Best Electric Egg Cookers in 2022


Eggs are nutritional and offer lots of protein, minerals, vitamins A, B and D, iron and folic acid. A good egg cooker will enable you to cook your eggs using your microwave or power of steam. The top 10 electric egg cookers in 2022 include:

List of Best Electric Egg Cookers in 2022

10. Krops F23070 Egg Cooker with water level indicator – 7 eggs white


The egg cooker has a capacity of 7 eggs. It features two poaching trays which allow you to prepare individual omelets or poached eggs. In addition, it has a dual switch for keeping warm and boiling. Its audible signal indicates the end of a cooking cycle. In addition, the egg boiler comes with a water level indicator and an egg piercer. Its power rating is 400 watts and comes with a 2-year warranty.

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9. Cuisinart CEC – 10 Egg Central Egg Cookers-Best Electric Egg Cookers


The Cuisinart Egg Central appliance has a new cooking system which is new two-tiered and allows the cooking of 10 eggs at the same time. With the egg cooker, you can choose to cook your eggs to soft, medium, or hard consistency. It also features removable trays which you can use to poach eggs or make omelets. Further, you can precisely control the cooking time with the amount of water you add. It has water measuring beaker which allows you to fill the cooking plate with the appropriate level of water. It consists of an audible alert; LED light and a stand by a mode which helps you prevent overcooking.

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8. Elite Cuisine EFC-007 Maximatic Egg cooker

Best Electric Egg Cookers

This is another perfect egg cooker. It features an on and off button and an indicator. It has a transparent lid with an egg rack with a handle, a knob, omelet tray, poaching tray, and a measuring cup with a piercing pin. The pin releases the sulfur within eggs and leaves you with nice yellow yolks when cooking. It’s fast than boiling water and can prepare 7 eggs.

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7. Dash DECOO5WH Rapid Egg Cooker, White


This egg cooker boils up to 6 eggs at the same time. It can make hard, soft, and medium poached eggs, omelets, and boiled eggs. And, it comes with an omelet bowl, poaching tray, recipe guide, measuring cup, and a boiled egg tray. It also comes with a one year warranty.

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6. Better Chef IM-470S Stainless Steel Electric Egg Cooker


This egg cooker conveniently cooks up to 7 eggs within a minute. You only need to add water, the eggs, and then plug it on. It has indicator lights when the eggs are cooking and an audible sound to indicate that they are cooked. Furthermore, you can see the eggs as they cook through its transparent lid. It comes with a measuring cup which enables you to cook your eggs to the desired hardness. The base is made of stainless steel. The removable tray makes cooling and serving easier.

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5. VonShef Exclusive 7-Egg Electric Egg Cooker Stainless Steel + Poacher and a Steamer Attachment


The product offers you perfectly cooked eggs, reduces energy consumption, and provides you with hard boiled eggs within a few minutes. With the egg cooker, you will be able to prepare soft, medium, or hard cooked eggs. You can also automatically adjust the degree of cooking by varying the quantity of water. It holds up to 7 eggs and therefore it’s ideal when preparing large breakfasts. Moreover, it only takes 8 minutes to prepare the eggs. It also comes with a poaching bowl.

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4. Hamilton Beach 25500 Egg Cooker with a Built-In timer


This is another perfect egg cooker that prepares seven eggs at a time. It prepares soft, medium, and hard cooked egg and poaches. It features a 3 egg nonstick poaching tray, a ready timer with a tone, and a water measure cup with an egg piercing needle.

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3. HOMEIMAGE Electric 7 Egg Boiler/Cooker with Stainless Steel Body


This is a modern egg cooker made with stainless steel. It boils up to 7 eggs or poaches two eggs in the poaching tray. You can get soft, medium, or hard level boiled eggs by measuring water with the calibrated water level indicator before pouring it. The indicator also features a steel pin at its bottom for piercing eggs. Once the eggs are cooked, the indicator light turns off. It takes 6 minutes to cook soft eggs, 9 minutes for medium eggs, and 12 minutes for the hard eggs. The removable egg holder allows you to cool your cooked eggs under running water. Further, everything will clean easily.

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2. DBTech Automatic shut-off Electric Egg cooker


This egg cooker allows you to prepare your eggs within a short time. It provides you with soft, medium, and hard-cooked eggs as you desire. It is also one of the top Best Electric Egg Cookers.

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1. HOMEIMAGE Dual Layer Electric Egg Cooker with Stainless Steel Base HI-702


This egg cooker boils up to 14 eggs at the same time and poaches two eggs in the poaching tray. You can use the bottom tray to cook your eggs and the top one to house your vegetables or cook any other food. You can cook your eggs as desired and the indicator will turn off immediately after your eggs are cooked.

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