Best Gaming Keyboards in 2022


PC gaming ranks among the most treasured hobbies in today’s world. Again, some people adopt it as a profession where they engage in serious gaming battles. Apart from having the best custom built PC, having the best Gaming Keyboards play a significant role in your success throughout your stay in the PC gaming arena.

Beyond considering the beauty of a gaming keyboard, there is more to scrutinize and analyze before deciding on purchasing a particular keyboard model. A serious PC gamer understands that different PC gaming keyboards come with varying features. Among the features that may vary from one keyboard model to the other are the keys. Again, a gaming keyboard may be mechanical or membrane-built. Mechanical keyboards are preferred to membrane-based keyboards due to their excellent sensitivity and responsiveness. However, mechanical keyboards come with high price tags and are known to be bulky.

List of Best Gaming Keyboards in 2022

Apart from the build, you will also want a keyboard that brings you a pleasing appeal. Who knows, the elegance of a keyboard might become your ultimate source of motivation throughout your gaming sessions.

Below, we review the top ten Best Gaming Keyboards in 2022. We have sacrificed our time to analyze the various models available on the market, before filtering the top ten. If you wish to be successful in the PC gaming arena, then it’s only wise that you read on below, to identify the gaming keyboard that suits your goals appropriately.

10. SOKATON USB Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
SOKATON USB Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Sokaton is hard to beat Company when it comes to the manufacture of PC gaming keyboards. This new keyboard model by them comes with all you need to see your gaming prowess improve gradually. It’s a mechanical-based keyboard whose sensitivity and operation are on point. It comes with a smooth texture and tones clear. Its compatibility with a broad range of operating systems including all Windows versions, Mac OS and OSX.10.2 makes it universal and flexible.

It brings you three variable LED backlights and allows you to use the simple shortcuts to vary the brightness and the colors. Its keys are designed to be anti-skid, laser etched, and waterproof, all gratitude to the utilized high-grade ABS material. There are 104 keys in this keyboard, and the 19 gaming keys come with a calibration to avoid anti-ghosting. Also featured are ten programmable keys as well as 12 high-performance media keys.

9. Pictek 104 Keys Anti-ghosting Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Pictek 104 Keys Anti-ghosting Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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This is a mechanical-based gaming console designed by the Pictek Company. It features 104 anti-ghosting keys and has the power to allow for simultaneous multiple key operations with no occurring conflict. This keyboard is entirely dust and waterproof so you can be sure about its durability and heavy-duty performance. Its keys pass the 50-million keystroke test, a plus to its durability. The making of its keys and frame involves the use of high-grade ABS and metal to emerge finally with a sturdy and robust keyboard.

Its removable keycaps facilitate easy cleaning and keycaps replacement. With this keyboard, you can easily type in the dark thanks to the included nine backlight color effects. Also featured in the making of its frame are wrist and palm rest aimed at preventing fatigue throughout your gaming sessions. It’s compatible with all Windows OS versions as well as the Mac OS.

8. BlueFinger Backlit Keyboard and Mouse
BlueFinger Backlit Keyboard and Mouse

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This is just another high-quality and reasonably priced gaming keyboard by the BlueFinger Company. It comes with excellent functionality amazing colors and an appropriate layout in the quest to take your PC gaming prowess to a whole level. Its smooth and powerful key operations facilitate comfortable gaming and PC control. Its backlight comes with three color options which include red, purple and blue. Switching between the available backlight colors only requires pressing two keys listed in the user manual.

The backlight brightness is also adjustable through the Fn+ up/down keys. This keyboard has the power to support up to 19 keys without causing any conflict whatsoever. It’s compatible with all Windows OS versions. It’s a durable keyboard as its keys come with a rating of up to 4 million strokes.

7. Saitek Mad Catz STRIKE7 Backlit Gaming Keyboard
Saitek Mad Catz STRIKE7 Backlit Gaming Keyboard

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TheSaitek Mad Catz gaming keyboard is one of the best products in this category. It brings you a professional design which makes gaming more exciting and worthwhile. Its metal frame is fully customizable to ensure that it meets a broad range of gaming desires from different individuals. With its 24 programmable macro buttons, you can now quickly make the complex commands through a slight press.

Also included in its making are two integrated variable wrist rests as well as a 2-part palm rest for the best gaming experience with this keyboard. It comes fully updated and suited to function with Windows, 7, 8 and 10. Also featured are an application launcher and a macro programming interface. With all its futuristic components, you can be sure of a disappointment-free experience with this gaming keyboard.

6. BlueFinger Gaming Wired Keyboard
BlueFinger Gaming Wired Keyboard

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BlueFinger is the Company behind the making of this one-of-a-kind gaming keyboard. Its look is appealing while its performance is on point. It’s a pro USB combo set, featuring a LED backlit three-color-options keyboard; red, purple and blue and a 7-color breathing backlit mouse. This set is multi-media controlled and spill-resistant.

It features backlight effects where the FN+SL key operation is configured to alter the colors. Fn+Ps introduces the 3-color breath mode, FN+UP/DOWN amend the backlight brightness, and finally, the FN+PB operation introduces the one-color breath mode. It’s compatible with various systems including all Windows versions. Its manufacturer also provides a 6-month free exchange warranty for any quality issues.

5. SteelSeries Apex M500 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
SteelSeries Apex M500 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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The steelSeries Manufacturing Company is proud to present you with this high-quality gaming keyboard. The motivation behind its making lies in seeing all PC gaming enthusiasts enjoy the fruits of their efforts to grow in this field. Its built by professionals who understand what you need to raise your prowess in the gaming arena to higher heights. It features an exclusive blue illumination which makes gaming more interesting and facilitates typing even in low light conditions.

Also included in its making are Cherry MX mechanical gaming keys/switches. This keyboard is 100% programmable and operates on a heavy-duty SteelSeries Engine. Its total number of keys is 104 which are fully anti-ghosting. Its professional key layout allows for conflict-free gaming.

4. BlueFinger 3324823 Backlit LED-Best Gaming Keyboards
BlueFinger 3324823 Backlit LED-Best Gaming Keyboards

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The look of this gaming keyboard by the BlueFinger Company dictates nothing less of severe and extreme gaming. It brings you an excellent build to ensure no disappointments occur during your gaming sessions. The BlueFinger gaming keyboard has an elegant and exclusive design. It combines performance and beauty to take your gaming potential to a whole new level. Included in its development is a cool crack pattern with three breathing color lights.

Its powerful FN and SN keys are there to facilitate easy color adjustment from red, to purple or blue. The brightness of this keyboard is also adjustable through the FN+ down/Up keys. You are also free to operate the 19 gaming keys simultaneously with no occurring conflict whatsoever. This keyboard is made entirely from a high-grade ABS material which makes it soft and cool to touch.

3. HAVIT HV-KB366L RGB Backlit Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
HAVIT HV-KB366L RGB Backlit Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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The HAVIT-KB366L is a mechanical-based PC gaming keyboard which features the highest quality components. It comes with 104 keys which include floating keys and blue switches. This keyboard does not support key programming. Its various backlit modes are easily adjustable and come pre-programmed.

Also featured, is a 4-level brightness as well as a 10-level breathing rate. Its top casing is made from aluminum and bears a sand-finish. The gold-plated USB interface facilitates its stable and efficient data transmission. Each floating key comes with independent LED light and blue switch and is fully anti-ghosting. Its N-key-rollover technology ensures that all keys can function concurrently without conflicting.

2. HAVIT Rainbow Backlit Wired Gaming Keyboard
HAVIT Rainbow Backlit Wired Gaming Keyboard

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Are you looking for a high-quality/performance keyboard that’s reasonably priced to suit even the average person? Then, look not beyond this product by the Havit Company. Its professional design makes it ideal for extreme PC gaming. This keyboard features a rainbow of elegant LED backlit and comes with three lighting modes including high, medium, and breath. What’s more, this keyboard allows for accurate simultaneous operation of about 19 keys with no occurring conflict. With this keyboard, you will have the power to disable the 12 multimedia keys, WIN keys, and the interchangeable WASD keys to suit your gaming preferences appropriately.

The included gaming mouse comes with four breathing color lights that include pink, purple, red, and blue. The mouse also features a light-off mode for people who dislike lighted mouses. This keyboard will work with Windows 2000/ 2003/ XP/ VISTA/ WIN7/ WIN8/ WIN 10/ Mac OS.

1. Razer BlackWidow Chroma Clicky Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Razer BlackWidow Chroma Clicky Mechanical Gaming Keyboard-Best Gaming Keyboards

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If you have been in the PC gaming arena for some time, then you must have come one keyboard by the re-known Razor Company. Their experience in this field allows them to develop keyboards that are beyond the norm. This is just another model by the Razor Manufacturing Company that’s making it big on the market. Its features are amazing and rare to find. It brings you the highly praised Razor mechanical switches in the quest to pave your entry into the hard-core PC gaming. You will always appreciate the gaming advantage posed by the crisp, excellent consistency, responsiveness, as well as the tactile feel featured in the making of this keyboard.

This keyboard is professionally built to last as the switches’ rating goes up to 80 million keystrokes. Also featured in its making is chroma backlighting as well over 168 million color choices for sheer elegance. Its keys are fully programmable, and five extra gaming keys are also included. Cable routing is made easy in this keyboard thanks to the included 3.5 mm USB microphone and headphone ports.


The Gaming Keyboards featured in this list of the top ten are of the best quality. Your choice should depend on your budget, type of PC, as well as your secondary personal preferences. You have the power to choose the best product. If you wish to grow your PC gaming prowess, then it’s only wise that you go for the highest quality keyboard that will serve you in the best way.