Top 10 Best Professional Studio Microphones in 2020 Reviews


For any professional, the tools have a lot of importance, and without them, they might not be able to create their masterpieces. Within this, their work tools are crucial because they can make people unique and earn the best of all. Thus, every artist who works in a singing studio needs a microphone that can record the sounds in their original quality. High quality microphones give singers at east to toward better voice as well as popular fame later on. Other than this, the microphones are also for those who want on their free time and enjoy singing, in case they would like to produce pretty voice and share with family and friends.

There are a number of professional microphones that are available in the market, and it is easy to get confused regarding which to buy. This list contains the top ten Best Professional Studio Microphones in the market right now that are suited for use in studios. Each item has its unique high quality. So you might prefer any style you like and get it for your modern house. Let’s take a look together.

List of Best Professional Studio Microphones in 2020

10. Voilamart BM-800 Professional Studio Microphone

10. Voilamart BM-800 Professional Studio Broadcasting Recording Condenser Microphone

This microphone from Voilamart is a traditional microphone that will dutifully serve the purpose it is used for. Available with a suspension scissor arm stand that helps in stabilizing the mic and can be adjusted according to the requirement.

The mic is designed to cut out self-noise and is highly sensitive for critical sound recording. If you plan to use it for radio broadcasts, in sound studios, TV stations, then this will be suitable for you. You can also use it for YouTube streaming and podcasts.

9. Zingyou ZY-801 Professional Studio Microphone

9. ZINGYOU ZY-801 Professional Studio Microphone, Desktop Computer Cardioid Condenser Mic with Tripod for PC Recording, Broadcasting

Cardioid polar pattern microphone does the job of capturing all the sound made in front of the mic and avoids any noise disturbances. This gives you a clean and clear sound and is perfect for use in either studios or home.

The improved microphone in this model picks up a better sound and is more efficient. If you want a microphone for recording audio, then this is the best choice since it can record at high sound pressure levels up to 130 dB.

8. Xiaokoa- Best Professional Studio Microphones

8. Professional Condenser Microphone, Plug &Play Home Studio Microphone for Skype, Recordings for YouTube, Recording for Iphone Android Phone Computer

Made by Xiaokoa, this microphone is a surprisingly handy package that can perform really well. Without the stand, this looks like a simple handheld microphone, but it packs some serious punch. The best thing about this product is that it has a built-in battery that can record up to 12 hours of audio. You can easily carry it anywhere. Moreover, with the stand, it can be really efficient in the studio.

The mic has a good build quality that gives it a substantial strength and makes it very durable so you can use and not worry about damaging it. Apart from looks, this mic has an efficient noise reduction feature that lets you record crystal clear sounds.

7. Zingyou BM-8000 Professional Studio Microphone

7. ZINGYOU BM-8000 Professional Studio Condenser Microphone Set, XLR Condenser Mic Bundle for Recording

Another mic from Zingyou on this list and so you can be sure of their quality. The entire package comes with a complete set of accessories needed for setting it up in a studio. The adjustable suspension scissor stand will help you adjust it in any way possible. This is a cardioid polar pattern microphone, so it isolates unwanted noise and is resistant to feedback than other microphones.

This also has a dedicated noise cancellation feature and unique two-layer protection against unwanted noises, which makes it ideal for use in any situation, be it a studio or at home.

6. MXL 770 Professional Studio Microphone

6. MXL 770 Professional Studio Condenser Mic + Mic Stand + Pop Filter + XLR Cable Bundle

MXL 770 Professional Studio Microphone is a quality product by MXL. It comes with special design so that it gains good look among users. MXL 770 Microphone is a small and handy microphone that can be used either at home or in a studio. The design is simple so no hassle in setting up and operating it. With this simple design and body, it fits to most house accessories and studio supplies, which makes the place more sufficient. Moreover, it comes with a fixed boom mic stand which makes it easy to handle and carry. The mic stand has three legs and the legs itself are high quality materials which stands and give you ease while singing. In addition, there is also a pop filter.

The pop filter cancels out any unwanted pops and noises. That is why the filter helps you a lot to remove interruptions that might break you beautiful voice. Also, the pop filter is bendable so that you could move from side to side as you like when you make an activity within MXL 770. Besides, there is a good microphone cable to fit the microphone. The cable is easy to use, especially when you start setting the tool and have a sing. The XLR micro cable will interest you by its durability and sustainability.

Best for vocals and sound recording since it can actively cancel out the noise. A good choice if you want a versatile mic which can be used anywhere.

What we like about this product:

  • MXL 770 is easy to use because it is small and light
  • The microphone itself is short so that you could handle completely with your hand while making the voice
  • The pop filter will guarantee possible choppy voice from outside.

What we don’t like about this product:

  • Nothing we don’t like from this item.

5. Aokeo AK-60 Professional Studio Microphone

5. Aokeo AK-70 Professional Studio Live Stream Broadcasting Recording Condenser Microphone With AK-35 Suspension Scissor Arm Stand

Aokeo AK-60 Professional Studio Microphone by Aokeo is a standard looking microphone but with a slew of new features. This microphone set has many necessary kit such as Condenser Microphone, Metal Shock Mount, 3.5mm to XLR Audio Cable, Ball-type Foam Cap, Pop Filter, Scissor Arm Stand with Built-in XLR to XLR Cable, Table Mounting Clamp, and 48V Phantom Power Supply and Adapter. When talking about the power supply, it is very helpful since you may use this for long hours even far away from home. Different from other mic products, this microphone set cannot stand alone as it has no legs. However, this set is applied to the table, wall, or other things which you can fasten it up. This is because the stand has metal shock mount that is durable when you need to sing while you are sitting near the table, play game, or even chitchatting with friends.

Setting it up is the same as any other mic and the package comes with all the necessary components. This condenser microphone has a new circuit that helps in recording a rich and clear sound. Within this, there is a main kit helping to produce well-rounded sound. It is called cardioid pick-up pattern. The cardioid pickup pattern assists in minimizing the ambient noise and isolates the necessary sounds and only record the sound of yours. Indeed, the pop filter will ensure that the sound is clear and audible. It is best suited for recording audio and also for live streaming. Pop filter will clearly differentiate effects that might be from your mouse, but it still opens the flow of full voice.

Aokeo AK-60 microphone is a great choice. You can easily use this either in your home or in a studio as a professional career.

What we like about this item:

  • Flexible microphone which can be fastened with table, wall, and so on
  • There is a scissor arm stand is smooth for use
  • The power supply for a long-hour use

What we don’t like about this item:

  • There are many things you need to follow in order to set this product for use. The wrong installation will result in error wireless as well cable, and easily damaged.

4. Marantz Professional MPM-1000

4. Marantz Professional MPM-1000, Cardioid Condenser Microphone with Windscreen, Shock Mount- Best Professional Studio Microphones

This microphone is an entry-level model and offers excellent sound quality. This condenser microphone has high sensitivity and wide frequency response. It can easily capture subtle sonic details due to its great transient response. This makes it suitable for use in either studio work or live commentary and streaming.

The cardioid recording pattern makes it highly efficient in recording sounds that are generated from all directions. You can also use it in any small space or places with echo and background noise. The complete package includes a shock mount, tripod stand, and a windscreen to keep the mic clean.

3. Tonor Professional Studio Microphone

3. TONOR Professional Studio Condenser Microphone Computer PC Microphone Kit

Tonor is a trusted brand, and this microphone from their house lives up to the expectation. With superior sound recording and minimal background noise, this microphone can be used anywhere be it home or studio. The suspension scissor arm will let you set it up in any way you like.

Moreover, the anti-vibration shock mount reduces all trills that are caused by vibrations. This microphone can be easily set up and is best suited for use in recording songs, broadcasting, and also for live streaming.

2. Neewar NW-700 Professional Studio Microphone

2. Neewer NW-700 Professional Studio Broadcasting Recording Condenser Microphone

Neewar has been making microphones for a wide range of uses and with some of the best sound qualities. This is another of their professional models, which has a superior audio circuit and it captures clear and full-bodied sounds. The cardioid pickup pattern isolates the required sound from the unwanted noise and gives you a crystal clear sound.

The smooth frequency response makes it the best for recording vocals. The noise cancellation feature enables you to use it anywhere since it can pick up clear voices either indoors or outdoors.

1. Neewar NW-800 Professional Studio Microphone

1. Neewer NW-800 Professional Studio Broadcasting & Recording Microphone Set Including

When you see another product from the same company, you can be sure of their quality. This is a slightly upgraded model compared to the earlier NW-700 microphone. This has a slightly better audio circuit, and the precision circuit eliminates the entire crossover and the harmonic distortion. It has superb cardioid pickup output and high sensitivity which lets it capture sound in their true form.

It has a wide dynamic range, and so it can be sued where the sound is produced in various directions. Design-wise, it is more stylish and has a sturdy built quality. If you need a professional mic that has the best output, then this is the perfect choice for you.

With the help of a good microphone, you can record sounds and songs that your audience will love. In a studio, using a professional mic is always necessary, to reduce any noise and to capture the true form of the sound being produced. Thus, a professional mic is something an artist cannot do without.

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