Top 10 Best Toilet Brushes in 2022


Although cleaning your bathrooms and toilet is a job that many do not like doing, it is important to have the best tool to ensure that you keep your toilet clean. For you to have germs free toilet you must have quality detergent and a well-made toilet brush. Even though there are very many affordable and well-built toilet brushes this article covers the Top 10 Best Toilet Brushes In 2022 that will make the cleaning task even simpler. These brushes are durable contemporary looking, easy to use and the ideal models to use regularly.

List of Best Toilet Brushes In 2022

10. Libman Designer Bowl Brush & Caddy



Libman bowl brush is a modern looking toilet brush that you can use in contemporary and traditional homes. It is light, durable and comes with a 360-fiber placement that helps to clean your toilet within a short period. The fibers are durable and well built to withstand the constant abuse of scrubbing your toilet. This brush also comes with a scratch resistant holder.

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9. HUJI Toilet Brush


HUJI Toilet Brush is a modern looking brush set that comes with a container with a stainless steel discrete finish. The brush has tough bristle edges that are rounded in design that can easily get below the grime to clean your toilet bowl perfectly. You can also use this brush to clean below the seat of your toilet.

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8. Fuller Brush


This toilet brush comes in a swab design that allows you to clean a larger area with a few swipes of the brush. Its handle measures about fifteen inches giving you more power to work with more force to enable you to get out the stubborn build up or stain that you see in your toilet.

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7. Home Intuition Bronze Toilet Brush

Just as the name suggests this is a well-built bronze toilet brush that comes with long and durable fibers to ensure that you clean your toilet well. This is the perfect product for regular toilet cleaning and maintenance. The toilet brush comes with a tapered brush head that allows you to clean hard to reach areas easily.

6. Quickie Mfg 306 Scrubber Brush


You can use this brush to clean your sink, toilet bowl, and bathtub. A medium duty brush is very durable and provides efficient cleaning. This brush will scrub your toilet well but will not scratch the surface. With just a little effort, you can neatly clean your toilet with this product.

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5. Simplehuman Toilet Brush


This toilet brush is constructed with an innovative design of a crescent shape. This brush is durable and allows you to scrub everywhere you wish. This product comes with a stainless steel handle and a magnetic grip that allow you to carry it conveniently without dripping. It has a stylishly designed holder that ensures high hygiene.

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4. Superior Toilet Brush


This brush comes with a sturdy and ergonomically designed handle that offer a comfortable handle. The handle is made of soft rubber helping the user to apply force to clear all the bacterial dirties effectively. The brush also features a lip that helps it to scrub below the bowl rim.

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3. Casabella Toilet Bowl Brush with Holder Set

Best Toilet Brushes

This toilet brush comes with a fifteen-inch handle that ensures that you have more power when using it. It features small fiber cleaning edges that will help to clean deep into the bowl and below the seat.

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2. Mr. Clean Bowl Brush Caddy Set and Turbo Plunger


If you are looking for a medium priced toilet cleaning brush this is the perfect choice for you. The set consists of a turbo plunger and a durable bowl brush. The brush has a large rounded head that allows you to clean faster and a long handle design with a rubberized grip for comfort and support. The rubber is also durable and very useful in daily toilet cleaning and maintenance.

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1. Lysol Bowl Brush-Best Toilet Brushes


Lysol Bowl Brush is our number one best toilet brush. This brush comes with tampered fibers and an antimicrobial agent that is built in. The fiber is strong and durable so that it will not fall off. The product’s handle is constructed for a comfortable grip and slip resistant.

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The listed products are efficient tools to clean your bathroom, clear the bacteria, and brighten your toilet again. They are all made of high-quality materials for durability as well to help you in cleaning your toilet effortlessly.