Top 10 Best Drafting Tables in 2022


There are the latest and high-quality drafting tables that have been highly rated in 2022. The rating has been based on various factors like the design quality, materials used in the construction and their adaptability among others. Below are the top 10 Best Drafting Tables in 2022 that will guarantee you excellent functions.

List of Best Drafting Tables in 2022

10. Studio Designs 10070 Futura Craft Station

This is a classic drafting table with the main working surface of 38 x 24. It also features a top angle adjustment of up to 355 degrees that ensure the best service. The smart table has four trays for supplies that are removable. The glass top is made from a top angled black safety.

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9. Alvin Profeesional Translucent Cutting Mats


The drafting table has been highly rated because of its excellent features. It only comes in translucent nature and is very durable. This is because it is self-healing. The table has the ultimate gridsDesigned for both rotary and straight blades. It is, therefore, a fantastic drafting table, you can always rely on. It is very convenient as it has numbered edges and always resistant to both pills and abrasions since it has a non-stick surface.

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8. Alvin TM2218 Cutting Mat Translucent


This is a smart drafting table with printed grid patterns that comprise of grids lines, guidelines for 45 and 60 degrees angle. It also has a durable and thicker self-healing and reversible non-glare. It is a multipurpose table as it can also be used as a desk bottles or even for the general work mat purpose.

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7. Studio Designs Ponderosa Glass Topped table-Best Drafting Tables


The table has a main working surface of 42 by 24 inches and a glass top that safely tampers. It also features the up to sixteen top angle adjustments ranging as from to 30 degrees. It has up to five partition wooden drawers and a solid wood frame.

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6. Vision Craft in Silver/Blue Glass

Best Drafting Tables

This is the best-selling drafting table that has high-quality features. The table has a main work surface of about 35.5 x 24 inches and an overall dimension of 28 x 42.20 x 20 inches. It has a blue safety tempered glass top and it is very durable as it has a heavy gage powder construction of coated steel. It also comes with four removable side trays and four casters for mobility with two locking.

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5. Studio Designs 13326 Comet Center with stool


It has a smart top angle adjustment that ranges as from flat to 40 degrees. This sophisticated drafting table also has an extra storage, the self which is an under desktop. Besides this, it has three storage drawers that measure 12.75 by 12.75 inches. The elegant table comes with a padded stool of about 20.5 inches and a 24-inch slide up a pencil.

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4. Comet Center with Stool in Purple


This is a high-quality drafting table that is very stable as it has six-floor levelers. It has a very large working surface and an under the desktop that is meant for additional storage. It has three square storage drawers that you can always use to ensure that all your staff is safe. This world-class drafting table has a slide up pencil ledge and it is very durable as it has a heavy gage steel construction.

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3. Studio Designs 10057 Futura Tower


It is a great drafting table that comes with very high quality to greatly boost its functionality. It has a pencil supply drawer that is extra-large as it measures about 24 x 10 inches. It is also very ergonomic since it comes with two cup holders for drinks or for water bottles. The slide up pencil ledge is about 24 inches, hence suitable for its function.

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2. Studio Designs Futura Tower 10067


This is one of the best drafting tables with a large tower shelf for storage. It also features a gorgeous finish of powder coated with steel. This is a fantastic and elegant drafting table you will definitely love. It also has six top angle adjustments ranging from flat to 40 degrees with four art trays that are removable.

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1. Alvin Professional Cutting Mats


The mats come in different sizes that you can always choose from. It has very high-quality features like the medium tooth surface. This is suitable for all types of blades. It also has a grid on both sides and constructed from the high quality vinyl composite. It has a 5L inch mark with angle guides of 45 to 6o degree.

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These are some of the top rated drafting tables that you can always rely on for excellent services. They are designed in a perfect way to suit their functions. Their prices are relatively lower, hence affordable. Get any of these class drafting tables today and you will definitely love it.