Top 10 Best Desk Name Plates in 2022


Your name is important that is why you want everyone to know it when you conduct business with them. One way to help get your name known to your clients is to have one of the top 10 best desk name plate sin 2022 doing your advertising for you.

These top-rated desk name plates display your name in a professional manner. They let everyone know that you are serious about your work and reputation. These name plates also come in a variety of styles.

Choosing the right style to match the message you want to send probably will be your toughest choice to make. The key is to get the right name plate that sends the right message for you. After all, all you have sometimes is your reputation and your desk name plate to bring in the business you need to be a success.

List of Best Desk Name Plates in 2022

10. Hit Trophy Smoked Glass Name Plate

10. Smoked Glass Name Plate with Free Engraving

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Free engraving is a great way to choose a name plate. Once your name is on the name plate, the engraving is the first thing your clients see. You want it done right and done well. 7 different fonts are available to choose from.

Plus, you get a smoked glass surface to make sure your name is highlighted just right. With two lines of engraving, you can add a title if you want. This lets everyone know you are the man to talk to.

Also, the name late reaches 2 ½ inches high and 10 inches long That is plenty of room to get your message across through your name. A digital proof is mailed to you first, so you can approve the design before work begins. The name plate rests on a smoked glass base to complete the perfect picture.

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9. Griffco Rosewood Piano Finish Desk Name Plate

9. Rosewood Piano Finish Desk Name Plate 2 X 8 - Black Plate, Gold Engraving - Free Engraving

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Look professional with this rosewood and piano finish on your name plate. Your name in gold letters stands out against the black background and gives you that upper management look. Your clients should be impressed when they see it.

In addition to that feature, you get free engraving to make your name look the way you would like it to look. Also, you can get more than your name on this desk name plate. I all depend on son you how you want to advertise yourself.

Then the 2 by 8-inch name plate is small enough to leave you room to work. Looking busy is always a good first impression to make. After you get your name late back, display it proudly on your desk. The professional touch always provides you with a little respect and more open doors to make business contacts.

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8. Carmel Sweet Life Acrylic Name Plate

8. Acrylic Name Plate Office Desk Bar Custom Personalized Engraved

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Acrylic plastic is top quality and long-lasting construction material for desk name plates. They can handle being bumped, moved or even accidentally dropped and still look their best. Plus, the etched glass looks cool.

In addition to that, the engraver will automatically center your name and title to make sure your desk name plate does not look sloppy or unprofessional. The free engraving gets you your name and a business title if you want that displayed for public viewing.

Also, the ½” thick name plate comes in a 6 by 2 ½” size while the base measures 6 1/3 by 2”. More than enough room for your name and title. And small enough to fit on your desk. Sorry but no emoji’s can be added to the name plate. Just stick to correctly spelled texts.

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7. Carmel Sweet Life Acrylic Name Plate

7. Acrylic Name Plate Office Desk Bar

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This 8 by 2” desk name plate comes with out a base. It just sits on its ¾” thickness and looks good. One you get your name and title engraved on this acrylic desk name plate, everyone will know who you are and what duties you perform. Either gender can use this name plate style.

Also, acrylic construction material is durable and tough. It should handle accidental drops and bumps with ease and without leaving a mark. In addition to this, you get customizing options Have your name almost your way. There are reasonable limits of course.

Then the name late is not heavy and shouldn’t be a bother when you need to move it to a new location on your desk. To look professional, you need to have a professional name plate advertising who you are on your desk.

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6. Griffco Personalized Business Desk Name Plate

6. Personalized Business Desk Name Plate with Card Holder - Made in USA (Walnut Wood)

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To stand out from the professional desk name plate crowd, you need a name plate that is different. This model allows you to have business cards ready in its handy little business card slot. This makes keeping business contact alive much faster and easier.

Then the professional free engraving has your name and title front and center. You look good because your name plate looks good. With a black background, the gold engraving leaps out at your clients telling them you mean business.

Measuring 2 inches by 8 inches in size, this block name plate sits solidly on our desk and shouldn’t be moved too easily. Just be forewarned. Nasty and profane texts will not be engraved on your name plate. To be respected, you need to keep up professional appearances and not pander to the gutter crowd.

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5. Holmes Stamp & Sign Custom Desk Name Plate

5. Custom Desk Name Plate, Silver Aluminum Plate on Black Wedge with Piano Finish

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Silver always stands out against a black background. This aluminum and silver name plate uses a solid black backing to make sure no one misses your name or title when they enter your office. Plus, the wedge design gives it a unique look.

Also, you can customize your desk name plate look. Just make sure it stays within the boundaries of good taste and professionalism. Once your name and title are engraved on the name plate, it should not take up much room on your desk.

In addition, if you order more than one name plate for your employees, each one should be returned with the consistent quality you expect from a professional name plate company. There should only be two difference to the name plates. The names and the titles, everything else should look exactly alike.

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4. Holmes Stamp & Sign Desk Name Plate

4. Desk Name Plate With Card Holder

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Having a card holder built into your desk name plate is a smart move This makes giving out business cards simple and easy. No more fumbling round looking for your business cards. They are right there in front of you, within easy reach.

Also, the 2 by 8” name plate has enough room to place your collegiate achievement beside your name. You can use a Ph.D. or THD or whatever degree you possess and let everyone know your educational status.

Plus, the rosewood finish and gold lettering work together to make sure you look professional and serious about your business or other work. A gold border surrounds a black background to make sure you look good all the time. There is no base, just a solid block of wood but that is okay. That provides you with a stable desk name plate.

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3. Lasercrafting Office Desk Name Plate

3. Office Desk Name Plate

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½” thick acrylic plastic holds your personal name and title in clear view for all to see. Plus, the 2 ½ by 8” size makes sure you have plenty of room to fit your name and title. Then the 2” base makes sure your name stands tall with lots of support and stability underneath it.

To make your name look good, lasers are used to etch your name and title into the acrylic construction material. You get a centered name and a very clean look once the job is done. White is the only color that is available at this time.

In addition to your name, and title, you should be able to get your logo etched on this desk name plate. Send the logo in with you rother instructions to make sure it can be done.

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2. Griffco Personalized Business Desk Name Plate

2. Personalized Business Desk Name Plate with Card Holder - Includes Engraving &

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The rosewood, black and gold colors make sure your name and title are the most important item in the room next to you. Plus, you get free engraving to make sure your name appears the way you want it. The brass name plate provides durability as well.

Also, on this 2 by 8” desk name plate, you get a business card holder. This feature makes sure you can hand your business card out to all who visit you. The cards are conveniently located on the desk name plate for a smooth transfer.

Then the rosewood finish should complement your office’s décor. Your name plate shouldn’t be a sore thumb sticking out for all to see. But Blend in with its surroundings to make sure you look humble and professional.

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1. Lasercrafting Personalized Office Name Plate

1. Personalized Office Name Plate With Wall or Desk Holder - 2x8 - CUSTOMIZE

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Having a desk name plate choice is a good thing. You get to decide where your name plate goes and how prominent it will be displayed. With this particular desk name late, you can have it removed from its based and placed on your wall or door.

Either way, you get to have your name plate your way. Plus, with different colors and fonts to choose from, you can be a little creative in how your name and title are seen by your office visitors. Cursive writing is also available.

Also, the standard 2 by 8” size provides you with plenty of room to get your full name and title on the desk name plate. Hopefully, you do not have a very long name to engrave on it. No hardware is included to mount these name plates to your door. Get your name your way so you look good all the time.

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The office advantages of a desk name plate

When you turn to one of the top 10 best desk name plates in 2022, you are bringing a lot of advantages to your office life. These advantages help you stand out and maybe catch the eye of your supervisor. That is a good thing for your career.

Here are some of those advantages:

  • You are not a number– everyone should know your name and know that you are a live human being deserving respect and positive treatment
  • You stand out– a good first impression can also come from having a great desk name plate advertising your characteristics.
  • Shows some of your talents– how you get your name plate done displays some of your business capabilities and lets people know you have talent
  • Helps time management– when people can find you, they save time and the business money. These features help you when you need to find someone to further the project along.
  • Learn new employee names– desk name plates work hard to make sure everyone learns the name of the new guy or gal in the office. That makes for a friendlier business environment
  • First impressions– a professional looking desk name plate can add to your client’s first impression of you. When your office looks professional then people will see you as a professional and give you the proper respect
  • Last you along time– this durability saves you or your company some money on desk name plates. That is good fiscal thinking and makes you look good to your boss
  • Brings self-confidence– a good name plate makes you look good and helps build your self-confidence. Plus, when the company gives you a nice one, they are showing their appreciation for your hard work and presence in the office.

To look good to your clients and co-workers a good desk name plate goes a long way. Then when you use one of the top 10 best desk name plates in 2022, you are making the statement you like quality over anything else.

Advertise yourself and some of your work ethic by using one of the best desk name plates on the market today. Going with the best makes sure people know you want the best work done.