Top 10 Best iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Cases & Covers in 2022


If you want to keep that shiny iPhone 6 Plus looking pristine, smooth, shiny, and with no blemish, then you need to grab yourself some quality case cover for protection. When it comes to accessories like cases and covers, there’s no doubt that the iPhone line has always inspired some of the most innovative entries; and the latest case cover release is a testament to this. There are unbreakable iPhone 6, 6 Plus cases, gorgeous iPhone 6, 6 Plus cases, retro iPhone 6, 6 Plus cases and covers – in short, there is a wide variety of iPhone 6, 6 Plus cases and covers to suit everyone’s taste, or needs. Whether you’re looking for protection, added functionality, style, and design or all of the above, we’ve got you covered in this iPhone 6, 6 Plus cases and covers roundup.

10. iPhone 6 Plus 5.5 Case, Vogue shop Hybrid High Impact Heavy Duty Dual Layer Hard PC Outer Shell with Soft Rubber (gold+black)


Vogue’s shop cases are already renowned for their superior quality materials and production standards, and this case doesn’t buck the trend. Shatter- and scratch-resistant hard plastic case outer premium soft silicon gel silicone skin cloak the device, while a screen protector seals in your phone, keeping it safe from shock, rain, sand, dirt – pretty much anything the world can throw at it. The lightweight and slim design is stylish, with the hybrid high-impact combo giving your device a fashionable look. It features a custom-cutout design that gives you total access to all buttons and functionalities so you don’t have to remove your phone.

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9. Swiss-QA iPhone 6 Plus Clear Case


This cover for iPhone 6 Plus comes with a sleek, clear soft case that accentuates the beauty of your device. But the thin, lightweight construction doesn’t mean it is weak. It’s actually very tough and will adequately protect your device against scratches and knocks as well as wear and tear. Because it’s the slimmest clear case with a precision cutout design to access features, it allows you to enjoy and access your device like there’s no casing at all.

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8. iPhone 6 Plus 5.5 Case, Vogue shop Hybrid High Impact Heavy Duty Dual Layer Hard PC Outer Shell with Soft Rubber (aqua+gray)


With a hard plastic construction and outer soft silicon gel silicone skin, this case protects your device from scratch, shocks, chips and dirt whilst giving you access to all functionalities and buttons. It provides superior rugged protection yet it has a lightweight and slim design that ensures a stylish look. If you’re looking for an affordable case cover to complement your cool iPhone 6+, then you can’t go wrong with this one.

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7. Daswise Slim-fit IPhone 6 Plus Cases 5.5 Inch

This Slim-fit case from Daswise is hands down one of the top iPhone 6+ cases covers on the market today. Made from premium, super strong TPU material, the case is not only extremely durable, it offers probably the most superior shock absorption capabilities for maximum protection from shocks, drops and direct strikes out there. The super slim design means it’s not bulky, while the champagne gold color makes it quite attractive. It will preserve your device, whilst giving you something to express your personal style.

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6. iPhone 6 Plus 5.5 Case, Vogue shop Hybrid High Impact Heavy Duty Dual Layer Hard PC Outer Shell with Soft Rubber (gold+rose)

If you’re really concerned about dropping your iPhone 6 Plus then Vogue Shop has you covered with this case. The hard plastic casing with tough yet smooth outer soft silicon gel silicone skin will cushion any fall. It’s durable, high-quality outer shell protects your device from shocks, scratches, ships and dirt, while its hybrid high-impact combo design gives your phone a fashionable look. With custom cutouts, you’re able to access all your iPhone’s functions and buttons while using this case and you don’t have to remove your phone.

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5. Daswise 2015 Full Screen Anti-scratch Tempered Glass Protectors with Curved Edge

Best iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Cases & Covers
This product from Daswise is without a doubt the best iPhone 6 plus screen protector available on the market. It is precision crafted with laser-cut tempered glass that is pressure-resistant, anti-scratch, explosion-proof, and shock-proof, providing nearly 100% protection against shocks, drops, and possible cracks. The laser-cut tempered glass also features “Oleophobic” coating that resists the oils that cause fingerprints and other imperfections. It will keep the screen of your device adequately protected, whilst ensuring that the sensors, camera, earpiece speaker, and button remain unobstructed, with 99.9 HD clarity and touch accuracy.

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4. Deego iPhone 6 TPU Cases-Best iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Cases & Covers

Stylish yet simple, this iPhone 6 case is made from durable TPU material that won’t stretch, chip, fade, peel or tear. This quality material and high standard of craftsmanship by the manufacturer ensures optimal protection against scratches, shock, dust, and fingerprint. It’s perfect cutouts allow an easy access to all features and functionalities of your device.

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3. KAVAJ Leather Case Back Cover “Tokyo” For The iPhone 6 Plus 5.5 Inch Cognac Brown

The designer protective designer case Tokyo from KAVAJ is made from genuine leather with a high-quality finish and comes with a hardened plastic interior. The hardened plastic material on the interior provides superior protection against shocks, scratches, and stains, while the cognac-brown leather gives it an elegant and sleek look to complement your stylish device. It comes with built-in slots for your ID, credit cards, and cash. The sleek design not only offers great grip and stability but also a perfect fit that secures your device nice and tight at all times. What’s more, the display, all ports, microphone and camera remain easily accessible.

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2. Wisdompro 5 Pack Bundleof Clear Jelly Color Soft TPU GEL Protective Case Covers (Blue, Aqua Blue, Hot Pink, Yellow, Red) for iPhone 6 Plus

This case cover bundle consists of 5 pieces of clear Jelly TPU Protective Case Covers that are specifically designed and crafted for iPhone 6 plus. Because they are precision made to fit the iPhone 6+, these covers tend to be really snug but it also means it can be difficult to remove them, though. They feature soft TPU gel material, which makes them quite grippy and, therefore, fit comfortably in the hand. This material also provides adequate protection for your phone from slips, shocks, and scratches, while the superior design allows for optimal functionality and ease of use without interfering with your device’s interactive commands.

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1. The Incredible Hulk Avengers iPhone 6 Plus (5.5in) Hard Case Cover

Best iPhone Cases, Screens and Protectors
Designed and printed in the United States, the Incredible Hulk Avengers iPhone 6 plus case from Oleksii doubles down on protection with its new 3D customized case, combining a unique design with high-quality plastic material to absorb shock. The premium plastic material stands up well against drops and shocks and feels grippy in the hand, while case cover clips over the back of the phone to provide protection for the back and sides against bumps and scratches.

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