Best Gopro Gimbals in 2022


The job of professional photographers, video producers, and filmmakers is not easy. They need to pass through hassles of different alignments and position settings for the perfect capture. The set of decent quality equipment is vital to accomplishing their job perfectly. One of the best equipment used in such professions is the GoPro Gimbals.

They are prepared to let your record high-quality video without distortions. Moreover, they are specifically made to guarantee smooth and stable shots. This will indirectly enhance the production value of the film, vlog, or any home movie.

Compared to the typical camera units, the GoPros are expensive devices, prepared in a compact form. They are easily mountable and light in weight. Due to the wide-angle lens, they are competent in capturing shots in HD quality. Get the most of your photo capturing or video shooting experience with the use of any of these GoPro Gimbals:

List of Best GoPro Gimbals in 2022

10. EVO SS 3 Axis Wearable Gimbal – Stabilizer:

10. EVO SS 3 Axis Wearable Gimbal - Stabilizer for GoPro Hero4, Hero5, Hero6 Black, Yi 4K+, Garmin Virb Ultra

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A compact and versatile Gimbal stabilizer is usually recommended for on the go applications. The present model of 3 axis Gimbal stabilizer is prepared with excellent versatility and precision. It comes with the 3-axis precision to present high stability while shooting. There will be no difficulties to shoot cinematic type footage. Before purchasing a Gimbal stabilizer, most users are concerned about the setup procedure. When you go for this stabilizer, the setup process is extremely simple; just plug & play to use it readily.

For adventures and travel trips, the EVO SS gimbal lets you capture strikingly smooth video. Its size is made compact for simplicity while traveling with the action cameras. It can seamlessly capture an extensive range of mounted, wearable, and handled stabilized shots.


  • Through the incorporated charging capabilities, you can prolong the GoPro’s battery life by two times.
  • It comes with the mounting tray capable to support the inclusion of the GoPro LCD backpack.
  • You can utilize the built-in GoPro mount adapter for hassle-free mounting of the EVO SS into your prevailing GoPro mounting mechanism. Alternatively, you may use the standard ¼-20 tripod to connect the gimbal to a huge amount of standard industry mounts. These include tripods, monopods, or the EVO carbon fiber extension poles.

9. Yomito 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer:

9. Yomito 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer for Smartphone and GoPro

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The simplicity of operation and excellent stability are the key specialties of this handheld Gimbal Stabilizer. At the output, smooth and stable moves are guaranteed to let you perceive the streamlined operation. You can film on the go through this handheld stabilizer. You just need to choose your subject and ActiveTrack would follow thereafter through included sensors and brushless motors. It is extremely easy to adjust the balance in a minute. There is no need to touch the screen frequently because this handheld gimbal presents excellent stability. Based on your need, you could capture more details from a wider perspective.


  • Execution of the advanced software technology enables the user to equip the roll arm of the gimbal to either side. You are independent to decide the side to mount your device.
  • After appropriate mounting, you would attain 360° rotation from all the 3 axes.
  • It can support different types of innovative shooting techniques. You can zoom in/out the footage and can generate diverse images.
  • Important functionalities present are moving time-lapse, timelapse, Freestyle time-lapse, Motion lapsed, Hyperlapse, and Slow-motion.

8. Feiyu G6 Gimbal Stabilizer for Gopro Hero 6/5/4:

8. Feiyu G6 Gimbal Stabilizer for Gopro Hero

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For excellent viewing experience, the Gimbal Stabilizer for GoPro Hero devices is tilted. There is the availability a spot on the side where you can fasten a holder for accommodating your cell phone. It is possible to utilize your cell phone as a huge viewfinder. For the GoPro action cameras, this Feiyu G6 stabilizer is just perfect. Its innovative design is suitable for GoPro Hero 6/5/4. At the offered price, it comes with excellent stabilization and long battery life.


  • This Feiyu G6 Gimbal stabilizer comes with built-in WiFi and splashes waterproof design.
  • For simplicity of setup, the tripod stand and extension rod are present in the package.
  • There is the availability of the 1/4 thread on the button to seamlessly fit extension pole and tripod stand.

7. EVO SS 3 Axis Wearable Gimbal – Stabilizer:

7. EVO SS 3 Axis Wearable Gimbal - Stabilizer for GoPro Hero4, Hero5, Hero6 Black, Yi 4K+, Garmin Virb Ultra 30-1 Year USA Warranty

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Another Gimabl stabilizer form EVO in the list, this device is highly compatible with the majority of the action cameras. There is the inclusion of standard universal mount to make it compatible with GoPro Hero3 via Garmin Virb Ultra 30, Hero6 Black, and Yi Action Cameras. To setup GoPro Hero Session cameras, the package also includes optional mounts.

It is not so difficult to mount the SS stabilizer on any tripod. There is the availability of the built-in ¼-20 threaded base facilitating the easy mounting process. In addition to a tripod, the EVO stabilizer can be mounted on a monopod or identical mount to give excellent freedom. This will allow you to generate a wide range of shots.

It is a lightweight, compact, and portable setup for ease of use. There is the provision of built-in camera charging with the help of GoPro’s battery life working at twice the speed than typical Gimbal stabilizers. Besides, there is the availability of optional charging cables to charge a wide range of action cameras. Therefore, you can record for prolonged periods without replacing camera batteries.


  • In this 3-axis Gimbal stabilizer, there is a sleek telescoping handle that enlarges from 9″ to 34″ in length. This allows you to effortlessly switch to handheld mode 4.
  • A total of 3 easy-to-use stabilization modes is available. These modes allow you to imitate
  • the dolly or jib-arm shots observed in multi-million dollar productions.

6. Feiyu G6 Plus 3-Axis GoPro Gimbals Stabilizer:

6. Feiyu G6 Plus 3-Axis GoPro Gimbal Stabilizer Splash-Proof DSLR Gimbal 12 Hours Running Time for Camera

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Feiyu G6 Plus is special due to its excellent compatibility and versatility. With the included compact tripod and a phone clip, this stabilizer is effortlessly compatible with a similar lens digital camera, pocket camera, and a mirrorless camera. Moreover, it is found compatible with the GoPro series and smartphones. Its compact and portable structure is capable to support several types of cameras that weigh up to 800g.

There is the provision of supporting Wi-Fi and Bluetooth dual module connections. When you connect the stabilizer to Wi-Fi, G6Plus is capable to control the camera for adjusting the focus, transiting the shooting mode, choosing the resolution, etc. You will get the freedom of shooting single-handedly.


  • The working time is 12 hours and the charging time is approximately 3 hours to fully charge the G6 Plus unit. Its charging can be accomplished with a 5V/2A charger adapter or USB port.
  • On its surface, there is a low consumption OLED screen dedicated to displaying the camera and the Gimbal parameter. Furthermore, it shows battery status, working status, Bluetooth connection, and many more.

5. Hohem 3-Axis Gimbal for Action Camera Handheld Stabilizer:

5. Hohem 3-Axis Gimbal for Action Camera Handheld Stabilizer 12h Runtime Automatic Motion Time Lapse Expert Gimble Stabilizer for GoPro Hero

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For capturing different application scenes, this3-axis Gimbal stabilizer enables you to install professional gears. The Hohem action camera handheld stabilizer functions seamlessly with the GoPro Hero 7(2018)/6/5/4/3, Yi 4K, SJCam, Eken, AEE, and compatible GoPro-sized sports camera. With the execution of the advanced techniques, this stabilizer is functional and useful than the rest models.

It incorporates techniques like CCD anti-shake, face & object tracking, optical stabilization and motion speed auto-adaptation. Moreover, high efficiency is presented through the 3 high-torque brushless motors. Enhanced stabilization performance is presented while simultaneously reducing power consumption.


  • This model of handheld stabilizer comes with 12 hours of runtime and houses two 4000mAh rechargeable batteries. Its built-in battery supports two-way charging.
  • The Hohem Gimbal Li-Ion battery presents over-discharge and overcharges protection. These protections assist to retain the overall battery life.
  • The facility of the ¼-20 threaded handle enables the user to mount this stabilizer on a monopod, tripod, and other extension handheld camera.

4. EVO Gimbals EVO SS 3 Axis Wearable Gimbal:

4. EVO Gimbals EVO SS 3 Axis Wearable Gimbal for GoPro Hero3, Hero4 or Hero5 Black, Session, Garmin Virb Ultra

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Suitable for action cameras, the EVO SS 3 axis wearable gimbal device enables the user to shoot smooth video. It is this unit that can seamlessly function with an extensive range of famous action cameras like GoPro Hero4 black and Hero sessions. The facility of 3-axis precision removes the hassles of shaky video.

Furthermore, this technique enables the user to effortlessly shoot cinematic type footage without any compromise in the quality. You will be benefitted with the plug & play functionality to perceive the effortless setup mechanism.


  • In this wearable Gimbal, the advanced wireless Bluetooth connectivity is incorporated. This connectivity facilitates remote operation from EVO wireless controller or your smartphone.
  • The incorporated charging capabilities increase the battery life of your GoPro device by 2X.
  • Excellent versatility is presented with the inclusion of a 3.5mm AV audio/video output port. This port allows you to connect an external monitor.

3. Feiyu FeiyuTech G5 V2 Updated 3 Axis Splash Proof Handheld Gimbal:

3. eiyu FeiyuTech G5 V2 Updated 3 Axis Splash Proof Handheld Gimbal for GoPro Hero

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Wide compatibility and simplicity of use make this handheld Gimbal a suitable choice for the users of GoPro action cameras. Generally, this handheld Gimbal is found compatible with different action cameras. Actually, the G5 handheld Gimbal is the world’s first IP67-waterproof powered action camera gimbal unit. It comes with the splash-proof functionalities to let you use it anywhere.

In order to perceive its splash-proof security while simultaneously retaining the user experience, this device is upgraded. Right from the production process to structural design, everything is upgraded in this Feiyu G5 camera. Due to the waterproof structure, there are no compromises to enjoying the splendid moment in the rain.


  • The structure of this 3 axis handheld gimbal features a unibody motor arm equipped with great solidness.
  • Due to its inventive user interface, the G5 Gimbal presents hassle-free accesses to different functions. By its 4-way joystick, it is straightforward to regulate the Gimbal’s movement.
  • With the assistance of the function button, every included mode could be enabled through taps.
  • There is the inclusion of the self-timer button to let you quickly access the portrait photos and videos.
  • It can function seamlessly with GoPro Hero 6 /5 /4 /3 / Session, AEE, Yi Cam 4K, etc.

2. Ergonomic Action Camera Handle Grip Support w/ Smartphone Clip:

2. 3-Axis Inertia Gyro Stabilizer Remote Control Holder Clip Grip Handle Stabilizer Gimbal Compatible with GoPro Hero

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Whenever you wish to observe the captured pictures while shooting or wish to operate your action camera via a remote controller, this device is suitable. Its portable design is capable to fulfill most indoor or outdoor shooting requirements. This ergonomic action camera is a wonderful shooting accessory for use at home, party, travel, and banquet, etc. You will be amazed to see how easily you record memorable moments.


  • For long-term shooting, this action camera Gimbal comes is presented in the ergonomics design and chic pistol style.
  • Excellent protection is provided with the use of sturdy ABS material and the rubber plate. These materials make sure the device would not slip or drop.
  • With the help of included smartphone clamp, an excellent grip is offered. This allows you to control the GoPro and GoPro-like action camera through GoPro APP when WiFi is enabled.

1. Hohem iSteady Pro 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer – Gopro Gimbals

1. Hohem iSteady Pro 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer for Gopro Hero

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The Hohem iSteady Pro Gimbal is unique due to its exceptional working mechanism. This handheld Gimbal stabilizer precisely sets the object to track with the action camera. Subsequently, the camera would focus on the object and allows you to film different moments of the object.

There is the provision of the Vlogging photography shooting modes in this handheld Gimbal. Such modes can be manually set up on APP to prepare an exceptional trail time-lapse photography.


  • This 3 axis handheld Gimbal stabilizer from Hohem comes with the 12-hours of run time and it supports two-way charging.
  • Its built-in 4000mAh battery indicator informs you about the amount of power left.
  • Its charging can be accomplished through the portable power source. Besides, the GoPro camera could be charged by this stabilizer through the USB port.
  • There is the inclusion of carrying case and handbag for easy portability.


A carefully chosen GoPro Gimbals will let you accomplish photo capturing and video shooting tasks easily. You will feel excellent stability and enhancement in the output images and video quality through these Gimbals.