Best Bowling Ball Bags in 2022


When you go bowling. There is just no other way to make an impact on other bowlers, except by your exceptional bowling skills. One way to look good is to use one of the top 10 best bowling ball bags in 2022. These bags not only protect your bowling ball, but they help make you look good at the site of your bowling outfit. To keep your bowling ball in great shape, make sure you use one of the best bowling bags around.

List of Best Bowling Ball Bags

10. Vise Three Ball Tote Roller Bowling Bag

10. Vise Three Ball Tote Roller Bowling Bag

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When you have more than one bowler in the family, you can use this bag to transport up to 3 bowling balls at once. The reinforced stitching, the heavy-duty zippers, and tough fabric make sure your bowling balls stay inside.

If three bowling balls are heavy, then you will like the wheels that come with this bag. Those durable wheels help make transporting your bowling balls easier. An included pocket lets you carry smaller bowling items or your smartphone.

9. Beckly Super Bowling Tote

9. Beckly Super Bowling Tote -Bowling Bag

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The padded shoulder strap that comes with this bowling ball bag protects your shoulder as you carry your bowling ball. Or you can use the two handles that are held together by a Velcro closure to make getting your bowling balls to the lanes simple and easy.

You can fit your bowling shoes and other bowling accessories inside as well. There is room for bowling shoes measuring up to size 13. This will make your bowing time a lot better and you will look good carrying this bag.

8. Storm 2 Ball Bowling Bag

8. Storm 2 Ball Rolling Thunder Bowling Bag

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It may look like a small golf bag with all of its pockets. But you can get all of your bowling equipment to the lanes without tiring out. This bag will hold 2 bowling balls, and still have room for up to size 15 bowling shoes.

Its adjustable handle and large wheels make pulling this bowling bag very convenient. Plus, you have more than enough storage pockets to meet your bowling needs, including cheap snacks to save you some money.

7. Elite Bowling Elite Ace Single Rolle

7. Elite Bowling Elite Ace Single Roller

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The pull-out handle and tough plastic wheels are not just for airport luggage. This single bowling ball bag has what it takes to save you trouble when you need to get your ball from your car to your lane.

It also comes with storage compartments to hold other items you may need, like your smartphone. The only drawback to this bag is that it will only hold shoes measuring up to size 10. This is more of a lady’s bag than a men’s one.

6. Ebonite Bowling Ball Bag

6. Ebonite Transport II Bowling Ball Bag

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A bowler wearing up to size 11 shoes can use this 2-bowling ball bowling ball bag. This bag has oversized storage compartments for other items and will keep your 2 bowling balls safe when not in use.

You have a choice. You can either use the handy handgrips to carry your bowling equipment or you can extend the handle and let the wheels do the heavy lifting. Either way, you will look like a bowling professional who knows their stuff.

5. KAZE SPORTS Ball Bowling Roller

5. KAZE SPORTS 2 Ball Bowling Roller

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The 5-inch wheels use bearings to make pulling this 2-bowling ball bag easier. Then to make sure you do not strain your back the extendable handle reaches up to 3 feet in length. The nylon bag also comes with handheld fabric handles when wheels won’t do the job.

With the large storage pockets, you can get size 15 shoes inside with your two bowling balls. Measuring 22 x 12 x 16 the nice-looking bag fits in your car with ease.

4. KR Strikeforce Eliminator Roller Bowling Bag

4. KR Strikeforce Eliminator 2-Ball Roller Bowling Bag

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You will look like you mean business when you roll this tough-looking bag to your lane. This bag holds 2 bowling balls and its 36” extendable handle allows you to pull the bag without strain. The 3-inch wheels roll nice and smooth making getting to your lane much more fun.

Its shoe compartment will hold up to size 15 shoes with no difficulty. 2 feet keep the bag stationary when not in use. The bag also has two handles to get it over the stairs.

3. Athletico Bowling Bag

3. Athletico Bowling Bag for Single Ball - Single Ball Tote Bag with Padded Ball Holder - Fits a Single Pair of Bowling Shoes Up to Mens Size 14

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Made from polyester, this bag will hold your size 15 and smaller bowling shoes, your towel, gloves, even your wallet, and keys. It is surprising that it still has room left over for your bowling ball.

There are two ways to carry this bowling bag. You can use the dual handles or place it over your shoulder and use the padded & adjustable shoulder strap. Its reinforced stitching makes sure everything stays inside. A foam ball holder provides your bowling ball with a lot of protection.

2. Pyramid Path Roller Bowling Bag

2. Pyramid Path Deluxe Double Roller Bowling Bag

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Just standing beside this bag will make you look good and like a real professional bowler. Made from Oxford polyester you get a durable outer shell, with an extendable handle, 2 rubber wheels, and two feet to keep it still when not in use.

Besides holding 2 bowling balls, you can get bowing shoes measuring up to size 16 inside as well. Its ball pockets make sure your bowling balls are well protected from accidental impacts. 2 easy to use handles also come with this 21 by 15 by 13 bowling ball bag.

1. BSI Deluxe Tote Bag

1. BSI Deluxe Single Ball Tote Bag

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The tough polyester and ramie mixed fabric protect your bowling ball and other belongs when you go to the bowling alley for your weekly entertainment. A foam ball cup makes sure your bowling ball is safe from accidents.

The removable and adjustable padded shoulder strap makes carrying this bag easy on your back. Its shoe pouch will hold men’s shoes measuring up to size 14. An additional pouch stores your other needed equipment or personal items. It is a bag that puts you in a different bowling category


When you go bowling you need to use a bowling bag that gives you extras. These top 10 best bowling bags in 2022 allow you to carry extra bowling balls, large size bowling shoes, and a lot of bowling equipment. They are perfect for your bowling hobby. They look good, they stand up to tough treatment, and have the carrying options to take the strain off your back.