Best Makeup Train Cases in 2020 Reviews


Are you someone who just loves makeup, whether for personal use or for your profession? Do you also find yourself constantly on the go? And are you in major need of some better organization for those travel needs? If so, you can definitely benefit from a makeup train case. A train case is a style of trunk used in travel that has been around literally for centuries. These cases are usually square or rectangle with compartments inside to organize all your items. Best Makeup Train Cases are ideal for makeup, small beauty products can roll around and become a mess when not properly stored.

List of Best Makeup Train Cases in 2020 Reviews

When looking for a makeup train case, it is important to keep some things in mind. You want plenty of compartments to suit your needs, so think about how much makeup you actually have to store. So, you also want the case to be durable, especially if you will be traveling around with it. You need it to be constructed well enough that it is safe to use and won’t damage your products inside. And you want it to travel well, whether it is a rolling case or handheld. Below, we’ve rounded up 12 of the best cases on the market.

15. Joligrace Makeup Box Cosmetic Train Case

15. Joligrace Makeup Box Cosmetic Train Case Jewelry Organizer Lockable with Keys and Mirror 2-Tier Tray Portable Carrying with Handle Travel Storage

Joligrace is the best choice for most women. Joligrace is one of the best-selling products in 2020. Customers purchase this type of makeup case every year.

Joligrace is attractive. The makeup case comes in an exclusive style with a small diamond bump on the orange surface. It shows various effects under different light environments. Quality materials are applied to this product. The professional quality makeup case is made with reinforced Grade-A aluminum on all frames and structures for extra durability and protection. It is in a portable size with the convenient large non-slip handle attached. Moreover, it is also lockable with key for privacy and security in case of traveling.

One special thing of this case is that the extendable cantilever 2-tiers tray together with the mirror attached to the top tray provides great makeup convenience. It can be easily put on the table and use the mirror for makeup. One set is enough for everything. Please use this case carefully since it has specific ways of using it. Also, do not put heavy things on this case.
Portable Size: 9 inch x 6 inch x 6 inch.

14. Portable Makeup Train Case Cosmetic Box

14. Portable Makeup Train Case,Aluminum Makeup Organizer Jewelry Cosmetic Box with 2 Trays, Mirror and Key Lock

This makeup case is very applicable for most occasions. Women like this set so much since it provides great benefits for storing accessories. Our product is for good use. It is made of good quality. It is made of aluminum frame and reinforced corners, high-end cosmetics case. Each corner is well protected with metal and plastic for added durability and sturdiness.

The aluminum reinforced rounded edges share the same function as corners. Moreover, it has a high capacity for storage. The two extendable trays allow you to see all your cosmetics at once and can store more cosmetics. The spacious bottom provides more rooms to store your large-size bottles.

The attached full-size large mirror provides more convenience to view your makeup application while traveling. Apart from this, it is comfortable in carrying out. The portable chromed swivel handle adds comfort to the cosmetic organizer. The lockable front clasp with two keys make the case secure so you can lock it for easier travel.

13. Yaheetech Professional Rolling Makeup Case

13. Yaheetech Professional Rolling Makeup Case - Cosmetic Train Case Loakable Beauty Trolley Large Train Case Cosmetic Organizer Wheels Handle Mirror Silver

Yaheetech professional rolling makeup case will be a great friend for most girls. It is made for long time use. Yaheetech is the best choice. This professional rolling makeup case plays a special role in a girl’s life. This product is constructed of top-grade ABS plastic case surface, aluminum and metal reinforced edges and corners, good wear-resistant polyester lining and heavy-duty metal hardware.

The aluminum pulls rod guarantees smooth operation and corrosion resistance as well. Moreover, this product is waterproof. The waterproof surface makes this trolley makeup case a perfect protector for your cosmetics when using outdoors. The top-grade ABS has great performance in abrasion resistance and is characterized by its lightweight and durability.

It is not only a practical tool but also a fashionable accessory. Apart from this, it has six retractable trays that are designed for small items like polish, lipstick, essential oil, hairpins, etc. The covers on the first tier can prevent your stuff from dropping out, and the sticky magic tapes on the covers can fasten the cover to the trays. At a similar function, one large bottom compartment can hold hair straightener, hair curler, sprays, and other items in relatively big size. Wow! This case is really useful for your accessories.

12. Ovonni Professional Portable Makeup Train Case

11. Makeup Train Case Professional Adjustable - 6 Trays Cosmetic Cases Makeup Storage Organizer Box with Lock and Compartments

Ovonni is the best choice for women. Having this case is like having everything with a girl. It is a good quality product in 2020. Ovonni is useful in terms of storage. It comes with large spaces so that you can store many things there. It is made with a sturdy aluminum frame, chrome-plated reinforced corners and handle. The MDF exterior and PU interior make this makeup case last for years.

Moreover, this makeup case will stand out wherever you place it for its glossy look and chic design. Within this product, all side storage trays and deep compartments have removable dividers to adjust the size of compartments to large or small-sized cosmetics, so you can keep them all in the case because it makes the most of the space.

This case measures 18 x 9 x 9.5 in (35 x 23.5 x 24 cm). Indeed, this portable makeup train case has an ergonomic handle on the top and a detachable shoulder strap for easy carrying; an ideal travel companion for any beauty lover, easy and convenient for home storage or on the go use. You will not worry about our product because it is made for long time use. We guarantee this with a specific duration. Tell us if you have any problems.

11. Makeup Train 6 Tray Cosmetic Case with Lock and Compartment

11. Makeup Train Case Professional Adjustable - 6 Trays Cosmetic Cases Makeup Storage Organizer Box with Lock and Compartments

This makeup case is very convenient to have for your day. Women like this type of cosmetic case so much since it is applicable for the most occasion and useful for storage. Makeup Train 6 Tray Cosmetic Case is built with a durable aluminum frame and reinforced corners. It is designed to last a long time daily use. This case always looks prepared and professional. It is easy to use.

You just buckle in and ready to move even when fully loaded with makeup. Moreover, it contains Latch locks with keys for privacy. It is easy to access to the bottom. If you want to change the bottom compartment size, you just spend time by removing the dividers and contain larger items. Indeed, there are 6 trays which can be customized, adjust them to different length for various size makeups so that they do not spill.

You may use this case very beneficial. It can organize all lipsticks, foundations, and palettes. This set of product always keeps the makeup area clean and neat. For the overall specialties, this case has lockable with keys, enhanced alloy, triangle support, sturdy fringe and corner, plastic bottom buffer, and so on. More importantly, it has a fully lined interior, spacious bottom space, 6 strong trays, and so forth. Overall Size:14 inch * 11 inch * 8.43 inch.

10. Seya Professional 3 in 1 Rolling Makeup Case – professional makeup cases

Seya Professional 3 in 1 Rolling Makeup Case

With the Seya Professional 3 in 1 Rolling Makeup Case, you have a spot for just about everything you might possibly need. This case is tiered, with removable compartments at each level that have been perfectly designed with individual makeup pieces in mind. You can easily store your brushes, palettes, lipsticks and more in small compartments exactly sized for that item. This cuts down on that question of “Now where did I put that?” Everything is readily accessible and at your fingertips as soon as you arrive at your destination.

9. Seya Large Pro Makeup Artist Case

Seya Large Pro Makeup Artist Case

The Seya Large Pro Makeup Artist Case is perfect for the makeup guru that wants an easily transportable, but the handheld case for all of his or her makeup needs. With this model, you get the trusted Seya brand at a lower price point, at the case is smaller. But small doe snot means diminished capacity. You still have plenty of compartments that pull out for easy display. And you get to pick from fun colors like hot pink diamond and leopard print. It’s a win-win all around. This one can be considered as the best makeup train cases in 2020 reviews.

8. Seya Soft-sided Nylon Professional Rolling Makeup Case

Seya Soft-sided Nylon Professional Rolling Makeup Case

We just love this case, and with good reason. The Seya Soft-sided Nylon Professional Rolling Makeup Case comes in a cheery pink that is just beautiful, with the added bonus of removable cases so your system is completely customizable. The soft-sided edges mean you aren’t in danger of banging up your knees when carrying it around, and also means this case will fit in snugly to the backseat of a car, a trunk, or overhead storage on a plane. This versatile case fits so many different makeup travel needs.

7. SUNRISE Professional Makeup Case E3304 Aluminum, Two 3 Tier Trays with Adjustable Dividers

SUNRISE Professional Makeup Case E3304 Aluminum, Two 3 Tier Trays with Adjustable Dividers

This SUNRISE Professional Makeup Case with Adjustable Dividers has some great pros right off the bat. It has two three-tier trays that fold out for easy access. It has adjustable dividers so that you can customize the systems exactly to your own personal needs. And it has a locking shoulder strap so you can carry it cross-body when your hands are full, without worrying that it will fall off and dump your precious cargo out on the ground. The style is also incredibly sleek, with a black diamond design we just love.

6. SHANY Cosmetics 2 Compartment Soft Black – rolling makeup train case

5. SHANY Cosmetics 2 Compartment Soft Black Rolling Trolley Makeup Case with Free 3 Piece Organizer Mesh Bags, 28 Inch- Best Make up Train Cases

The next product is again from Shany Cosmetics which comprises the following major features:

  • It is a rolling trolley tray which eases the portability and usability of the makeup case.
  • The trays of the product are waterproof enhancing its durability.
  • It can hold important accessories like hair dryer, hair straightener, and different cosmetics.

5. AW 2in1 Black Soft Sided Rolling Makeup Case – professional makeup travel case

4. AW 2in1 Black Soft Sided Rolling Makeup Case Oxford Fabric Cosmetic

Yet another worthy product on the list is from AW which is known for making great makeup train cases. The major features of it are as follows:

  • The materials used in its manufacturing are strong and sturdy and therefore long lasting and durable as well.
  • It can store every important cosmetics and item related to makeup.
  • Due to the presence of 8 extendable trays, the ease of doing makeup enhances.

4. Yaheetech 2-wheel 2-in-1 Professional Multifunction Artist Rolling Trolley-Best Makeup Train Cases

Yaheetech 2-wheel 2-in-1 Professional Multifunction Artist Rolling Trolley

With the Yaheetech 2-wheel 2-in-1 Professional Multifunction Artist Rolling Trolley, we are really talking professional makeup artists. This train case is tall and lean, meaning you can really put it to work. The various compartments offer more than enough room for makeup and also hair styling tools if need be. And the two-wheel system makes it easy to pull and roll around, with the ability to turn on a dime; perfect for when you have a lot to cart around but not enough hands to go around.

3. SHANY Cosmetics Rebel Series Cosmetics Trolley Train Case – best makeup case

6. SHANY Rebel Series Pro Makeup Artists Multifunction Cosmetics Trolley Train Case, Knight, Large

This is one reliable brand that makes the best makeup train cases. The major features are:

  • There are multiple compartments in the case to properly organize every important cosmetic.
  • Due to its lightweight, it is easy to carry anywhere without any hassle.
  • The trays of the case are expandable which makes sure that you can undergo your makeup session with ease.

2. Voilamart Rolling Makeup Case Trolley 2 in 1 Travel Cosmetic Train Cases

2. Voilamart Rolling Makeup Case Trolley 2 in 1 Travel Cosmetic Train Cases on Wheels - Nylon Black Bags for Professional Make Up Artist Cosmetics Storage- Best Makeup Train Cases

Voilmart is the next best product with the most alluring features which makes it perfect to carry while traveling. These features include the following:

  • It comes in the size of 16.14″ x 11.81″ x 27.56″ making it spacious enough to put all the cosmetics.
  • The trays of the makeup case are extendable to ease out working.
  • Coming along with a carry-on bag with a comfortable shoulder strap makes it perfect to carry anywhere.

1. Koval Inc. 4-wheel Rolling 2in1 Makeup Train Cosmetic Case Black – professional makeup train case

1. Koval Inc. 4-wheel Rolling 2in1 Makeup Train Cosmetic Case Black

The best in the category of makeup tarn case comes from Koval with the following as the major features:

  • It is made up of ABS material which makes it durable and long-lasting.
  • The aluminum corners of the makeup case not only elevate its outlook but also enhance its durability.
  • In order to make the cosmetics easily accessible, the opening is wider.

When it comes to finding makeup storage, you want a place for everything and everything in its place. For a train case, this is even truer. Travel means you are already on the go, so you need to be efficient with what you pack.

Best Makeup Train Cases in 2020 are ideal for professional makeup artists or just makeup enthusiasts. With this guide of 12 perfect cases, you can’t go wrong, whichever style you decide to go with. Here, the function is meeting style and efficiency!

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