Best Modern Bathtubs in 2022


Taking a shower in a fully-equipped bathroom brings about a refreshing feeling. Therefore, a well-equipped modern bathroom ranks among the primary elements of any living area. Every homeowner must be willing to create and equip his/her bathroom with as many primary and luxurious pieces of equipment as possible. Modern Bathtubs lie in the list of elements that bring a bathroom to life. Get to imagine enjoying a tub shower in the evening after a busy day at work, incredible right?

List Best Modern Bathtubs in 2022

Many modern bathtub models by different manufacturers are now available on the market. In this post, we come in to help you select the best modern bathtub for your bathroom. After a series of testing the different bathtub products that are currently on sale, we managed to select the top ten best modern bathtubs in 2022. The build of one tub model varies from the other in many ways including size, construction material, structure, to mention but a few. Read on below to find out which modern bathtub model suits your needs and budget in the best way.

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10. Mermaid 67″ x 32″ Soaking Bathtub


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This modern bathtub by the Wyndham Collection Company ranks among the best products in this category for some reason. It’s acrylic built to last long while serving you in the best way. Its adequate depth allows for full immersion, a trait rare to find in standard tubs. Its professional interior design facilitates its provision of utmost comfort to its user.

The base of this bathtub is adjustable making leveling more accurate and improving its stability. Also featured and installed in this bathtub are cable-driven waste overflow and a pop-up drain. It brings you a chrome finish for elegance and a capacity of about 60 gallons. You will find this acrylic modern bathtub more durable and enjoyable to use than the traditional steel/enamel tubs.

9. AKDY F278 Free Standing Acrylic Bathtub


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The AKDY free standing bathtub is a product that features a rare-to-find design which makes it exclusive. It’s developed entirely from acrylic, a material responsible for the excellent services offered by this bathtub as well as its durability. Its freestanding design makes it easy to install in any bathroom. Its overall finish is striking and appealing to the eyes, a sure bet in improving the look of your bathroom.

It comes with a capacity of 90 LBs and measures 62.99” L*26.38” W*30.7” H. What makes it more interesting is that its surface is anti-bacterial, so you can be sure about your health while you use this bathtub. Also, your body will always be fully immersed in the water thanks to its adequate depth.

8. Wyndham Collection Soho 60 inch Freestanding Bathtub


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This tub is also another modern bathtub model by the Wyndham Collection Company. It features a sufficient depth which is deeper than most of the standard tubs and ideal for full immersion. Like most of the bathtubs by this company, it’s also made from acrylic, a guarantee of strength, easy handling as well as installation. Its base is also adjustable to facilitate easy and accurate leveling as well as stability.

The bathtubs clear defined edges, elegant symmetry, and organic shapes that are there to display a futuristic design ethic while still imparting a feeling of luxury and warmth to the user. It’s warm to touch a bathtub, and you can stake your money on this great product that will never disappoint you throughout its many years of service.

7. AKDY F296A Free Standing Acrylic Bathtub


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Are you in search of a high-quality bathtub that will always be your ultimate companion in relieving stress and tension, while leaving you recharged, refreshed, and renewed at any time? Then, look not beyond this expertly constructed bathtub. It comes with a free-standing design which makes it easy to handle and install. It’s making from Acrylic is a guarantee of strength, durability, and high-performance. It measures 66.93” L* 31.5” W* 23.23” H and has a capacity of 90 LBs.

Its striking white finish is a sure bet in improving the elegance of your bathroom while its anti-bacterial surface ensures no harmful elements develop with its continuous use. This bathtub will always remain as new as it never fades or depreciates even with regular use. Its metallic feet offer extra stability for safe utilization. The manufacturer of this bathtub backs it by a one year warranty.

6. American Standard 2764014M202.011 Cadet Freestanding Tub


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American Standard is the manufacturing firm behind the making of this exclusive modern bathtub. Its sleek contemporary styling design is among the factors that set it apart from other products on the market. Its body includes a high-gloss acrylic-capped ABS which comes with fiberglass reinforcement. Bathing inside this bathtub brings out a unique feeling thanks to its adequate depth which allows for full body immersion.

Also included is a tub filler which comes with a drain and hand spray element. It’s a bathtub that’s build to provide actual value for your money by providing excellent services. Its white finish makes it elegant and will add on to the beauty of your bath space.

5. AKDY F245 Free Standing Acrylic Bathtub


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The AKDY manufacturing company seems to be gradually dominating the modern bathtub development arena. This bathtub is another model from them that are making it big on the market. It features an excellent and adequate water capacity of 97gal and measures 66.93” L*33.46” W* 24.41” H. It comes with an appealing upscale design which elevates the look of any bath space by a significant degree. Also included in its making are variable metallic feet which provide sufficient stability.

Its extra depth allows for full immersion while its non-porous surface facilitates easy cleaning for utmost sanitary. Like most of their products, this bathtub comes entirely from acrylic. Also provided by the manufacturer is a 1-year warranty on this modern freestanding bathtub.

4. Akdy Az-f297 Freestand Acrylic Soaking – Best Modern Bathtubs


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Among the products that have played significant roles in lifting the name of the AKDY Company up high on the market is this modern freestanding bathtub. It has brought a whole revolution in the bathtub manufacturing arena through its ergonomic features and world-class design.

You will be sure of a luxurious bathroom upon the installation of this luxurious bathtub. Its visual appeal is striking, a sure bet in uplifting and redefining the look of your bathroom. Its making involves the use of carefully selected, high-class materials which eventually lead to its rare-to-find quality and look.

3. AKDY Bathroom FreeStand Acrylic Bathtub and Faucet


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This combination of a high-grade faucet and bathtub ranks among the best bath items that you could include in your high-class bathroom. The bathtub is developed from high-quality acrylic, which is the material for its strength, durability, and excellent performance. It comes together with all the fittings needed for proper installation. It measures 66.93” L* 33.46” W* 24.41” H.

Again; this bathtub features a capacity of about 97gal, enough to accommodate large body masses. When compared to steel tubs, this model is more comfortable and warmer to touch. Its color is non-fading and consistent throughout its body while its surface is non-porous thus easy to clean. Its freestanding design makes it simpler to install. The manufacturer of this product offers a 1-year warranty on this product.

2. AKDY F210 Free Standing Acrylic Bathtub


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The professional and exclusive design of this modern bathtub by the AKD Manufacturing Company makes it appealing to the eyes and facilitates its excellent performance. It’s made entirely from acrylic, a material that makes it durable and ideal for heavy-duty utilization.

Also, throughout its making, the manufacturer ensures that this bathtub is fitted with insulation traits to maintain bathing water warm for a long time. Its surface is wear protected while its bottom is anti-skid treated for utmost safety and stability. At its cost, you won’t find any other modern freestanding bathtub model with similar quality and design like this one.

1. AKDY AZ-F274 Bathroom Freestand Acrylic Bathtub

1. AKDY AZ-F274 Bathroom Freestand Acrylic Bathtub - Best Modern Bathtubs

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Could you be yearning to soak yourself in calm tranquility through an ergonomic and stylish aquatic freestanding bathtub? Then, it’s only wise that you stake your hard=-earned money on this exceptional modern freestanding bathtub. Its excellent build is rare to find in other products within its price range. Add, it’s acrylic build material guarantees its durability, strength, and performance while still maintaining the bathing water warm for a long time through its insulating properties.

Its surface is wear protected, easy to maintain, impact withstanding, and comes with no smell whatsoever. This bathtub measures 44.1” L*17.3” W* 24.3” H, a volume enough to accommodate large body masses. You can trust this bathtub to offer you excellent services with no disappointments.


This is the review of the top ten best modern bathtubs in 2022. You can choose the bathtub of your choice that will guarantee your comfort and pleasure and is pocket-friendly. Always ensure that you go for the high-quality products that will ensure no wastage for your hard-earned money.