Top 10 Best Rice Cookers in 2022


Are you stuck on which best rice cooker to buy? Then you should not worry anymore, below items are some the best rice cookers you will get in the market today. Preparing rice for your family or during any event tends to be more convenient compared with other types of cookers. These cookers are simple to use and have the late technology that ensures your work is much easier while getting the best-cooked rice for your family and guests. You may be having the best skills, but the equipment you use may hinder the quality of the food. Here some of the best rice cookers trending this year include;

List of Best Rice Cookers in 2022

10. Aroma 8-CUP


Do you want to prepare enough rice for your family? Then you have the aroma rice cooker. You will be able to make two to eight cups of any variety of rice you have. The device can steam meat or vegetables while you are cooking rice just below. It is easy to use making it favorable even for your children. This cooker utilizes the latest digital technology. It has digital controls with automatic white rice, brown rice, and keep warm functions. Aroma cooker has a timer that will help you delay the meal so as to fit your schedule. After use, it is easy to clean

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9. Instant Pot


Would you be willing to have a multi-task rice cooker? Buying an instant pot will guarantee you several services. The cooker can execute different tasks that include yogurt maker, warming, rice cooker, pressure cooker, slow cooker, sauté or browning and warming. It has three different temperature for sautéing and slow cooking. It is also a digital device with the automatic keep-warm feature and fourteen built-in programs. The pot is stainless and has a MAX line that you should not exceed the liquid in use.

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8. Aroma simply stainless


It is among the best cookers you will come across. The cooking pot is of stainless steel that is of surgical-grade 304. It prepares three cups of uncooked white rice and six cups of cooked rice. In brown rice, it makes two cups of uncooked and four cups cooked. It is easy to use with one-touch operation and has an automatic keep-warm feature.

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7. Zojirushi NS-ZCC


It is one of the best digital rice cookers we have this year. It has a computerized system that cooks from a half cup full of five cups. The warmer in the device has an advanced neuro-fuzzy logic technology. It has multi-warmer selections and reheat cycles. Th device also has a rice spoon holder and recipes.

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6. Zojirushi NS-TSC


It is mostly in use by small families and the beginners. It has a micro-computerized technology of fuzzy logic. As many rice cookers, it has an automatic keep warm feature with a reheating cycle. After cooking, it is easy to clean and in the case of time management, it has two delay time settings. It has beeping signals with different melodies

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5. Tiger Corporation JBV-A10U


In this year, it is one of the trending rice cookers. It has a synchro-cooking function that enables it to cook the main dish and rice concurrently. It has a one push operation and four cooking menu settings. The inner pan has a non-sticking coat that makes it easy to clean. The device has a cooking plate, measuring cup and a cookbook.

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4. Panasonic SR-3NA


To a small family, it is good to start with a Panasonic rice cooker. You can make at least 1.5 cups of rice with just one step automatic cooking. It has a see-thru glass lid and a pan of the non-stick coat of aluminum. Mostly in use for white rice and you must first clean it. Its manual instructions are of different languages.

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3. Aroma 60-cup-Best Rice Cookers

Best Rice Cookers

The rice cooker is commonly in use in large families or events. You can prepare up to sixty cups and thirty for uncooked rice. It has a long-term body with a heavy duty stainless steel lid. It has automatic switches for warming.

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2. 3 square 3RC-3010S


In this year, it is one of the fastest rice cookers. It can monitor the temperatures and has particular functions for steam, slow cook, yogurt, and oatmeal. The cooking pot is extra-thick and has more powerful heating elements.

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1. Hamilton Beach Digital-Best Rice Cookers


Would you like a cooker that does the rest for you? Then with Hamilton Beach Digital cooker, you will just select the cooking function. It also has unique heat and simmer duties, and you are in a position to prepare two to fourteen cups capacity.

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