Best Bookcases for Kids in 2022


The virtue of being organized is one of the best gifts you can give your child. Yes, parents and guardians are highly encouraged to teach their children how to be organized. This is because this virtue is applied in nearly all aspects, and children obviously need it as they grow. Well, one of the ways to promote organization is to buy your little one Bookcases for Kids. They are handy pieces of furniture that help children store books, awards, toys, and even clothes.

List of Best Bookcases For Kids in 2022

Moreover, today’s bookcases for kids are slightly advanced and feature aesthetically pleasing designs. They will, therefore, remain functional and help decorate your child’s room. Bookcases are worth considering if you are a committed parent who wants the best for your child/children. In this compilation, we bring you the top 10 best bookcases for kids in 2022 for great buying experience.

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10. Mylex 43061 Three Shelf Bookcase

Mylex 43061 Three Shelf Bookcase

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Whether your kid wants to organize movies, clutter, or books, the Mylex 43061 Three Shelf Bookcase is the unit to go for. It is carefully crafted with durable, laminate particle board, and it has one fixed shelf as well as two adjustable shelves.

The bookcase also features a protective kick plate, which prevents any messy items from sliding underneath. Plus it has plenty of storage to help your child stay organized all the time.

9. Cosco White Kids 4 Shelf Bookcase

Cosco White Kids 4 Shelf Bookcase

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The aesthetically pleasing silhouette of the Cosco White Kids 4 Shelf Bookcase will look beautiful and unique in your child’s room. It features four shelves that enable your young one to store toys and books.

The bookcase is also equipped with a bottom compartment that creates a bin for keeping larger toys and shoes. Plus, its curved side panels are child-friendly as well as visually interesting. Moreover, there is a neutral white finish that will blend perfectly with any décor.

8. South Shore Tiara Pure White 4-Shelf Bookcase

South Shore Tiara Pure White 4-Shelf Bookcase

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Cute and stylish, this 4-shelf bookcase will give your little girl’s room a delicate and feminine look. It is a must-buy piece of furniture that not only provides multiple storage spaces but also adds the much-needed intricate appearance.

The bookcase has two adjustable shelves, which separate 4 storage spaces. Ideally, the two adjustable shelves support up to 15 pounds, meaning your daughter will be able to keep a lot of items in it.

7. Little Colorado Solid White Traditional Bookcase

Little Colorado Solid White Traditional Bookcase

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Little Colorado wants the best for your child, and it is more than thrilled to introduce to you the Little Colorado Solid White Traditional Bookcase. Well, this unit is backed by a 1-year limited warranty to protect it against the manufacturer’s defects and workmanship.

Furthermore, it has three shelves that are intelligently spaced, so they can accommodate large children’s books. The Little Colorado Solid White Traditional Bookcase does not require assembly.

6. KidKraft Nantucket 2-shelf Bookcase

KidKraft Nantucket 2-shelf Bookcase-Best Bookcases for Kids

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This 2-shelf bookcase from KidKraft will undoubtedly be a stunning complement to your child’s room. It comes equipped with two wide and deep shelves, which are great for showcasing trophies, storing books, and more.

The bookcase also has a classic style with wainscoting detail and a beautiful, white finish. It is a fascinating and effective piece of furniture that should not miss from your kids’ room. Moreover, its sturdy construction makes it a reliable unit in your teen’s room.

5. KidKraft White Avalon Tall Bookshelf

KidKraft White Avalon Tall Bookshelf

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Featuring a classic design, this innovative bookcase will enhance your child’s décor. It is sturdy and perfect for storing as many books, treasures, and toys as possible.

It is also practical and unique; thanks to its white finish that blends with most of the existing décor. Apart from white, this bookcase comes in espresso, honey, cherry, and natural. Plus it has a curved arch design that makes it child-friendly and visually appealing.

4. Teamson Design Corp Fantasy Fields Bookcase

Teamson Design Corp Fantasy Fields Bookcase

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The Fantasy Fields Bookcase helps promote learning as well as inspires creativity. It is a thoughtfully crafted bookcase, which is great for children aged 3 years and up.

Furthermore, this bookcase is ideal for storing books, and awards; thanks to its 3-shelved floral creations. It also boasts hand-painted and hand-carved two-drawer storage with bumblebee and dragonfly pulls. Help your child decorate their room by getting them the Teamson Design Corp Fantasy Fields Bookcase.

3. ECR4Kids 36”H Natural Storage Cabinet-Best Bookcases for Kids

ECR4Kids 36”H Natural Storage Cabinet

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Your child needs a place where they can organize their toys, supplies, games, and more. And the best accessory to help them achieve this is the ECR4Kids 36” H Natural Storage Cabinet.

Sturdy and functional, this bookcase is made of a durable birch material, which promotes longevity and reliability. In addition, it has 12-inch deep compartments that are ideal for holding blocks, books, or supplies at an easy-to-reach height. The bookcase also features heavy-duty casters for effortless mobility.

2. KidKraft Nantucket 2-Shelf Bookcase

Are you looking for a top-quality bookcase for your young one? Look no other product but the KidKraft Nantucket 2-Shelf Bookcase. It is classic and stylish; hence, it will be a great addition to your child’s room.

Ideally, it features 2 wide, deep shelves that make it perfect for keeping books and showcasing rewards. The bookcase’s clean, white finish seamlessly blends with any décor for enhanced visual looks. Don’t let this bookcase miss from your child’s room.

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1. Suader Pogo Soft White Finish Bookcase/Footboard

Suader Pogo Soft White Finish Bookcase/Footboard

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Redefine the youth bedroom of your teen with the Suader Pogo Soft White Finish Bookcase/Footboard. Made with fresh design and function in a classic soft white finish, this bookcase will bring in a unique, beautiful feeling to your room.

It is designed for keeping all kinds of toys from small to large, and its contoured edges help promote safety. Whether you are buying your child a bookcase for keeping books, clothes, awards, or toys, the Sauder Pogo Soft White Finish Bookcase/Footboard is the unit to go for.


We all know that getting the best bookcase is an arduous task that’s why we bring you the following top-quality products. They are designed with your kid in mind, meaning you won’t regret buying them for your beloved child. What are you waiting for? Visit Amazon now and choose one to help you promote the unmatched organization in your kids’ room.