Best Piggy Banks for Kids in 2022


Saving money isn’t hard, but the lessons need to start in childhood with good piggybank. One of the top 10 best piggy banks for kids in 2022 should help your children learn how to manage their money. These piggy banks are designed to help your children learn a valuable life lesson.

Plus, they are made to look good and not be boring. They can fit in with your child’s lifestyle and encourage them to put some coins away for a rainy day. In addition to that, their looks should not detract from the way your child has decorated their room.

Going with one of the best piggy banks available makes saving a lot more fun and interesting. Your child should thank you later by your teaching how to save now.

List of Best Piggy Banks for Kids in 2022

10. Porcelain Piggy Bank for Kids

10. Swarovski with Crown Princess Porcelain Piggy Bank for Kids by FAB Starpoint (Pink)

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Made from porcelain, this attractive piggy bank for kids is large enough to handle the coins your child throws its way. It’s approx. 7 by 7 by 5-inch size also provides your child with the interior space to hold the folding money their grandparents give them.

Plus, its four feet have little non-slip pads on them to keep the bank in one spot when your child is not removing their treasure from it. The piggy bank should stay on their shelf or dresser with ease. It may be fragile, but it is still durable.

Also, you get painted features and an adorable little crown on top of the piggy bank’s head. It is a nice princess bank for your little princess. The smiling face is kid friendly and should not scare your child when they first receive it.

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9. Money Savvy Pig

9. Money Savvy Pig - Blue

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This uniquely designed piggy bank comes in blue. But that is not the unique feature on this bank. Its 4 divided portions are what makes this piggy bank so unique. Your child can learn to how to save, give to charity and save up for certain toys they want to buy.

After your child puts enough money in each compartment, they can open their spending section without disturbing the other 3. Each section has it’s on independent removal opening to make sure your child does not fudge on their goals.

The facial features on this piggy bank are kid friendly and should not give them nightmares as they sleep. Neither should divide their money. In fact, once they get enough, they can see what they can do with the amount they have set aside. This is a good money management piggy bank.

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8. Child to Cherish Ceramic Piggy Bank

8. Child to Cherish Ceramic Piggy Bank, White

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This 8 by 7-inch white piggy bank is a good money saver starter bank. Just a few coins inside each week teaches your child valuable life lessons. Plus, they get to save for that special toy when it is not time for their birthday or Christmas.

In addition to that, this piggy bank for kids has a large 1 ½-inch slot to send their money through to the pig’s interior. It should be large enough for bills as well. The standard rubber stopper on the bank’s belly lets your child count their money with ease.

Made from ceramic dolomite, the piggy bank should last your child for a long time n maybe even make it be a treasured childhood possession. If anything, it is made to last your child a long time and is durable under normal treatment.

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7. Child to Cherish Ceramic Polka Dot Piggy Bank

7. Child to Cherish Ceramic Polka Dot Piggy Bank for Girls, Purple

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Designed for little girls, this 8 by 7-inch piggy bank sports a cute purple and white polka dot exterior. This helps make saving money more fun for your daughters. The cute ears and facial design also contribute to making this a female-friendly savings bank.

Plus, a large slot on the piggy bank’s back lets your daughter place her coins inside with ease. Then when she wants to retrieve her money, she just pulls the rubber stopper out and let her fortune fall out.

With its porcelain construction material, this piggy bank should last your princess a long time under normal use. Also, its no-slip feet work to keep the pig from moving towards the edge of your daughter’s shelf or dresser. Everything your daughter needs to save money is included in this piggy bank. There are no sharp edges to harm your child.

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6. Child to Cherish Ceramic Polka Dot Piggy Bank

6. Child to Cherish Ceramic Polka Dot Piggy Bank (Confetti)

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No, the piggy bank is not covered in measles or the chicken pox. Those dots are styled after confetti to make your little saver have little more fun saving money. The multiple colors help keep the piggy bank attractive to young eyes.

Plus, with a large 1 ½-inch revenue slot, your young child can place their money inside the pig with ease. When it comes time to pull the money out, they can just pull the rubber stopper out and let their money fall.

Once your child places this pig on their shelf or other location, the no-slip feet should protect it from accidental damage and slips. Under normal use, the ceramic dolomite construction should keep the bank nice and durable. A variety of color and designs are available if your child doesn’t care for the confetti look.

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5. Cisco Sales Digi-Piggy Digital Coin Counting Bank

5. The Digi-Piggy Digital Coin Counting Bank

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2 AA batteries bring fun to your child’s saving program. Once the batteries are installed, this bank will count the money and even remember the coins that went inside. All your child has to do is read the digital display located in the snout of the piggy bank.

After your child drops his or her cons inside, they can watch their money grow through the clear plastic bottom. Then when they want to spend a little of their fortune, they just need to twist the top off and reach inside.

Also, a reset button starts the count al over since your child has deducted a little bit from their original balance. Made from durable plastic, this piggy bank is strong, durable and should last for a while. Just so you know, it only counts American coins. Foreign coins won’t register on the display screen.

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4. Child to Cherish Ceramic Piggy Bank for Girls

4. Child to Cherish Ceramic Piggy Bank for Girls, Butterfly

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Bows and butterflies can add to your daughter’s room’s décor. It certainly presents a nice safety feature to encourage your child to save their money. The pink, purple, and reddish colors combine to keep this piggy bank looking good.

Also, the 8 by 7-inch bank comes with no-slip feet pads. This makes sure the piggy bank doesn’t wander off with your child’s savings. Made from dolomite ceramic, this bank should also be durable enough to handle accidental bumps and drops.

In addition, this piggy bank has a large incoming slot and uses the standard rubber stopper to hold your daughter’s wealth inside. Just a slight tug on the rubber cap should release your daughter’s fortune onto her bed for spending. How much your daughter saves is up to you and her. The piggy bank is large enough to handle her financial decisions.

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3. Burton & Burton Girls Piggy Bank

3. Burton & Burton Girls Pink & Green Circles Pig Piggy Bank Green Bow Ceramic Personalized Baby Nursery Decor

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Polka dots seem to be the ‘in’ design this year. This piggy bank comes with pink and green dots and a nice looking little green bow. The large pink nose offsets the green and makes this piggy bank very attractive to young minds.

Measuring approx. 7 by 6 by 8 inches in size, this piggy bank should have enough room to help your little girl save her allowance. The large slot on the pig’s back should be long enough to accept any folding money your daughter receives.

Plus, the no-slip foot pads work hard to make sure the piggy bank doesn’t slide off the shelf and break before its time. Then a special writing pen is included so your daughter can put her name on the pig to let everyone know who the money belongs to.

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2. Pearhead Ceramic Piggy Bank

2. Pearhead Ceramic Piggy Bank, Makes a Perfect Unique Gift, Nursery Décor, Keepsake, or Savings Piggy Bank for Kids, Grey with White Polka Dots

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Your child will be all smiles too when he or she sees how much money they have saved up. This 5 by 6 by 7-inch approx. the sized piggy bank can hold a lot of coins that your child collects. All they have to do to get their money is to remove the little rubber stopper on the bottom of the pig.

With its polka dot design, this piggy bank can match up with your child’s room colors. But if one doesn’t, there are two other colors they can choose from. The fine ceramic construction materials make sure that this piggy bank looks good while still being very durable.

Also, no-slip footpads make sure the piggy bank doesn’t slide when it is full of your child’s money. Get your child on the right path to saving with a cute little piggy bank that looks friendly and works hard.

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1. Schylling Rubber Piggy Bank

1. Schylling Rubber Piggy Bank

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This realistic looking piggy bank actually looks like a cute little piglet. Except for the bandana of course. But while it looks cute and young it still does a grown-up job of saving money for your child. Its friendly face is deceptive as it protects your child’s fortune from harm.

Made from vinyl, this piggy bank should survive falls, bumps, and spills without breaking open and letting your child’s money get scattered. Plus, with a movable head, the pig can see who is coming to take the money away.

Measuring roughly 10 by 7 by 6 inches in size, there should be a lot of space inside to help your child save. When it comes time to move the money to another location, the rubber stopper in the belly will open up and let your child remove their savings.

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The benefits of a piggy bank

We have talked about one big benefit that comes from using one of the top 10 best piggy banks in 2022. We may mention it again as it is a vital part of saving money. Yet, there are other benefits that come with using one of the best of the best piggy banks.

Here are those benefits:

  • Life lesson– this is the one that has been mentioned many times already. Your child learns how to save their money and not waste it on frivolous things
  • Other financial lessons– a good piggy bank will also help your child learn how to divide their money into different purposes. One for savings, one for spending, then another for charity work and finally a section for investment.
  • Fun– your child will get a lot of fun when they see how much they save and are free to spend their money on what they want. Within reasons, of course
  • Decision making– deciding which coins or bills to set aside for another time helps your child learn how to make the right decisions throughout life. Their decision-making talent is developed and strengthened
  • Help others– tapping into their savings can teach them how to wisely help those who truly need a little help in life. These decisions work to keep your child generous, kind and help them to think of others over themselves
  • The value of money– another lesson a good piggy bank teaches is the value of money. Your child should learn that money doesn’t grow on trees and it takes hard work to get more.

A good piggy bank is a vital part of a healthy and happy childhood. Not only do they learn valuable lessons described above, but they also get to experience the joy of spending their own money on the things they would like to own.

One of the top 10 best piggy banks in 2022 brings a lot of options for your child including simply saving money for a rainy day. Your child can have a lot of fun putting their hard-earned money aside.

This behavior contributes to their childhood memories, one they should look back on fondly. Go with the best piggy banks to make sure you get your child on the right life path.