Best Bottom Loading Water Coolers in 2022


Over recent years, millions of people have stopped drinking tap water. While many households are making use of internal water filtration systems, water coolers make it unbelievably simple to access hot/cold water. Gone are the days when these coolers were deemed useful only in office settings. Nowadays, people find water dispensers and coolers equally convenient and necessary appliances for households, establishments, and offices. You’ll come across innumerable brands and models of Bottom Loading Water Coolers on the market. The whole purchasing experience can be quite a tough one, especially when it comes down to determining the best cooler to purchase. Thankfully, this piece focuses specifically on bottom loading coolers.

List of Best Bottom Loading Water Coolers in 2022

1. Avalon Limited Edition Water Cooler Dispenser

1. Avalon Limited Edition Self Cleaning Water Cooler Dispenser, 3 Temperature Settings

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This one comes with multiple temperature settings that let you have a custom drinking experience. The bottom loading water cooler has an ozone feature that can sanitize and purify the dispenser without any effort. Moreover, it is safe to use as this can prevent the accumulation of bacteria and harmful germs. Furthermore, this is also free from BPA and includes a convenient empty bottle indicator.

The product is very easy to use and comes with energy star approval for reliable performance. This will let you have better flexibility and includes a child safety lock. Additionally, the product also has high capacity, and it comes with a built-in night light that can be perfect for dark conditions. It has an attractive look and lets you use it for a long time.

Reasons To Buy

  • Child safe with bottom loading.
  • Equipped with built-in night light.
  • Prevents growth of harmful germs, bacteria.

2. Avalon Hot & Cold Water Cooler

2. Avalon A1WATERCOOLER A1 Top Loading Cooler Dispenser

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Available in an easy to operate design, this one will let you have both hot and cold water. It is safe to use and comes with a child safety lock. Moreover, the bottom loading water cooler has UL certification and comes in a stylish design. This has a slim construction and does not occupy much space. Additionally, it also lets you save time and can be perfect for home or office use.

The product has high heating power, and it includes a removable drip tray for easy cleaning. Furthermore, it has high capacity and is composed of durable materials for long lasting use. In this, you will find paddle spouts so that there can be great fun.

Reasons To Buy

  • Saves time with top loading dispenser.
  • Equipped with modern and chic design.
  • Features hot and cold water gush.

3. Avalon Bottom Loading Water Cooler

3. Avalon Bottom Loading Water Cooler Water Dispenser - 3 Temperature Settings

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This is a combination of attractiveness and performance. The bottom loading water cooler has three temperature settings that let you customize the water temperature. Moreover, it provides you hot, crisp cold, and room temperature water. This comes in innovative design and has a stainless steel cabinet that gives it an attractive look.

You will also find built-in a night light that improves visibility at night. Furthermore, it is easy to use and does not occupy much space. Additionally, the product comes with UL certification and has a child safety lock. This has a large capacity and has wide applications. It gives you the advantage of using at home or office and includes a removable drip tray for having hassle-free cleaning.

Reasons To Buy

  • Features stable stainless steel structure.
  • Dispenser features 3 temperature settings.
  • Built-in nightlight with bottom loading.

4. Primo hTrio Water Cooler & Dispenser, Hot & Cold Water

8. hTRIO Hot & Cold Water Dispenser and Single Serve Coffee Brewer











You’d be correct to regard to the Primo hTrio as an extraordinary unit. It packs both an excellent cold & hot water cooler and coffee brewer in one package. You can make use of it to brew K-cup beverages and dispense cold or warm water. It conveniently integrates multiple kitchen appliances into one, space-saving design. It comes with inbuilt storage for up to 20 K-cups. It’s also capable of accommodating up to 5-gallon water bottles. As such, you can brew many cups without having to refill it.

Credit to the innovative bottom-loading design, you’ll have an easy time replacing bottles. You’ll just need to slide your replacement bottles into the unit’s bottom cabinet. The Primo hTrio offers multiple premium features such as the LED nightlights. With its quick flow dispensing, you’ll be able to fill pitchers and pots within a few seconds.

Besides, you’re definite to love its smart paddle design which, in turn, allows for single-hand water dispensing. For the price, the hTrio packs an incredible value of features which are typically associated with the higher-end models.

5. Whirlpool 218LIECH-SCSSP-5W Bottom-Loading Commercial Cooler, w/ LED Indicators

7. Whirlpool 218LIECH-SCSSP-5W Bottom-Loading Commercial Cooler, w/ LED Indicators

The Whirlpool 218LIECH-SCSSP-5W presents an advanced, commercial, and self-cleaning water cooler. Some time ago, households looked forward to owning dishwasher-safe water. Now, we have water coolers that can clean themselves.

Case in point, the 218LIECH-SCSSP-5W cleans itself by making use of unstable oxygen to kill bacteria (among other viruses) which can contaminate the water. It also features LED lights which will let you know when it’s cleaning itself. You’ll also know once the water is at the hottest or coldest point.

This unit is conveniently sturdy. In fact, a 300-pound person can sit on it, and it won’t break. It has been designed to accommodate 3- and 5- gallon water jugs. This model is pretty sleek and compact. That, combined with its stainless steel build, will help it blend with other appliances and gadgets in your office or at home.

Besides boasting the fantastic nickel-plated front and sides, the 218LIECH-SCSSP-5W bears a sophisticated, edgy design. It’s undoubtedly among the most aesthetically pleasing water coolers on the market, today.

The only downside here is that this unit only provides boiling-hot or freezing-cold water. But, it provides water that’s hot enough to prepare the ideal cup of tea.

Sure, it does scream all luxury and sophistication. But, its price tag doesn’t. This unit is incredibly affordable, despite packing features you’d only expect to see in higher-end units.

Besides, you can be confident you’ll get a reliable, yet durable model. You’re highly unlikely to go wrong with Whirlpool. They’re a reputable brand, backed by decades of experience in this particular field.

6. Whirlpool 218LIECH-SCDSSFWL Bottom-Loading Commercial Cooler

6. Whirlpool Self Cleaning, Bottom Loading Commercial Water Cooler, Digital Temperature Control

The 218LIECH-SCDSSFWL is remarkably compact, making it possible to fit it in small spaces. The unit, being a commercial model, it has been built for heavy use. It features a water pump that’s designed to work slower than standard pumps. In turn, that reduces the potential stress the motor might get. That only assures you of the unit’s durability.

It’s capable of lasting longer than most other non-commercial coolers. This water cooler is able to provide cold and hot water, as well as room temperature water. It provides genuinely icy-cold and steaming hot water by making use of exclusive technology.

Besides that, it’s compatible with both 3- and 5- gallon water bottles. Its powerful water pump provides as much water as possible, hence ensuring less wastage.

The 218LIECH-SCDSSFWL comes integrated with a safety feature for its hot water button, as well. It has Small children will find it difficult to operate it. It also comes incorporated with switches at the back. You can make use of these to switch off the cold/hot water when it’s not required.

It’s yet another exceptional model by Whirlpool. For the impressive array of features it provides, the 218LIECH-SCDSSFWL is worth considering, especially if you’re seeking a commercial-grade bottom-loading cooler.

7. Avalon Self Cleaning Cooler, Limited Edition

5. Avalon Limited Edition Self Cleaning Water Cooler Water Dispenser - 3 Temperature Settings

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The Avalon Limited Edition is nicely built for both commercial and residential settings. It presents an extensive variety of helpful features. That includes its settings for three different temperatures to select from, namely crisp cold, piping hot, and room temperature. As such, you can easily customize this cooler to your liking, and get clean water at your desired temperature.

Avalon incorporates a unique self-cleaning feature into this model’s build. That helps sanitize and purify the cooler which, in turn, prevents accumulation of disease-causing bacteria and germs. You’re also definite to love the inbuilt nightlight which illuminates the water stream coming out when the surrounding is dark.

The Avalon Limited Edition’s bottom-loading design helps reduce spills and eliminate the need of having to strain one’s back. It makes this unit perfect for your office, enhancing meetings without the unappealing look of large water jugs.

It’s worth noting that this model has been receiving endless positive customer reviews, with most of the users recommending it for those who’re seeking the ideal water cooler. You’ll want to spend a little time looking into the Avalon Limited Edition.

It’s highly recommended for anyone who wants nothing short of a reliable source of purified drinking at home, in their office, or at home. It’d especially be a promising investment for families that need quick and convenient access to hot/cold, purified water.

8. Primo 601090 Water Cooler

4. Primo Premium Effortless Bottom Loading Water Dispenser - 601090

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The Primo 601090 comes packed with an advanced cooling and compressor system. As such, it’s able to give you piping hot and chilling cold water at any time. This cooler is UL-certified, consuming 25% less energy as compared to traditional models. It also

The Primo 601090 Cooler operates in an amazingly quiet mode. In fact, it’s quieter than most other kitchen appliances. It boasts a sturdy design that’s certain to last for many years without bringing up any issues.

The included leak guard helps reduce the chances of spillage as you try to load bulky bottles into the unit. Besides, it has a drip tray that’s constructed out of stainless steel. That makes it conveniently simple to clean any spilled water quickly.

The Primo 601090 comes equipped with a stainless steel reservoir where cold & hot water is stored separately. It also features handy LED lights which will help you see the cooler in dim-lit areas or conditions. Additionally, these lighting fixtures improve this unit’s overall aesthetic appearance.

This model dispenses cold water at any time and in a convenient manner. With the Primo 601090 Water Cooler, you’ll enjoy making perfectly-chilled supper drinks without much effort. You can easily install it in nearly all areas, including in your mini-bar, at a corner in the kitchen, in your office, or even out in your garden.

9. Whirlpool Commercial Bottom Loading Water Cooler

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The Whirlpool Commercial Water Cooler is a top-notch, white, and commercial-grade water cooler. It comes in a conveniently compact size that makes it ideal even for placement in small spaces, including apartment-sized kitchens.

It makes use of reliable ice-chilled cooling technology which provides colder water as compared to most other coolers. Whirlpool’s proprietary cooling technology also extends the cooler’s lifespan, making it more durable than most other models whose compressors turn on more frequently.

Among the most outstanding features of the Whirlpool Commercial Water Cooler is the robust design. It has a sturdy frame that’s constructed out of solid steel, which only further assures you of its durability. It’s capable of withstanding extremely heavy weights at its top and surviving multiple years of heavy, constant bottle slamming.

This cooler’s faucets have been designed to be unbreakable when normally used, unlike most others which break off without much effort. Its commercial-grade engineering features both a thermostat and a compressor which outlast others by cycling just a fraction of the typical time others do.

The Whirlpool Stainless Steel, Commercial Water Cooler is compatible with both 3- and 5- gallon bottles. It excels in nearly all aspects. It’s among the few top-performing, yet affordable water coolers, reliability-, convenience-, and durability- wise.

Users have reported much satisfaction with the value they got, with most of them acknowledging that the cooler exceeded their expectations by far. Others praise how fast and flawlessly this unit’s large tubes dispense water. This unit is a must-consider water cooler for both office and home use.

10. Avalon Bottom Loading Water Cooler, A4BLWTRCLR

2. Avalon Bottom Loading Water Cooler Water Dispenser - 3 Temperature Settings - Hot, Cold & Room Water

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This model presents a premium water cooler. The Avalon A4bLWTRCLR is a hugely popular unit. And, it has gained such popularity for all the right reasons. There’s quite a lot to appreciate from this cooler.

For instance, it comes integrated with a simple-to-use paddle spout. That enables you to dispense cold and hot water in a hugely convenient manner. You’re only required to press the glass/cup towards the paddle. The water will, then, begin flowing right from the unit’s faucet.

Aside from that, the Avalon A4BLWTRCLR features an exceptionally powerful, yet efficient compressor. With such a compressor, this unit is able to dispense icy cold water without having to consume much electricity.

Besides, it’s able to dispense water that’s hot enough to make an instant, warming cup of coffee, tea, or cup noodles. You can make use of this water cooler with either 3- or 5- gallon bottles of water.

Consider the innumerable, excellent features it packs. Look at other users’ reviews, too. You’ll acknowledge that the Avalon A4BLWTRCLR is inarguably worth considering. It provides remarkable value for your hard-earned cash.

11. Whirlpool 8LIECH-SC-SSF-P5W Bottom-Load Water Cooler, w/ LED Indicators

1. Whirlpool 8LIECH-SC-SSF-P5W Self Cleaning Stainless Bottom Load Water Cooler with LED indicators

Topping our list is yet another excellent, sleek water cooler. It boasts silver and black exterior that’s definite to blend in with your kitchen appliances. The Whirlpool 8LIECH-SC-SSF-P5W has three key features that make it stand out from the rest of the pack: it’s self-cleaning, it empties completely, and incorporates a handy child safety feature.

It’s an amazing time-saver, credit to its self-cleaning feature. It’s among the things you wouldn’t know you need until you have them. Cleaning a water cooler can be quite a hassle. But, this unit takes the cleaning chore out of your hands.

Essentially, it makes use of oxygen to eliminate bacteria and other bugs. You can, thus, be confident you’ll get water that’s completely safe for drinking.

Besides, it comes integrated with a two-step child safety feature that makes it difficult for children to dispense hot water. Its buttons are positioned at the unit’s top side. The water bottles sit near the cooler’s base. And, they don’t rely on gravity. Instead, they’re fitted securely to the unit’s hose which helps draw the water upwards.

The Whirlpool 8LIECH-SC-SSF-P5W can accommodate nearly all standard water bottles. That includes bottles of up to 5 gallons. It also comes fitted with several handy LED lights.

Such are among the few aspects which make the 8LIECH-SC-SSF-P5W a top contender. This unit undeniably offers a remarkable deal of value for its price.

12. Hamilton Beach Bottom Loading Water Cooler Dispenser

2. Hamilton Beach BL-1-4A Hot, Cold and Room Temperatures Bottom Loading Water Cooler Dispenser, Black

Bottom loading water cooler is from Hamilton which is known to be a promising product of the time. The major features are as follows:

  • It comes in black color.
  • With a volume of around 26 milliliters, this water cooler weighs around 41.9 pounds and is perfect to splurge upon.
  • Since there is one year warranty on the product it becomes a promising water cooler of the time.

13. Giantex Water Cooler Dispenser

1. Giantex Top Loading Water Cooler Dispenser 5 Gallon Normal Temperature Water And Hot Bottle Load Electric Primo Home

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The next product on the list is from Giantex which is again one authentic company that manufactures the best water coolers of the time. Let us take an insight into its most promising features and specifications:

  • It can hold around 5 gallons of water at the required temperature.
  • Since it comprises a security lock the home which has small kids can make it their final choice.
  • The water barrel seat of the water cooler from Gaintex is removable ensuring that it can be cleaned to endow the purest and cleanest water to the users.

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Purchasing a bottom loading water cooler can offer innumerable benefits. In addition to providing access to clean, safe water at all times, bottom-loading units help prevent back injury and take up little space. Besides, installing most water coolers is pretty straightforward, taking up little time.

It’d only be wise to opt for the best bottom-loading cooler. So, which is the best bottom-loading cooler? The best model is the unit that meets or exceeds your needs.

The models reviewed above are the best bottom loading water coolers currently available on the market. Virtually all of them come packed with amazing, unique, and handy features which you’ll definitely appreciate.

Read through the reviews again, matching what each of them offers to your needs. Take your budget into consideration, too. You can, then, settle on the model that best meets or exceeds your needs.

We hope that this guide eases your bottom loading water cooler shopping experience and enables you to find the right option that suits your preferences. Good luck!

What’s a Water Cooler?

A water cooler is among the few devices which offer a significant deal of convenience to anyone’s life. It provides pure, yet cold drinking water. There are quite many reasons behind the popularity of water coolers. Such include the fact that these coolers don’t require any plumbing for installation unless you’re purchasing a bottle-less model. You need not have the technical knowledge or expertise to install or operate them. Aside from that, water coolers boast a compact size, making them incredibly simple to fit in any part of your office or kitchen. It’s also believed that water coolers motivate people to drink even more water.

Purchase the Best Water Coolers

You’ll come across multiple, different brands and models of water coolers on the market. They’re available in various styles and types, including:

  • freestanding and countertop
  • Bottled and bottle-less
  • Top-loading and bottom-loading

There are various features you’ll want to consider before purchasing your first or subsequent water cooler. They include understanding the different types included above, defining the intended purpose, determining the exact type you need, and taking your budget into account.

Select the Best Bottom Loading Water Coolers

These coolers are quickly gaining much popularity since they offer even more convenience when compared to other varieties. A bottom loading water cooler is basically a system that dispenses hot/cold water from a refillable water bottle which is situated near the unit’s base.

Most bottom-loading coolers are freestanding, making them simple to move from one point to another. With such a unit, you won’t need to lift and flip the bulky 3- or 5- gallon bottles. Instead, you’ll just need to position the bottle at the unit’s base.

In addition to being more convenient, bottom-load water coolers look much better than most other models. They’re appealingly sleek and stylish. They’re designed in such a way that the water bottle gets concealed in their lower compartment.

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