Best Bowling Shoes for Women in 2022


Bowling is an ancient game, it started more than 3,500 years ago and was enjoyed by many of the ancient citizens of those times. If the ancients can do it so can you. With the help of one of the top 10 best bowling shoes for women in 2022, you can master the game with ease.

Plus, you should look stylish and good as you do it. These bowling shoes for women are also tough, durable, and soft, all at the same time. You get comfort and long last use out of these bowling shoes.

Once you put these top-rated bowling shoes on, your game should improve. That is because you are focused more on your game than on your feet. If you want a better bowling tally, use the best shoes available.

List of Best Bowling Shoes for Women

10. Brunswick Women’s Silk Bowling Shoes

10. Brunswick Women's Silk Bowling Shoes

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Your feet will look sleeker as you bowl. These bowling shoes for women come with man-made uppers, so your feet look their best while getting the best support. Plus, the soft uppers combine with the lace up styling to make sure these shoes stay securely on your feet.

After you put these bowling shoes on, you will feel their comfort. The padded tongue and collar protect your ankle and upper foot to make sure they do not get hurt as you play. Then the soft insole protects your feet from aches and pains.

In addition, the non-marking sliding soles are on both shoes. You shouldn’t mark up the bowling alley lane with these shoes on your feet. Then the raised heels provide you with a little lift they help you brake. All parts of this shoe work together to help your bowling game.

9. Dexter Women’s Ana Bowling Shoes

9. Dexter Women's Ana Bowling Shoes

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A little plaid still looks good on a woman’s feet. This white and plaid design will have you fitting in with the bowling culture with ease. Plus, you get a top-rated shoe that brings you lots of comfort throughout the night.

Also, the synthetic reinforced uppers work hard to make sure these shoes are durable and last you a long time. The uppers combine with the lace up style to make sure you get a secure fit and lots of foot support as you bowl.

In addition to all of this, you get a padded interior designed to keep your feet nice and comfortable as you bowl. When you order these shoes, it may be wise to go a size up. They may not measure true to size. Being comfortable also means having a shoe that is the right size.

8. Dexter Vicky Bowling shoe for women

8. Dexter Vicky

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One thing about having a lightweight bowling shoe on. It won’t tire your feet or legs out if you bowl extra games. The breathable upper mesh makes, sure enough, the air gets through to your feet to keep them nice and cool. Then the lace up style holds the shoes on your feet nice and securely.

Plus, you get a good sliding sole on both shoes. It doesn’t matter if you are a righty or a lefty, you should be able to slide and deliver the bowling ball just right. The heels on these shoes look like they were designed to help your braking while not stopping you so quickly that you fall.

Also, you get a lot of comforts inside. Padded insoles, collar, tongue, and sides make sure your feet stay nice and comfortable all day long.

7. Dexter Women’s Raquel IV Bowling Shoes

7. Dexter Women's Raquel IV Bowling Shoes

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These pink and white bowling shoes for women keep the eyes of your opponent on you and not on the alley. They look good so you will look good. Plus, you get synthetic uppers with reinforced or heavy-duty stitching to make sure the shoes are nice and durable.

Also, while these shoes are durable and strong, they are also soft on your feet. Padded interior, work with the soft upper to make sure your feet experience the ultimate in comfort. Then you get sliding soles on both feet to make sure everyone can use these bowling shoes.

The only thing you have to watch out for is size. Double check your foot size and make sure you use the handy chart to find the right pair for you. A good bowling game depends on you wearing the right sized shoes.

6. BSI Women’s Bowling Shoe

6. BSI Women's 422 Bowling Shoe

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A common microfiber sliding sole is part of this bowling shoe for women. These help you slide effortlessly as you deliver your ball to the pins. Plus, the heals are designed to help you brake without falling over. Two essentials of the game conquered by these bowling shoes.

Also, the leather uppers make your feet look good as you glide down the alley. Their tough design is complemented by the double stitching giving you ultimate durability and support. The baby blue interior color is pleasing to the eye but does not detract from the quality of this shoe.

Plus, the padded interior keeps your feet from hurting as they supply the comfort you want in a good bowling shoe. The padded collar protects the back of your ankles, while the padded tongue the top of your feet.

5. Karma Ladies Bowling Shoe

5. Karma Ladies Bowling Shoe,

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With 3 colors to choose from you can match your bowling outfit up and look great all evening long. Once you have decided on the color you want, these bowling shoes for women work hard to keep your feet comfortable and supported.

With the lightweight mesh uppers, your feet won’t get tired, and can breathe. Plus, your feet should stay cool as you bowl. The lace up design makes sure you get a comfortable yet secure fit with every step you take.

To add to your comfort these bowling shoes come with foam padding in the tongue and collar. This helps protect your feet from the standard aches and pains that come while you bowl. The soft insole should add to your comfort level keeping you refreshed and game ready.

In addition, you get a great sliding sole one that makes sure your slide is smooth and without bumps or short stops. Then the rubber heels provide you with braking control, so you do not stop too quickly and take a fall. Just double check sizes before you purchase to get the right fit.

4. Dexter Kerrie Bowling Shoes

4. Dexter Kerrie Bowling Shoes

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Lightweight shoes are good. Despite their lack of weight, they are still durable and long lasting After all bowling is not hard on the feet. Plus, the lack of weight makes sure your feet and legs do not get tired or weighed down.

Also, the lightweight mesh upper ensures that your feet stay cooler and can breathe while you wear these bowling shoes all night. Then the lace up styling makes sure your feet are secure and snug inside. The color should go with any bowling outfit you may have.

On top of all this, you get a nice sliding outer sole. This sole makes sure you do not have a bad approach but smoothly glide to the foul line. The rubber heels should break your progress enough, so you do not commit a bowling foul. May not be true to size.

3. BSI Women’s 460 Bowling Shoe

3. BSI Women's 460 Bowling Shoe

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The white color with purple highlights should have you standing out from the crowd. These shoes will make your attractive feet look even better. Once you put these bowling shoes for women on, you will get great support from the leather uppers. Top notch stitching adds to their durability.

Plus, you get enough air holes to make sure your feet can breathe. The breathability factor is part of your comfort level. Then the padded interior provides your feet with a soft comfortable bed to lie in and protect your feet from aches and pain.

Also, you get the common microfiber sliding outer sole. This helps you make your approach better than ever. Then with the rubber heels, you should be able to slide to a smooth stop. Double check the size chart before ordering to make sure you are not wasting your time.

2. BSI Women’s Classic Bowling Shoe

2. BSI Women's Classic Bowling Shoe

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The classic bowling shoe look has no gone out of style. This bowling shoe for women sports that classic look and lets your opponents see that you mean business. Plus, the leather uppers and laces make sure you get support, durability, and security. Your feet should be well looked after in these shoes.

Inside the shoe, you get lots of all-around padding. The sides, tongue, collar, and insole are all padded to make sure your feet stay comfortable and pain-free. A solid shoe for a solid game of bowling. You can’t beat that classic look.

In addition, the outer sole comes with the microfiber slide that works so well for everyone who wears these bowling shoes. You get a nice issue free slide and with the rubber heels, your stop should be just as smooth. Double check sizes to make sure they fit your feet well.

1. BSI Women’s 651 Bowling Shoes

1. BSI Women's 651 Bowling Shoes

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Hot pink for the hot woman bowler. Spice up your bowling life with this pair of hot pink and black bowling shoes. Double stitching and leather uppers make sure you get the support you need with every step you take. Plus, the laces keep your shoes securely on your feet.

Also, you get lots of comfort inside these shoes. The padded interior makes sure your feet do not give out before you are ready to go home. Even your ankles get protected from the padded tongue and collar. A stylish look that should have all eyes on you.

Once you have these shoes on, you will find that the sliding sole should keep those eyes on you. Observers will be impressed by your smooth slide and style. Use the rubber heel to make sure you don’t spoil that impressive look.

The benefits of Bowling Shoes for Women

Bowling may not be a very strenuous activity, but it still comes with a lot of benefits that will help your lifestyle. Being healthy doesn’t depend on overdoing your exercises. Even a slow game like bowling can do wonders for you.

Here are some of those benefits you get from going bowling:

Builds a healthy heart

The exercise you do get from bowling works to improve your heart and keep it nice and healthy for your other activities.

Improves abilities

You can improve your different abilities by using your hand-eye coordination to knock all those pins down with one throw

Healthy family

Your whole family can get a little exercise together and bond. A good bowling time can be a great family bonding time while keeping everyone nice and fit

Everyone can do it

This game is so easy and has very few rules to know. That makes it easier to learn and a lot more fun to play.

Reduces disease risk

A little weekly bowling session can go a long way in cutting your risk for certain diseases. You can also increase bone density, blood circulation, and lower your blood pressure to name a few.

Cuts loneliness

Even if you are single you can meet great people and improve your social and dating life. A good social life improves your regular life and makes you a better person

Burn calories

By keeping moving bowling helps you burn those extra calories and help lower your weight.


When you put on your top 10 best bowling shoes for women in 2022, you are entering a whole new world. Not only are you adding to your healthy lifestyle, but you are also getting out and meeting a lot of new people.

These top-rated bowling shoes may also help improve your game. You are not focused on your feet but your bowling approach and shot. That means you can hit those pins and knock more down. Go with the best to get better.