-assemble

What We Don’t Like:

  • No water-resistance function

3. AquaTeak The Original Spa Teak Shower Bench with Shelf

Spa Teak Shower Bench with Shelf

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The AqueTeak Spa Teak Shower Bench has a larger size than the normal shower bench (24inches). It comes in brown color and is produced by teak wood material. It has simple and elegant products that can be used as applicable decoration for any place. Thus, the stool featured in Architectural Digest Magazine. The high quality of the material is water-resistant, which is an ideal item to use in the bathroom, patio, or poolside. It can be used as a shower bench or spa bench due to its long durability in water and moisture. The tiny gap on the surface of the shower bench is for water drainage for long-lasting usage.

Nonetheless, the product can be used as decoration for place materials in either indoor or outdoor areas. It is a large bench; it can accommodate a lot of necessary items such as books, magazines, plants, and others. This wooden bench has appropriate weight for allocation around as well (17.5 pounds). It also has a five-year warranty and 30 days satisfaction guarantee. If the user doesn’t like it within 30 days, they can return it back with a full refund!

What We Like:

  • Multi-functional usage
  • Simple design
  • Applicable decoration for any occasion

What We Don’t Like:

  • No handle for support like other benches

2. Asta Zini Solid Teak Corner FootStool

Solid Teak Shower

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This tiny footstool is produced from solid teak. It is a hand-sanded silk-smooth finish and a rounded edge for comfort and safety. The product is fully assembled which is convenient for buyers as well. The material is naturally water-resistant. It can withstand any moisture, humidity, and wet atmosphere. To ensure and boost this natural function, it also coated with a water repellent clear coating. The product is anti-slippery by having rubber adjustable feet to secure and stable.

It is perfectly applicable for use in showers, spa, and bath. Such a minimal design, allows the bathroom to have spare space and can be used on any side of the bathroom. The slatted design is for water drainage purposes, so it can be used for a long time at any indoor and outdoor material. The product is promising with a smooth feature without any dark spots. The product is very light which is just 4.55 pounds. In addition, the size is only 15inch in length, 8inches in width, and 12.6inches in height.

What We Like:

  • Minimal size can use in any size of bathroom
  • Water resistance
  • Lightweight, easy to allocate
  • Adjustable feet for secure, stable and anti-slippery

What We Don’t Like:

  • Too tiny for another usage than a footstool

1. OasisSpace Bamboo Shower Bench with Shelf

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The OasisSpace Bamboo Shower Bench has very aesthetic workmanship. The product is a bamboo corner shelf, which can endure a maximum weight of 250 pounds. There are four rubber feet pads for anti-slippery. Each corner of the shower bench has been shaped around and polished smoothly at the edges for comfort and safety use. The unique thing about OasisSpace Bamboo Shower Bench is its additional footstool for support. The footstool design to a certain degree is more convenient for people to place their feet or shave their legs without any unconformable position.

People can use it as supporting material during showers. Thus, people can relax, shower, and conduct physical therapy, shaving legs or aches on lower legs’ path. Other than just its multiple usages in the bathroom, the product can be placed in both outdoor and indoor areas. Its simplicity and beautiful design allow the product to be used as mini-furniture for decoration, material placement, and storage or rack for items. The product is quite light and movable from place to place, also easy to assemble (less than 10 minutes!)

What We Like:

  • Additional footstool
  • Lightweight
  • Water resistance, stability, and safety

What We Don’t Like:

  • The height quite high for a shower bench

Buying Guides to Choosing Best Teak Shower Benches


Before you purchase one of these products, make sure which design you need for the room. You should study the room first so that you can fit your decoration with our best quality bench. Moreover, quality is an important thing to consider. Our teak shower benches are of good use since each item is made with modern technology.


This is also important in deciding which bench to purchase. There are many sizes available in the market. As we used to have the experience, some customers prefer a larger bench so that they can put many things there. However, we suggest you have the proper size for the room. We can give you some ideas and discuss which bench is a suitable one so that you will not regret buying one.


All benches have different prices. You should take a look at both price and quality. Do not spend on cheaper price but with low quality. We know you care about the expense, but you need to care about long time use as well. Don’t waste it a lot just for shower benches again and again.

How to Assemble Teak Shower Benches

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you put a teak bench in the shower?

A: Teak shower bench is very common and very versatile at the same time. People often place it in the shower for the seat support and storing other showering accessories. At the same time, it can also be used as a piece of decorative furniture.

Q: How do teak shower benches hold up?

A: Teak shower benches are popular for holding up to moisture very well. Most of them often come with a slat design that is great for water to drain down.

Q: How do you refinish a teak bench?

A: You can refinish a teak bench with the teak oil. Simply apply the oil and rub it over the bench surface. Watch the videos for more details and practice.


How is your review so long? – Showering does not have to be seen as work. It can be relaxing, fun, and enjoyable. Using one of the top 10 best teak shower benches in 2022 will enhance your showering experience. At the same time, choosing the right bench is like choosing the right decoration for your room.

One of the top 10 best teak shower benches in 2022 makes showering convenient as well. All of your shower and beauty necessities are kept at your fingertips. Shaving your legs is easier too. All you have to do is sit down and relax. No one said shaving had to be awkward or uncomfortable.