Best Folding Shovels in 2022


You may have enough regular shovels lying around in your tool shed right now. But you really can’t take a regular shovel on a camping or hiking trip. A folding shovel does have its uses. Especially if they are one of the top 10 best folding shovels in 2022.

These tools are designed to help you solve any digging issue you may have. Then they fold up and are stored away without any difficulty. They do not take up a lot of room and are ready to work when you need them right away.

List of Best Folding Shovels in 2022

10. X-CAT Portable Folding Shovels

10. X-CAT NACATIN Protable Folding Shovels, Tactical Military Folding Trenching Shovel with Nylon Carrying Pouch and High Carbon Steel Handle,

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Weighing only 1 1/3 pounds, this approx. The 18-inch shovel is versatile and ready for action. A 90-degree turn turns this shovel into a garden hoe. Or you can reverse 180 and use the serrated edge for whatever task you have in mind.

It is designed for a variety of uses besides shoveling dirt. Plus, a locking mechanism keeps the shovel folded when not in use. Made from tempered steel, this shovel should last you a long time.

9. OutShovel Folding Shovel

9. OutShovel Military Folding Shovel with Bag Multi Purpose for Camping

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The alloyed steel construction keeps this folding shovel in prime condition to handle all your gardening tasks. It will dig, shovel, chop, cut, and even open a bottle or two. Everything you need doing in your garden, this handy tool will do it all.

Then if you do not like the short handle, you can give your back a break and add an extension or two. Its rubber grip handle is easy on the hands. Be careful though, the blades are sharp.

8. Alice Survival Folding Shovel


8. Military Survival Folding Shovel with Tactical Waist Pack for Camping, Hiking, Backpacking, Fishing

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Just in case you are caught in a difficult situation, this shovel is perfect to have in your trunk. Besides digging, it will cut wood for an emergency fire or hammer parts back into place. The 17-inch carbon steel shovel is there for you when you need it. Plus, a handy carrying pouch keeps your car clean after you use the shovel. Just fold it back up, put it in the pouch, and seal the top with the Velcro closure.

7. Oziral Folding Shovel

7. Military Folding Shovel Multipurpose Tool for Outdoor Survival Portable with Carrying Pouch for Camping

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One thing about folding shovels is that they all have the same basic features. They have sharp blade edges for digging, cutting and sewing. Then they have a serrated edge for cutting the tougher materials.

This 16 ½ -inch foldable shovel also has a handle extension, so you get better leverage when you lift. Then its no-slip grip keeps the shovel in your hand. As an added feature, the folding shovel also comes with a bottle opener. A great accessory when it is break time.

6. Tabor Tools Folding Shovel

6. Tabor Tools J35, Folding Shovel, Survival Spade

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You may not be a survivalist, but you do have a little garden. This tool is great for hoeing, getting the weeds, and trimming your treasured plants. Its serrated edge will take care of nasty roots as well.

The 19-inch steel shovel comes with a triangle handle. This should provide you with the strength you need when you need it. Weighing only 1 1/3 pounds you can pack this to the remotest campsite you are headed towards.

5. Coleman Folding Shovel

5. Christmas Sale 100% BRAND NEW Military Folding Shovel Survival Spade Emergency Garden Camping Outdoor Tool NEW

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Coleman is a trusted camping equipment name and this approx. The 18-inch folding shovel can be a pickaxe, a compass or a shovel. Its lightweight means you will not have any trouble packing it into your campsite or on your next hiking adventure. It folds up to a small 6 by 8-inch size and easily fits in the trunk of your car. It will be ready when you need a shovel to do the dirty work.

4. FiveJoy Folding Shovel

4. FiveJoy Military Folding Shovel Multitool (C1) - Tactical Entrenching Tool

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The handle of this 19-inch folding shovel unscrews and turns into a double-edged knife. Then you get an emergency whistle that holds on to the magnesium fire starter. You can get warm while calling for help.

Plus, two pouches are included with your purchase. Along with a handy shoulder strap. You can carry this lightweight shovel with ease. Then if you need to work on an angle, you get a 40, 90, and 180-degree placement setting for the blade.

3. Iunio Portable Folding Shovel

3. Iunio Military Portable Folding Shovel and Pickax with Tactical Waist Pack Army Surplus Multitool for Camping

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Take it easy on your back with this version of the up to 30 inches of a shovel. You can use the two extensions to make sure the handle is long enough for you to use it with ease. Then the emergency whistle comes in handy in case a problem arises where you need assistance.

A large carrying case keeps your folding shovel and its accessories safe and together. The versatility in this shovel makes this tool a must-have around your home or in your car.

2. Gerber Folding Shovel

2. Gerber Gorge Folding Shovel

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It is all in the push-button control that makes this approx. 16-inch folding shovel so unique. Just push a button and you can fold it up or unfold it. It is very simple to operate.

Then its hammer feature allows you to place your tent stakes with ease. You may also be able t hammer other items with it as well. The nylon ergonomically designed handle is filled with glass, but it is easy on your hands.

1. SOG Entrenching Tool

1. SOG Entrenching Tool F08-N - Folding Shovel, High Carbon Steel Handle, Nylon Carry Case, Powder Coat Finish

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The carbon steel shovel is powder-coated to make sure it is rust and corrosion-resistant. This coating helps your new shovel last a long time. Then its serrated edge will make light work of any cutting or sawing tasks you have to do.

Weighing 2 pounds makes using this approx. 18-inch shovel easy. The triangular steel handle keeps your hands comfortable as they dig or do other tasks with this shovel.


You never know when you will need one of the top 10 best folding shovels in 2022. But it is a smart move to keep one in your car’s trunk as well as your home. A good folding shovel will spare you the expense of buying extra gardening tools and make your gardening chores a breeze.