Best Ride On Toys for 2 Year Old in 2022


2-year olds are very active, they love to say ‘no’ and then go play with their toys. One toy they can use is one of the top 10 best ride on toys for 2 year olds in 2022. These rideable toys can provide hours of fun for your little child.

When your 2-year old gets bored, they can turn to these well built and durable toys to satisfy their entertainment need. With their tough heels, he or she should be able to cross just about any terrain they set their minds to the crossing.

Plus, the variety of toy son this list should spark your child’s creativity and innovative spirit. Make sure you enable your child to reach greater play time heights by giving them one of the best ride-on toys available today.

List of Best Ride-On Toys for 2 Year Olds

10. Kiddieland Disney Mickey Mouse Plane

10. Kiddieland Disney Mickey Mouse Plane Light & Sound Activity Ride-On

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Your child can get hours of fun playing with this rideable airplane. 2 AA batteries make sure he or she can hear and learn the different music and sounds included in this toy aircraft. Plus, Mickey Mouse helps guide their direction.

Along with these features, your child gets durable wheels to ride on, and revving sounds as they shift gears. The bolt-in gear shift adds to your child’s playtime fun. Also, the propeller lights up while rotating when your child is moving.

Realistic landing and take off noises bring your child closer to the real movement of a real airplane. In addition, the large wheels have enough traction to help your child cross your driveway or your lawn with ease. A push handle lets you add a little parental guidance to your child’s playtime. It also helps move the airplane into its storage ‘hanger’.

9. Radio Flyer Scoot 2 Scooter

9. Radio Flyer Scoot 2 Scooter Ride On

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Radio Flyer made great wagons and they have used that expertise to make a great ride on a scooter. With a storage compartment underneath your 2-year old’s seat, he or she can bring their toys with them to their friend’s house.

Plus, you can flip the seat to make it a scooter when your child gets bigger and has a better balance. No tools are needed for this conversion. Its durable 4 wheels make sure your child has a stable and safe ride.

Also, 22 by 14 by 25-inch approx. Scooters can hold up to roughly 44 pounds of weight. With the T shaped handlebars, your child can get a good grip and not let go. Made for children between the ages of 1 and 4. Add to your child’s fun with this flexible, yet strong ride-on toy that converts into a scooter.

8. Fisher-Price Grow-with-Me Trike

8. Fisher-Price Grow-with-Me Trike - R0322

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Having a ride-on toy that grows with your child, keeps the fun going while you save money. This toy’s seat can be moved to a second position as your child grows up. Then its wide wheelbase makes sure your child has the stability he or she needs as they ride.

With easy to grip handles, and no-slip removable pedals your child should be safe every time they climb aboard and ride. One your child gets older, he or she should not need the pedals to power their way down the driveway.

The bright colors add to their fun and the durable tires make sure rough terrain is not a problem. If your child’s legs are not long enough, included pedal blocks help them reach those distant pedals. Give your child fond memories when you give them this ride-on toy.

7. Fisher-Price Grow-with-Me Trike 2

7. Fisher-Price Grow-with-Me Trike

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The last version is made for girls, while this version is made more for boys. It’s blue and grey coloring with yellow highlights can actually be used by both genders. Its durable construction should help this trike past your 2-year old for a couple of years.

As your child grows taller, just move the seat into its second position to make sure your child can use it longer. With easy to grip handles and non-slip pedals, your child should not be at risk as they pedal around the yard.

Plus, large tires on the front and back ensure that your child can navigate through different terrain with ease. There are no sharp edges on this plastic trike to harm your child. Then the wide wheelbase adds to the trike’s stability for a smoother ride. Pedal blocks may be included to help your child reach the pedals.

6. Little People Fisher-Price Music Parade Ride On

6. Little People Fisher-Price Music Parade Ride On, Pink

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Add a little color and music to your child’s ride-along experience. This ride-on toy comes with brightly colored buttons that allow your child to play their own music. Plus, the included instruments play their own riff as your child presses them. 5 marching tunes are included in the music zone.

Also, if your child needs a snack or wants to bring some toys with them, the under the seat storage handles that request with ease. With engine revving sounds, your child may think they are driving their own car.

A parental guidance handle is on the back of the seat to make sure you can guide your child safe as they ride. The handle also helps out when it is time to get the toy out of the driveway. The ride on toy is made for children between the ages of 1 and 3.

5. Radio Flyer Deluxe Steer and Stroll Trike

5. Radio Flyer Deluxe Steer and Stroll Trike

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Helping your child learn how to ride is every parent’s accomplishment. This trike comes with a parental control handlebar. This feature helps you teach your child how to ride and have the proper balance. Just lock the pedals in place to use this feature.

Plus, the adjustable seat keeps this trike in the family as your child grows taller and older. Once he or she is able to ride on their own remove the parental guide bar and adjust the seat for their comfort. Large-sized tires and a wide wheelbase help your child go over different surfaces without fear of tipping over.

Also, the T handlebars come with a warning bell to let others know your child is coming down the sidewalk. The trike can hold up to 49 pounds approx. and is strong enough to handle the treatment your child dishes out.

4. Radio Flyer Scoot About Ride on

4. Radio Flyer Scoot About Ride on

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A steel frame protects your child as they ride, then an included front bumper protects your furniture and walls from your two-year-old as they ride. The wide front wheels provide your child with lots of stability and maneuvering capability.

Also, the adjustable seat means your child can continue to use this trike as they grow taller and older. A warning bell sends out an alert and the streamers fly through the air as the easy-glide wheels propel your two-year-old down the driveway.

Plus, the 24 by 19 by 18-inch trike can carry around 40 pounds of a child on every trip. Made for children ranging in age from 1 to 3-year old, your toddler should have hours of fun as they use this ride on toy. Two rear wheels make sure your child rides risk-free.

3. Lil Rider Ride on Toy

3. Ride on Toy, Ride on Wiggle Car by Lil' Rider - Ride on Toys for Boys and Girls, 2 Year Old And Up, Blue

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This uniquely shaped ride on the toy should provide hours of fun for your two-year-old. Not quite old enough for a regular trike, this plastic but durable rid eon toy should teach them how to ride. No pedals, just feet, and quiet castor wheels propel your child around the yard.

Also, the phthalate-free ride on toy can hold up to 150 pounds if weight. More than enough for your little two-year-old. The rugged plastic construction material is washable and easy to keep clean. Made for children age 2 and up to age bracket.

In addition to this, no batteries are required, your child uses his or her own strength or your help to move about. The approx. 30 by 14 by a 16-inch ride on toy is easy to use and should give your child good memories to look back on.

2. Strider 12 Classic Balance Bike

2. Strider - 12 Classic Balance Bike, Ages 18 Months to 3 Years

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This small child’s bike is perfect for children between the ages of 18 months and 3 years. Both the T shaped handlebar and the sea adjust as your child gets older and taller. The lightweight bike is not too heavy for your child to ride and pedal around your neighborhood.

Also, to keep your child’s playtime risk-free, the bike is equipped with no flat tires. These tires should keep their shape no matter the terrain your child rides over. Then the steel frame provides the strength the bike needs to withstand your child’s rough treatment.

With easy to grip handles, your child should be able to stay on this ride on toy with ease. This durable and easy to ride a bike should add many memories to your child’s playtime and growing experience. As well as a lot of fun.

1. Fisher-Price Kawasaki Tough Trike

1. Fisher-Price Kawasaki Tough Trike

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While it is not the grown-up Kawasaki motorcycle, your child should get a lot of fun from this ride on toy. With big foot pedals, your child’s feet should not slip off as they ride. Also, the textured grip handles should provide a solid handhold for your child.

Plus, the large wheels and wide wheelbase, your child should be stable and at little risk. Each tire is rugged and comes with enough traction to give the ride on toy sure footing over most terrain. There are no sharp edges on this plastic ride on toy either.

On top of all this, the trike can hold up to 55 pounds of weight. This allows your child to grow into the toy and have years of riding pleasure. A secret storage compartment is located under the seat for snacks, frogs, and other items.

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The benefits that come with Ride On Toys for 2 Year Olds

Getting the right ride on toy for your child will help him or her throughout their lives. There are enough benefits to help mold your child into a very good adult. One of the top 10 best ride on toys for 2 year olds in 2022 has all those benefits.​ Here are the benefits that come with these toys:

Develop skills

Every child has undeveloped motor skills that need work. These rid eon toys provide you with the opportunity to help your child make those skills strong and well-functioning

Provides a solid foundation for physical activity

Your child can learn early how to handle the physical activity and see how it keeps them healthy and in shape.

Encourages exploration

These ride on toys allow your child to go further than they ever have gone before. This enhances their play time and gives them more fun

Develops balance

This is important if your child wants to participate n physical activities when they get older

Help encourage independence

your child can see what they can do without your help and strive to become more independent

Works on developing spatial intelligence

Your child can learn the concept of pace and what can be done in that space safely

Teach sharing

Your little 2-year old can learn how to share with his or her friends when they come over and want to play with your child’s ride on toy

Builds confidence

Your child can see what they can do and get the confidence they need to continue growing and adapting to the world around them


As you can see, one of the top 10 best ride on toys for 2 year olds in 2022 brings not only fun to your child’s world, but a lot of benefits. That is worth the toys’ expense. But these toys are not budget breakers and you should be able to help your child grow and develop as they age. Make the most out of using the best ride on toys available. Your child may thank you for the help when they get older and attempt adult achievements.