Top 10 Best Motorcycle Batteries in 2022


The proper functioning of a motorcycle is important because it is not feasible to invest in motorcycle frequently. While selecting the motorcycle, you need to take care of all the accessories included inside. One of the important accessories of motorcycles is the motorcycle batteries.

The appropriate choice of the motorcycle battery would facilitate you with reliability and efficiency while driving. In absence of a decent quality motorcycle battery, you will find the reduction in the lifespan of the motorcycle. Appropriate power is being supplied by a carefully chosen motorcycle battery.

Irrespective of the weather conditions and the road on which you want to ride your motorcycle, a good quality battery will provide proper power supply. With lots of choices available currently, take a look at the best motorcycle batteries available currently:

List of Best Motorcycle Batteries in 2022

10. Chrome Battery YTX14-BS iGel High Performance:

10. Chrome Battery YTX14-BS iGel High Performance - Rechargeable - Replacement - Maintenance Free - Sealed AGM Motorcycle Battery

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All the AGM batteries from the brand Chrome Battery including YTX14-BS is made with superior quality materials. Moreover, they are rigorously tested to guarantee complete safety. When you try this high-performance battery, there will be no issues of leakage and spills.

It comes with the extreme vibration resistance to benefit the users with maximum conductivity. Generally, this battery comes fully charged and prepared to work right away. In order to use this battery for your motorcycle, all you need to do is just connect your battery. Its operation is maintenance free and free from any hassles.


  • The inclusion of LED digital display screen presents a clear display capable to read the battery alternator voltage. Moreover, this screen would inform you about the low voltage.
  • The YTX14-BS battery is injected through gel electrolytes and also comes with many advanced functionalities. These comprise of the built-in intelligent chip and a digital display.
  • This high-performance battery is capable to automatically record the working date while it is installed. Compared to other SLA batteries, this one comes with a longer cycle service life.

9. Mighty Max Battery YTZ12S 12V 11AH:

9. Mighty Max Battery YTZ12S 12V 11AH 210CCA Gel Motorcycle Battery Brand Product

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What attracts the attention of most customers towards this Mighty Max motorcycle battery is its environment-friendly functionality. During its operation, there would be no pollution while the process of charging and discharging is going on. Its best part is every chemical reaction occurs within the battery itself.

Generally, the YTZ12S motorcycle battery is used with all-terrain-vehicles, personal watercraft, jet skies, and snowmobiles. To present excellent portability and simplicity of installation, it comes with a sleek design.


  • Dimensions of the YTZ12S battery is 6.00 inches x 3.44 inches x 4.38 inches making it suitable for easy carry.
  • This is a factory activated GEL battery without requiring maintenance.
  • Implementation of the advanced design allows you to use this 12V 11AH battery right out of the box.
  • With the inclusion of extV ra electrolytes, it is possible to extend the standard life of the battery.
  • There will be no effects of vibration and shocks.

8. HDX14L – Harley Davidson Replacement Motorcycle Battery:

Presented with the perfect fit, the HDX14L motorcycle battery comes with excellent efficiency. From the brand ThrottleX, the HDX14L battery is considered as one of the most prevalent batteries in the present market. Now you can ride conveniently without worrying about charging.

Basically, the HDX14L battery is prepared in the identical manufacturing facility as that found in the Original Equipment Harley Davidson Batteries. You just need to charge this motorcycle battery prior to installation and then, it would begin working instantly. It comes in a sealed battery and can be used instantly just out of the box.


  • In this replacement motorcycle battery, AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) Non Spillable Sealed Technology is implemented. The key to this technology is breathable microfiber separators capable to suck up and trap the acid. This makes the HDX14L battery leak proof and spill proof.
  • There is the presence of the heat-sealed cover and patented solid lead female threaded terminals. To simplify the process of installation, the fresh stainless steel bolts are included.

7. YTX14-BS High Performance – Rechargeable Motorcycle Battery:

7. YTX14-BS High Performance - Rechargeable - Maintenance Free - Sealed AGM Motorcycle Battery

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The present model of rechargeable motorcycle battery comes with a versatile fit. Therefore, it can work with most motorcycle models. Basically, this sealed AGM battery is capable to fit in a wide range of applications. These would range from ATVs, motorcycles, and many other vehicles.

It is possible to replace the battery of standard vehicles. You just need to place it in and then relish the perfect fit. Now you just need to tap the starter and subsequently, it would fire instantly. It comes in a well-packaged form and includes all the essential hardware.


  • In this rechargeable motorcycle battery, the acid present is prepared from absorbed glass mat technology. This benefits you with spill-proof functionalities and low-maintenance.
  • Presence of the patented sealed post avoids rust to prolong the battery life.
  • It comes in a fully charged form to let you use on the go.
  • High durability is guaranteed with the use of lead calcium alloy.
  • It is possible to use this high-performance motorcycle battery for long period due to heavy-duty construction. Moreover, it is vibration resistant and user-friendly.

6. ATV Battery YTX14-BS by Chrome Battery:

6. ATV Battery YTX14-BS for Honda TRX 500 420 450 350 300 Rubicon Foreman Rancher

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The easy application and versatile fit are the prominent specialties of this ATV battery from Chrome Battery. It comes in a fully charged state and could be used instantly. It would perfectly fit into the old batteries place. There is the provision of 18-month warranty and affordable price tag.

Once installed, this ATV battery would begin functioning instantly. It is found that this YTX14-BS battery is an ideal replacement for the 2008 Honda Rancher 420. With the presence of all the necessary hardware and accessories, it is extremely easy to use this Chrome battery instantly.


  • Equipped with the versatile fit, this sealed AGM battery would fit in a wide range of applications. Most motorcycles from different brands would easily accommodate this battery.
  • Execution of top technology is facilitated by the presence of acid. There is the use of Absorbed Glass Mat technology to allow spill-proof and low-maintenance benefits.



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Your every penny will be justified by the quality and construction of this MX20L motorcycle battery. Generally, this device is a perfect fit for the 2014 Harley CVO Breakout. Sufficient power is supplied to begin the operation of the bike.

It comes in a charged state to make sure you begin using instantly. Due to maintenance free and fully charged form, it is convenient to install. It is found that the MX20L meets or surpasses the specifications of original battery i.e. 500+ CCA and 20 A.H.

This is a double factory-replacement battery specially designed for the riding enthusiasts, and available at an affordable price. The brand ThrottleX is well-known to let you find the superior quality battery for different applications.


  • There is the application of the AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) Non Spillable Sealed Technology. Moreover, the heat-sealed cover protects this battery from external weather conditions.
  • The MX20L battery is a factory activated battery which is resistant to leaks and spills.
  • Improved performance, safety, durability, and service life are presented with ample quick starting AGM power.
  • Inside the MX20L battery, tear resistant absorbed glass mat separators are completely secured. This is made possible with the full frame plates capable to offer enhanced cranking amps and low discharge rates.

4. YTX12-BS High Performance Power Sports Rechargeable Battery:

4. YTX12-BS High Performance Power Sports Rechargeable Battery - Maintenance Free - Sealed AGM Motorcycle Battery

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Recognized as maintenance free battery, this device is presented in a fully charged and sealed form. It is not required to use water to check or fill this rechargeable battery. With the use of the valve regulated, sealed construction, secure operation is facilitated. The high-performance rechargeable battery comes in a sealed, filled and charged form.

Chrome battery utilizes welding technology to make sure the battery case provides resistance to heat, shock, and vibration. All the materials used in this version of power sports battery ensure that it would last longer.


  • In the YTX12-BS battery, the included terminals are prepared from the supreme quality materials. These materials are capable to withstand pressure, torque, and wear & tear.
  • Use of copper in the terminals make sure corrosion stays away.
  • The inclusion of the absorbed glass mat design comes with sufficient spaces between the cells which are substituted by glass fiber mat.
  • The availability of high cell compression and fiberglass mat separator present prolonged battery life regardless of weather conditions.



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All riding enthusiasts can now be benefitted with the excellent performance of this motorcycle battery. Basically, the MX30L is a factory activated premium AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) type battery. It is accomplished to provide spill-proof and leak-proof benefits with extra vibration resistance.

With the assistance of vibration resistance, enhanced performance and durability are guaranteed. In most cases, the MX30L battery fits right in the OEM place.

There is the presence of side and top terminals to present excellent cranking power. Due to the affordable price and high performance, you would find your investment wise. In most cases, it is revealed that MX30L meets the specifications required by the customers.


  • In this 600+ CCA battery, the tear resistant absorbed glass mat separators are completely protected through full frame plates. These plates offer enhanced cranking amps and reduced discharge rates.
  • On the surface, the top and side terminals present outstanding versatility and capabilities to sustain vibration.
  • To simplify the process of installation, the terminals are threaded; also, the package includes washers and screws.

2. HDX20L – Harley Davidson Replacement Motorcycle Battery:

2. HDX20L - Harley Davidson Replacement Motorcycle Battery.

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The exact fit of this Harley Davidson motorcycle battery presents versatility in a unique way. In situations when your bike could not perform in the winter season, it is best to replace the existing battery with this model. It would start off instantly without any hassles. You would perceive that you made a wise investment when experiencing the features of this replacement motorcycle battery.


  • This HDX20L battery delivers the same power and specifications like OEM.
  • Its price is found 30% lesser than the original Harley battery.
  • Now you can ride on different road terrains without any hassles.
  • There is the execution of the AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) Non Spillable Sealed Technology.
  • To protect the surface of the battery, there is a heat-sealed cover. For simplicity of installation, the patented solid lead female threaded terminals are present.

1. Battery Tender 021-0123 Battery Tender Junior 12V, 0.75A Battery Charger:

1. Battery Tender 021-0123 Battery Tender Junior 12V, 0.75A Battery Charger

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The battery charger from Battery Tender would charge and upkeep your motorcycle battery to make sure it is always ready to use. Some of the significant traits of this 12V charger are lightweight design, the simplicity of use and fully automatic operation. For proper fit in small spaces, this battery charger works excellently. Level of the battery will be maintained in a fully charged state.

Generally, the batteries used in ATVs, motorcycles, RVs, boats, airplanes, etc. can be conveniently charged. Those battery-operated devices or vehicles that are not utilized on a frequent basis can be charged effectively through this charger. This is essentially a microprocessor controlled charger specially designed to prolong the life of lead acid batteries. This 12V battery charger is ideal for charging different 12V batteries of type flooded, lead-acid, or sealed maintenance free batteries.


  • This battery tender charger is spark proof during lead connection and it is a reverse polarity protected charger.
  • To streamline the charging hassles, there is the presence of a 12-foot output cord.
  • Through the comprehensive 4-step charging program, excellent battery optimization is presented. Names of these programs are float mode, initialization, and bulk charge.
  • There is the availability of a solid state two colors LED to depict the mode of the charger.
  • In case the battery voltage declines, the full charger output power take up again.

The careful choice of motorcycle batteries will enhance the life of your motorcycle in effective ways. You will be able to relish flawless riding experience regardless of the road terrains for many years.