Best Pen Cameras in 2022


So you want to be a spy to accomplish that goal, you need to invest in a lot of top spy equipment. One piece of equipment you will need is one of the top 12 best pen cameras in 2022. These spy cameras will help you get the information and evidence you need.

Plus, they are easy to hide, disguise and operate. Three qualities every spy needs in their equipment. When you have the right equipment you can gather a lot of intel. This will make your spying activities more successful

Also, to be a spy you need to be able to smuggle your intel across hostile borders. A good pen camera will handle that task with ease.

List of Best Pen Cameras in 2022

12. Amomb Spy Pen Hidden Camera

12. Amomb Spy Pen Hidden Camera, HD 1080P Hidden Camera Pen Portable Multifuntional Writing Pen Mini Camera

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This spy camera can record in HD 1080 so your images are not like images of Bigfoot. Blurred and hard to see any details. Once you get it going, it can take video up to 30 frames per second, using the AVI format and 60 minutes maximum.

In addition to those great features, you also get SD card support between 8 and 32 GB only. Two things you should know, it needs an insert SD card to function and it is not wifi equipped or compatible. But it still takes great photos and videos.

With that said, this pen camera can still take pictures, loop record, and place a time stamp on your videos and photos. It works with all major operating systems- Windows, Mac and even Linux. Also, the lens is tilted to an 85-degree angle so keep that in mind when aiming the lens.

11. Zyunfeng Spy Pen Surveillance Hidden Camera

11. Spy Pen Surveillance Hidden Camera - 1080P Full HD Hidden Pen 32GB Micro SD Card + 8 Ink Fills + Card Clip

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One button is all you need to operate this pen camera. Once activated, you can record videos in 1920 by 1080 p or snap photos in 2560 by 1440 p. The video file is used up after 60 minutes. A built-in rechargeable battery handles the power issues.

Also, this pen camera is a plug and play. Just attach it to a 2.0 USB to download and see your images. USB cable is included in your purchase. Plus, it works with a 32 GB memory card as well as an SD card giving you lots of storage space.

One way to keep this pen camera disguised is by using one of the 8 ink refills that come with the pen. Use it to take notes or hide the pen’s true purpose. A 30-day warranty covers your purchase.

10. Sarsae Hidden Camera Pen

10. Hidden Camera Pen,Spy Camera with Video, 16GB Memory and 2 Hour of Recordings Time, 1080P HD Covert Cam with 3 Replaceable Ink Refills for Business

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The lenses on this pen camera are quite small. It would take a professional to spot it and expose your secret. While it does not produce sound, the camera is easy to operate. One simple press turns the video recording on ad another saves the recording. Plus, you get 16 GB of storage to preserve your footage,

The 400mah battery handles all the electrical duties and allows you to take about 2 hours of footage before needing another power boost. Then the pen will add date & time stamps if you want it to. For best results stop and save one video before recording the next one.

Also, the pen camera records at 1080 p and 30 frames per second in full HD quality. You get images in AVI format. To see your results just use an AVI compatible player.

9. Daretang Hidden Camera

9. Daretang Hidden Camera 1080P HD Spy Camera Pen, Video Recording Wireless Security Camera

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The lens captures images at a 75-degree angle and then records those images in 1080 p HD quality. You do not have to have it on you to use it as you can let lay somewhere and record the room you are not in. It is possible to protect your home with this camera.

Like other pen cameras, this one will loop record, going over older images when they are not needed. Also, you can attach this pen camera to your computer and use it as a webcam. One button controls the on and off switch.

The images you record through the pinhole-sized lens can be stored on a 32 GB SD card but the card is not included with your purchase. In addition to all of this, it will write like a pen.

8. Portocam Hidden Camera

8. Hidden Camera,PORTOCAM POT21 FHD 1080P Spy Pen Camera Recorder Portable Security Video Recorder

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One of the best uses of a pen camera is to take notes when not recording. This action will keep people from seeing the pin hole lens and feel safe. Then you can start recording your 1080 p HD quality images without fear.

The unique feature of this model is that it has night vision and can take top quality B & W photos without any light around. Just one button handles all the operational duties keeping it simple and easy. You won’t have to fumble with this pen to get it working

Plus, you get 180 day time recording minutes while the night vision feature can only be used for 90 minutes before the battery needs another charge. The camera does not record audio and it only takes videos, with no still picture capability. You also have to search for your own refill ink.

7. Xbuty Security Camera Pen

7. Security Camera Pen 1080P HD for Surveillance Meeting Video and Photo Recorder 32GB SD Card Included

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When you need to toughen up your security go small. This little pen camera can take videos in 1080p and record it to an SD card. When you’re not using this pen to write with you can take videos for roughly 60- 80 minutes before recharging.

Also included in your purchase is a memory card It will store around 5 to 6 hours of videos before starting its loop overwrite feature. The memory card storage capabilities reach the standard 32 GB.

An added bonus is that it will take still pictures when you do not need videos. Date stamp abilities are also a feature o this camera. You can record the exact moment you took the videos An included USB cable makes this a plug and play pen camera. It is easy to use and download your images to your computer.

6. GSMade Hidden Spy Camera

6. Hidden Spy Camera- Star Light Night Vision Pen Full HD 1296P Video Recording Pen Hidden Security Camera

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When you are finished using this pen spy camera like a pen, you can capture video in 2K quality. Plus, you are not limited to the day time hours to get your images. A night vision feature captures more images when the sun goes down.

Also, it has motion detection, loop recording, and even takes regular pictures. You can store them n a 32 GB memory card or SD card. When you run out of ink, labeling your images, you get 2 free refills with your purchase.

2 USB cables help you transfer your images to your laptop or another electronic viewing device. In addition to that, you get a screwdriver, a reset needle, and a user manual. Make sure to read the manual through thoroughly. The pen clips normally to your folders, pocket, or another slim item you use to carry your pens.

5. Wiseup Spy Pen Camera

5. 1080P HD Spy Pen Camera Mini Video Recorder with Photo Taking Function, 16GB Memory Card Built in

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A built-in 16 GB memory card helps you store those covert images you have been taking all day long. Those images will come out in 1080 HD quality to make sure you can see all the details clearly. You get to take videos in AVI and still pictures in JPG formats.

After a 2 hour charge time, you get 60 minutes to record all the important videos and photos you need. Plus, you can replace the 16 GB memory card, which holds about 3 hours of video, with a 32 GB one if you need more memory storage.

Technological advances have made sure that this spy pen camera can be comfortable to write with when you need a pen. The design of the pen makes it very attractive and good to look at. Don’t leave home without it.

4. Fuvision Nanny Camera Recorder

4. Nanny Camera Recorder FUVISION Covert DVR Camera with Photo Taking,2 Hours Battery Life, Portable Digital Recorder

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3 free ink refills keep your pen full of ink and ready to act like a normal pen. Then you also get a free memory card to store all your images. This 16 GB memory card retains your images at 1080 FHD quality. It also records at 30 frames per second.

Once you get the 400 ah battery powered up, you can record for 2 hours before recharging the battery again. All you have to do is to keep your videos short and sweet to get the best results. The replay compatibility is limited to Windows or Mac operating systems.

After you have taken the pen camera out of its box, it is ready to go to work. Simply push the on button and you are good to go. When you hook it up to your computer, it is an easy t use plug and play device.

3. Spycrushers Hidden Spy Pen Camera

3. 1080p Hidden Spy Pen Camera Video Recorder - Features Video, Photo and Webcam Function

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Get an edge on your friends by secretly recording their activities. Then surprise them with the 1080p quality you were able to save on the 16 GB memory card. You can also capture top-quality still photos with a click of a button.

In addition to this, you also get USB capabilities and a USB charger t make sure your new pen camera’s battery is fully functional. A 4 in 1 card reader is part of the complete package that comes with this pen camera.

Also, 10 ink refills make sure you never run u of writing power. When one is done just replace it as you would do with any regular pen. Everything you need to maintain your spying fun is included in this kit. Once you get it home you should have hours of fun learning how to use it properly.

2. Jzori Mini Spy Camera Pen

It does not look like a pen. It also does not look like a camera but it does its job very well. You can choose the quality of the images you record. Pick either 1280 by 720p or go for 1920 by 1080 option.

Once you made your decision, you have about 5 1/2 hours of video recording life. Or you can use that time to take as many still photos as you need. The only thing is that once it gets slow on power, you will have to wait 3 hours to use it again.

Or you can use the charge and record function t continue taking your images while it is recharging. The choice is up to you. There is a possibility to see your images over your television set. Just look in the manual to find out how.

1. LT Made Spy Camera

1. Spy Camera LTMADE 1296P 32G Hidden Camera Pen OV4689 Full Real 2K Low Illumination 1080P Pen Camera Multfunction Pen DVR Cam

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The 2K camera and lens in this pen camera, lets you take top quality videos or still photos without anyone knowing it. It’s one button operational style makes sure you do not get messed up with complicated controls.

Also, you can record at 720 p at 60 frames per second or slow down ad move up to 1080 p filming. Again, you get to make the choice of how you want to capture your images. A motion detection feature means you can let it work without touching the pen.

Then when you need a pen to write wit, it is right there in your pocket waiting to be used. Write down everything you need to before returning it to spy mode. A USB connection lets you power and transfer options. That makes this pen camera very convenient and easy to use


You have seen movies and television shows. They make spy work seem exciting and very interesting. That is if you do not get caught by the enemy. With one of the top 10 best pen cameras in 2022, you can try the spy world out to see if you like it.

These spy pen cameras record in top quality pixels as well as make it easy to store and view what you have captured. Your only concern would be not to get caught doing it. Have fun using the best spy cameras and enjoy your new spy career.

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