Best Ways To Get Rid Of Hangover


Most people love partying and alcohol, and when you mix the two, you are assured of a great time at the party. However, a time people tend to booze more than is okay. You will enjoy, right, but a hangover comes the next day, making you somehow regret it. Some people may not suffer from a hangover, while others do. If you happen to feel it, here top 10 best ways to Get Rid Of Hangover.

Best Ways To Get Rid Of Hangover

10. Vitamins


Vitamins are a great way to ending hangover, whether taken through vitamin pills or through more natural ways such as orange juice, which is a great source of Vitamin C that helps you end hangover. You also can get vitamin supplements on the market. They work to revitalize your body and mind, bringing you back to normal health.

9. Good old, Asparagus

Asparagus is another great help out of the hangover. Recent researches have proved that it is great in helping you get rid of some hangover symptoms. Asparagus contains a lot of amino acids and essential minerals that are good in overcoming the hangover. It alleviates the toxicity of the alcohol and it is diuretic, therefore helping you get rid of alcohol by peeing.

8. Sleep

Best Ways To Get Rid Of Hangover

Taking time for ample sleep is another great way of eliminating hangover if you had spent the previous day partying, boozing heavily. Sleep gives your body the opportunity to fully rest and completely recover from the tire of the party activities. As such, get out and let yourself loose if you are sure of getting a good time to sleep and relax the following day. Sleep has always been a therapy.

7. Water-Best Ways To Get Rid Of Hangover


This is probably the most common way of getting rid of the hangover. Alcohol tends to make you urinate more, leaving you quite dehydrated. Water, therefore, helps restore the required hydration in your body. The dizziness and headedness you are suffering are because of alcohol caused dehydration, and taking water helps you get over that. You can also prevent the hangover by taking a glass of water intermittently as you booze. No amount of water intake will ever harm you, so always stay sipping water every other time.

6. Sports Drinks

Taking sports drinks, such as Gatorade, is another great way of getting the hangover out. If you don’t fancy water or coffee, drinking Gatorade can be helpful. Losing a lot of water means losing electrolytes, which you can replace by drinking a sports drink. Although water or coffee would better do that, your choice would be sports drink if you do not like coffee/ water.

5. Coffee

As aforesaid, coffee is another great solution for the hangover. You can take coffee if you want to stay alerted at the office or work. Although an overdose of caffeine may cause headache/ migraines, when you already are clouded with the hangover a shot of espresso or some mildly strong coffee will certainly help. Note that coffee may also cause dehydration, so if it doesn’t work for you avoid it. However, it has been known to save many out of the hangover.

4. Greasy Food

You drunk plenty of alcohol yesterday and now you are laden with a bad hangover? It is time to eat. Pizza, toast, egg sandwich, crackers—these are all helpful foods for the hangover. For upset stomachs brought by a lot of alcohol, foods such as crackers or toast will get your blood sugar level high thus settling the upset stomach. Eating is good for your liver to keep up with metabolism in your stomach, restoring you to normal health. When the blood sugar levels stay down, there is a likelihood for you to feel fatigued, and eating takes care of things.

3. Medication

A hangover may grow worse, not going away no matter how you fight it. If so, you should get pain medications—a medical professional recommended dose for easing the headache or an anti-inflammatory drug can be your last resort. You, however, should be wary about using medications since it can degenerate to a habit, and it is detrimental to the liver. Try it just once in a while when things get a little tougher to handle.

2. Exercise

step aerobics with dumbbells-Get Rid Of Hangover

This is an unlikely but a sure way of getting over the hangover and the laziness—exercising. You will be awesomely energized if you hit the gym after you had partied heavily. To burn some calories and to get back to normal senses while you get rid of the hangover is the greatest health combination you can ever get. Perform some yoga or light cardio, so as to avoid a lot of dehydration. You are also advised to carry some water with you to the gym for easing unbearable dehydration. As such, get off the bed, jump on the treadmill, and run the hangover away.

1. Prevention

The old adage still holds—prevention is better than cure. You are an adult and therefore should responsibly handle your drinking. Always stop when you feel like you are crossing the red line. Stay eating some food intermittently, something loaded with carbs or even some cheese to avoid alcohol from getting over you. Do not forget that an extra round of tequila shot may be disastrous, instead, learn to say it is enough, and mean it. Always remember that responsible drinking is the calling card of a gentleman, and excessive alcohol is harmful to your health.

Now, that you have read the above highlighted top 10 best ways to get rid of a hangover, you should never be tied down by a headache or dizziness after a day of heavy partying. And in case you know that alcohol normally takes a toll on you, always remember that prevention is better than cure.