Best Heat Press Machines in 2022


Getting into business for yourself can be very easy. All you need is a plan, a little money, and the right equipment. If you turn to one of the top 10 best heat press machines in 2022, then a little money is all you need. These machines can turn a hobby into a viable business.

They are built tough and have the accessories you need to expand your product line. When you use the right equipment then you are halfway to be a success. Using one of the top 10 best heat press machines in 2022 is using the right equipment.

So turn to the best when you want to make a little extra money in your free time. That way you know you are producing a quality product people will want to have and give to their friends.

List of Best Heat Press Machines in 2022

10. ePhotoInc Swing Away Heat Press Machine


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With the 9 by 12-inch deck, you can alter the look of plain white or colored t-shirts. The right graphic, a little pressure and you have made an impact on society. Plus, with the digital control panel, operating the heat press is a snap.

All you have to do is push a button or two and you are good to go. Also, the Teflon coated plate reduces your sticking issues to a minimum. After you have set the machine up, you can use the up to 500-degree F temperature range to put the graphic on the t-shirts.

Once the graphic and t-shirt are in position, just set the 0 to 999 times and you have made a new t-shirt. The pressure does all the work. You just use the handle to get the pressure plate into position.

9. F2C Pro 6 in 1 Combo Heat Press Machine

9. F2C Pro 6 in 1 Combo Heat Press Machine T-shirt Hat Cap Mug Plate Digital Transfer Sublimation Machine

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This heat press machine comes with all the accessories you need to expand your product line. These accessories not only handle t-shirt duty but can press images on cups, mouse pads and more oddly shaped items. Its 360-degree rotation makes pressing a lot easier.

Plus, the aluminum construction materials ensure that your sticking issues may be a thing of the past. Once you set the temperature, between 32 and 450 degrees F, and the 0 to 999 timer, you are good to go to fill your orders. A standard home outlet provides the power you need.

Also, you get a lot of room to work with the large deck. The t-shirt deck measures approx. 15 by 15 inches in size. Make sure to use the adjustable pressure knob to keep the machine balanced and stable.

8. ePhoto New Digital T-Shirt Heat Transfer Press

8. T-Shirt Heat Transfer Press Sublimation Heat Press Machine 1515GB

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Digital controls make doing your hobbies a lot easier. This is also true for using a t-shirt heat press machine. 6 buttons are all you need to make some of the finest t-shirt designs in the neighborhood. The rocker on-off switch is not difficult to operate.

After you are set up, you can access the up to 500-degree temperature control and the 0 to 999 timer. Both options are clearly displayed on the LCD readout. You should know exactly where you are once these controls light up. A quick glance is all it takes.

There is no assembly required and you are good to go once you take the heat press out o its box. All it takes to adjust the pressures is a twist of the handy pressure knob. Then its Teflon coated plate works to keep sticking to a minimum.

7. F2C Pro Swing-Away Digital Transfer Sublimation Heat Press Machine

7. F2C Pro 5 in 1 Swing-Away Digital Transfer Sublimation Heat Press Machine Hat

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Having 5 options at your disposal makes any hobby more fun and easier to do. You get more creative options as well as being able to apply different graphics or images to your expanded product line. This 5 1 heat press machine works for you.

After you get all set up you can add images to hats, mugs, pads, as well as t-shirts. Your innovative and creative spirit will be satisfied with all the options you have available. Then the 12 by 15-inch non-stick surface gives you plenty of room to work your heat-press magic.

On top of that, the digital control keeps you in charge of the heat range, the timing you need and uses the LCD display to make sure you read the information clearly. A handily adjustable pressure knob twists easily when you need to adjust your pressure.

6. Fancierstudio DG HEAT PRESS Digital Sublimation T-Shirt Heat Press

6. Fancierstudio DG HEAT PRESS Digital Sublimation T-Shirt Heat Press,15-by-15-Inch - Black

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Once you do a few trial runs to get the right pressure levels, you should be able to produce top quality t-shirt designs with ease. The 15 by 15-inch deck provides you with a lot of room to do larger graphics as well as smaller ones.

Plus, you get 1200 watts of power, up to 500 degrees F. and up to 999 seconds to work your creative t-shirt talents. The digital LCD display makes sure you get the information you need clarification. Only a few buttons help you set the time and the heat for your next heat press.

Also, a Teflon plate makes it easier to do your pressing and cuts down on the sticking issue that can arise. To raise and lower the pressure plate, the easy to use handle gives you lots of leverage when you need it.

5. Fancierstudio Heat Press

5. Fancierstudio Heat Press 9-by-12-Inch Heat Press Swing Away Heat Press

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The pressing deck may only be 9 by 12 inches in size, but you still get the power, the heat, and the time the bigger machines have. 4 buttons let you set the heat control between 0 and 500 degrees F. Then they also let you set how many seconds you need to complete a successful press. From 0 to 999 seconds are at your disposal.

After you have plugged the machine into a standard power outlet, the simple to use rocker power switch is ready to bring you the electricity you need to work. Then to find the right pressure you need to use the adjustable pressure knob takes only a few twists to set the right amount.

The standard Teflon sheet is included to make t-shirt pressing simpler and faster. Then the swing away style makes sure the press is out of your way when changing t-shirts.

4. Mophorn Heat Press Machines

4. Mophorn Heat Press Machine 12x15 inch T-Shirt Heat Press Transfer Combo Swing-Away Presser Mug Hat Press 5IN1 Digital Multifunction Transfer

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Having all the tools you need to do your pressing business right is vital. This heat press machine. This heat press machine brings you all the tools and accessories you need to have a full product line available for your clients.

After you pull the machine out of its box, you get to decide if you are going to press t-shirts, cups, mugs, hats, and more. What you do is all in your control. You get the standard up to 500-degree F heat range, the up to 999 seconds time limit as well as digital controls and readout.

On top of those standard features, you also get easy to adjust the pressure knob, and the swing away features that gives you plenty of room to work. Plus, the 12 by 15-inch deck allows you lots of space for small to large image transfers.

3. VEVOR Heat Press Machine

3. VEVOR Heat Press Machine15x15inch 8 in 1 Digital Multifunctional Sublimation Auto-Countdown Heat Presser for T Shirts Hat Mug

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This is another top-quality heat press machine that provides you with the accessories you need to meet all sorts of product orders. Besides pressing t-shirts on its 15 by 15-inch deck, you can also transfer images to cups, mugs, pads, and hats, etc.,

Once you set up this adjustable heat press machine, you get an 8 1 option that will not stifle your creativity or image transferability. Then the standard features are present on this heat press machine. Up to 480 degrees F heat, 999 timer seconds, swing-away deck, and adjustable pressure.

On the digital control panel, you also have a built-in fuse to protect the machine and your electrical system. The control panel uses only 3 buttons to get the settings you need. Then it displays your settings in a very clear manner. Image transfer at its finest.

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2. Fancierstudio Digital Heat Press – Best Heat Press Machines

2. Fancierstudio Power Heat press Digital Heat Press 15 x 15 Sublimation Heat Press Rhinestone Heat Press T-Shirt Heat Press

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Even a simple 15 by 15-inch deck on this basic heat press machine provides you with lots of options. The large deck provides you with enough room to transfer small, medium, and large images to your t-shirts with ease.

In addition to that simple feature, you can adjust the pressure the machine applies with a simple twist or two of your wrist. The pressure knob is easily accessed and out of the way of your work. A silicone gel-covered deck cuts down on your sticking issues.

After you have set the pressure, just use the easy to use the control panel to set your up to 700 degrees of temperature and up to 699 timer seconds. A simple machine for those hobby loving people who like simple things. The heat press only uses up to 1800 watts of power.

1. SINGER Magic ESP-2 Electronic Steam Press

1. Magic ESP-2 Electronic Steam Portable with A Large Pressing Surface & Auto Shut-Off with Audible Alarm

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T-shirt, mugs, and hats are not the only items that need a good press machine. Your expensive clothes also need a good steam press to make sure they look their best every time you put them on.

Plus, the simple to use digital controls are right at your fingertips. You can make adjustments to the settings as you work. Then the easy to use lit and press handle is not hard to hold or maneuver. For safety, you get an alarm and an auto-shutoff function.

On top of this, the pressing deck is 9 by 24 inches in size. You can press long clothes with ease. The fabric adjustment feature works to protect your nice clothes from receiving the wrong temperature as you work. Then a standard electrical outlet is all you need to get this machine to work.

The pros and cons of using a heat press machine

A heat press machine would not be of this world if it did not come with both pros and cons. This is true of the top 10 best heat press machines in 2022. While these machines are the top 10 best on the market today, they have strengths and weaknesses.

Here are some of the pros and cons of heat press machine:


  • Creativity- you can apply just about any design you want to different items. Including your own designs that you draw, etc.
  • Options- you can transfer images to almost any item with the right accessories. You are not limited to t-shirts only
  • Clean up- there is basically no cleaning to do once you finish using this machine.
  • Materials- you can press or transfer just about any photographic material you want on to different items
  • Colors- the sky is the limit here. You are not limited to any one type of color or number of colors you want to use.
  • Fun- it can be fun being creative and making a little money on the side by taking orders from family and friends


  • Cost 1- the price of the heat press machine may be a little prohibitive
  • Cost 2- the price of the product and images may also be a little bit expensive to start
  • Layering- you can’t layer the colors on your t-shirts.
  • Image- you have to make sure you trim away all unwanted order and excess material, or it will be transferred to your t-shirt
  • Time- if you have a lot of products to transfer, you need to set aside a lot of time to get the work done

Hobbies can be great fun. They can also be stress relieving if done right. One hobby both men and women can enjoy doing is heat press transfers. It is a simple hobby that allows you to be creative.

Plus, once you get one of the top 10 best heat press machines in 2022, this hobby becomes much easier. These machines provide you with accessories to help you produce the finest image transfers on a variety of items. Go with the best for the best results.