Top 10 Best Skateboard Wheels in 2022


It is a joyous feeling to slide on your favorite skateboard across the preferred terrain. You will be able to learn many new skills while you slide on different terrains. There will be a noticeable improvement in your physical abilities and tolerance. However, the fun of skateboard sliding directly proportionate to the type of wheels used.

Poor quality skateboard wheels will deteriorate the overall skateboard experience regardless of how decent the skateboard is. The best skateboard wheels are those that are well-built, durable, speedy when needed and capable to offer excellent traction. While choosing the skateboard wheels, you must also take into account the size, weight, build quality, corresponding brand, budget and many more.

The choice of high-grade skateboard wheels would present outstanding contact to the path. Moreover, they slide with great stability and pace. To get proper insight on the finest skateboard wheels available currently, take a look below:

List of Best Skateboard Wheels in 2022

10. NPET Skateboard Bearings

10. NPET Skateboard Bearings, Skateboard Wheels 52mm, Skateboard Trucks, Skateboard Grip Tape Combo Set

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The present product from NPET represents the all-in-one combo set including skateboard, skateboard wheels, and bearings. This set is found perfect for use on street and it can function with major kind of skateboards and longboards. This is a great set to be used as a substitute for your skateboards and pennyboards. Initially, you may feel the bearings still but gradually, you would be habituated with its use. With regular use, the bearings would turn freely.

Those who are beginners to skateboarding, these wheels are completely safe to use. Generally, the beginners usually frighten about how to maintain stability while skateboarding. Such hassles are now eliminated with the use of this combo set. This is because the included wheels and bearings make sure you ride your skateboard steadily.


  • In this set of 4 skateboard wheels, all of them come with the 99A hardness, and their size is 52 x 30mm/2.0 x 1.18″.
  • In this combo set, there is the presence of 8 ABEC-11 bearings and 4 spacers, a multi-function portable skateboard tool accessory, and a black waterproof skateboard grip tape.

9. Super Blanks Pro (White):

9. Super Blanks Pro Skateboard Wheels (White)

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The classic white colored skateboard wheels will match your outfit in a unique way. Your entire look would be enhanced and adorned to catch everyone’s eye. Whenever you need huge wheels to employ better impacts on uneven terrain, these wheels are the ideal choice. They will maintain excellent stability while sliding on uneven surfaces.

Those skateboard enthusiasts who are looking for durable, super hard wheels can certainly try these wheels from Super Blank Pro. You would be surprised to see how your skateboarding talents increased a lot due to their regular use. There is no point of worry regarding the surface because these wheels can slide on smooth and uneven surfaces both.


  • High durability let you get feelings of sliding on pro wheels.
  • They are available in all sizes.
  • Whether you wish to construct a new skateboard or substitute the wheels on the skateboard already possessed, these wheels are the recommended option.
  • Excellent traction is presented on uneven surfaces.

8. Big Boy 52mm Blank Skateboard Wheels:

8. Big Boy 52mm Blank Skateboard Wheels + ABEC 7 Bearings Spacers (White)

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Now you can substitute the worn out skateboard wheels set with this all-new 52 mm wheels from Big Boy. All the 4 skateboard wheels included in the set are ideal for skating on street, park or even on glaciers. In addition to wheels being decent quality, the bearings are prepared from high-quality materials. You may use them for the AB roller. For the price offered, this skateboard wheels set is completely justifiable.


  • These 52mm wheels come with the hardness of durometer of 99A.
  • The included bearings are smooth and the tires are quiet in operation.
  • When you use them for a pool cue lathe, they would not damage the pool cue shaft when spinning at a high pace. This is due to their excellent softness and broad bearing.s

7. 5.0 Skateboard Trucks (Black), Skateboard Wheels:

7. 5.0 Skateboard Trucks (Black), Skateboard Wheels 52mm, Skateboard Bearings, Skateboard Pads, Skateboard Hardware 1

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The black colored 5.0 skateboard wheels are found to be all-purpose skateboard wheels. They can easily work on different terrains without any hassles. Generally, it is found that they are suitable for 7.5-8″ skateboard deck due to their excellent fit. In case you own a comprehensive skateboard tool then it is extremely easy to put the skateboard together. It is extremely easy to carry them and you may use it anytime you wish.


  • These mid-sized skateboard wheels come with the 5-inch hanger, 7.6-inch axle aluminum trucks with 90a hardness bushings as well as 6-hole baseplates. The included baseplates would seamlessly fit the old school pattern and the new school pattern both.
  • It is found that the hardness of the wheels is 99a durometer. This suggests that it is simple to get off the ground.
  • Excellent control is presented for tricks and mobility.

6. 70mm Longboard Skateboard Wheels + ABEC 7 Bearings Spacers:

6. 70mm Longboard Skateboard Wheels + ABEC 7 Bearings Spacers

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When you intend to buy an affordably priced skateboard wheels equipped with lots of features, consider investing in this one. Basically, these Longboard skateboard wheels set come with these wheels and bearings. You will find a fresh set of ABEC red bearings. Based on your need, you can easily take it out for revolution on your longboard.

Moreover, they would effortlessly slide on the spaces amongst the sidewalk and on the cracks. There is no compromise in the sliding mechanism regardless of the type of road. It is possible to slide these 70mm Longboard skateboard wheels on uneven surfaces. Their appearance is fresh looking wheels that would certainly receive lots of compliments.


  • Dimensions of the 4 skateboard wheels included are 70mm x 52mm.
  • The hardness of wheels is 80a.
  • There are total 8 ABEC 7 Bearings and 4 bearing spacers of 8mm x 10mm included.
  • To present high durability, the included spacers are prepared from steel.

5. Everland 65x51mm Skateboard Wheels:

5. Everland 65x51mm Skateboard Wheels

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Smooth sliding and wide sizes are the prominent specialties of these Everland skateboard wheels. Any skateboard enthusiast can effortlessly skate through the city even over the bad sidewalks. Even after years of use, there would be no compromise in the sliding mechanism. They would just get dirty after years of use and nothing else.

For casual and professional skaters both, these wheels are suitable. Moreover, there is no strict requirement on the skills; even beginners can use them. It is possible to skate over huge rocks; they work excellently on longboard and skateboard cruisers.


  • Dimensions of all the 4 cruiser wheels are 65x51mm.
  • There is no perceptible flat spotting; also, they would not get chipped off while sliding on uneven terrain.
  • They are capable to hold bearings tight and excellently.

4. Spitfire Bighead

4. Spitfire Bighead Skateboard Wheels (48mm 50mm 51mm 52mm 53mm 54mm 57mm 59mm 63mm)

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Compared to the typical street wheels, these Bighead skateboard wheels are wider and slightly softer. This kind of unique design enables you to smoothly roll over cracks and pebbles with utmost confidence.

Regardless of your skateboarding skill level, these wheels work excellently for novice and experienced users both. You will feel as if you are floating in the air. They come with the perfect hardness and capable to sustain wear & tear of the road. Compared to the originals, they are tad smoother.

It is found that the tread is impeccable, and the wheels would grip seamlessly on smooth concrete. This is particularly useful while performing sideways skating. Whether you want to skateboard on glacier, uneven terrain or smooth floor, there will be no compromise in the output results.


  • This set of Spitfire skateboard wheels includes 52mm wheels in white/red color.
  • They come with the hardness of 99a durometer.
  • With a view to present an appealing look, they come with the graphic on one side.
  • Once the tread wears down, these Bighead wheels would present an outstanding natural feel.

3. Powell Peralta Rat Bones Re-Issue

3. Powell Peralta Rat Bones Re-Issue Skateboard Wheels

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For smoothly flying around the city, these Powell skateboard wheels work great. Those who are a novice to skateboarding, these wheels would not disappoint. All you need to do is make sure you utilize riser pads to prevent wheel bite.

The regular use of these Powell Peralta wheels will amaze you with the butter like gliding mechanism. They do feel tad heavy, so you can do some tricks with them under the skateboard. Their extra weight is justifiable by the manner they float on the uneven terrain.

More traction and less friction are the supplementary specialties of these wheels. You can easily control their pace while sliding on different terrains. Moreover, they can slide at high speeds to let you feel flying like experience.


  • The Powell P Rat Bones come with the 85a duroness hardness and their diameter is 60mm.
  • All the 4 wheels come with equal hardness to sustain wear & tear of the surface.
  • They represent an excellent compromise between street and simple cruising. You can certainly rely on Bones for a smooth riding experience.
  • Their fast wheels let you ride smoothly with confidence.
  • They are sufficiently responsive to attain decent power slides. They will stick to the wall like Spider-Man.
  • During their operation, no noise is generated.

2. Ricta Clouds (Set of 4):

2. Ricta Clouds SkateBoard Wheels (Set of 4)

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The present set of 4 skateboard wheels is suitable for cruising and filming. You simply need to place them on the shortboard pop-sickle trick deck; after that, they would roll smoothly. Their silent operation and excellent durability let you roll easily on different surfaces. Whenever you wish to cruise around on the shortboard, these Ricta Clouds wheels are the best.

They are neither too soft nor too hard. You can easily slide and lapse like hard wheels; however, they would effortlessly cruise on pebbles. Their operation is quick, smooth and comes with sufficient bearings. Those skateboard enthusiasts who are highly focused on performance, this set of wheels is ideal.

Gradual use of these Ricta Clouds wheels would give you smooth feeling and excellent improvement in skateboarding talents. You will be stunned to see the noiseless operation and flawless working mechanism. Great traction and smooth gliding mechanism are the significant traits of these wheels.


  • Width of the wheels is 34mm.
  • These are 78A soft urethane with a sturdy, 78D core.
  • They can seamlessly slide on the coarse surfaces and feels like smooth warehouse floors. Their design is Modern-shaped and they would not feel bulky.
  • You will find that the print on the wheels let them appear askew when spinning it.

1. Shark Wheel California Roll 60mm 78a All Terrain

1. Shark Wheel California Roll 60mm 78a All Terrain Skateboard Wheels

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Regardless of the type of terrain, these 60mm skateboard wheels would slide on uneven terrain and smooth terrain both. It is possible to glide in damp conditions without any hassles. Moreover, it is possible to reinvent the wheel because these Shark Wheels come with unique design and sturdy construction. Implied from the name itself, these skateboard wheels can effortlessly slide on all terrain.

Excellent maneuverability is presented on water, dust and different other conditions. There would no compromise in the performance of the wheels on different surfaces. Compared to the conventional wheels, these all-terrain wheels can effortlessly on various terrains. They are intended to present excellent grip and slide control.

Compared to typical skateboard wheels, the width is wider and the friction is reduced. Corresponding sine wave design presents three lips per wheel to allow excellent lateral grip. Whenever you wish to glide on different terrains, they would break smoothly and could recover effortlessly.


  • The diameter of these all-terrain wheels are 60mm and their hardness is 78A durometer.
  • Excellent speed and less friction are presented.
  • Enhanced traction is offered on different terrains.
  • The discontinuous pattern of grooves greatly decreases hydroplaning by directing sand, liquid, or gravel away from the terrain.
  • Execution of the wave pattern design facilitates a thin contact patch that touches the ground. Hence, reduced friction is presented.

They are vital to experience smooth sliding on different terrains and different weather conditions. These wheels are extremely durable and effective to give you ultimate fun and ecstasy for a long duration.