Best Electric Breast Pumps in 2022


Electric breast pumps are very vital tools for breastfeeding mothers, especially those who have hardships getting their toddlers to latch, or are surrounded by tight work schedules. Since it was introduced, the electric breast pump has tremendously improved in terms of efficiency and safety. And if you want to purchase one, it is only wise to shop for the best quality. As such, here are the top 10 Best Electric Breast Pumps in 2022 to choose from.

Best Electric Breast Pumps in 2022

10. Lansinoh Double Electric Breast Pump

This is a quality electric breast pump that allows you to easily set and control its cycle strength as well as the vacuum speed when you get to pump. It has a patented unique closed system for preventing the milk from moving back up into the tubing and the pump motor. It is simple to use; comes pre-assembled.

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9. Nurture III Deluxe Breast Pump

For the breastfeeding mother who wants to return full time to work or school, this electric breast pump is a perfect choice to help you continue to feed your baby with your milk. It features a durable motor and comes covered by a 5-year warranty. It has all you need for expressing, storing, and transporting milk in a safe package.

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8. PumpEase Classic Collection Hands-free Breast Pump

This pump is designed to offer both function and beauty. It is quite soft and very comfortable. It can conveniently accommodate any type of pump available today. It is also very simple to use, and rewardingly durable.

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7. Spectra Baby USA S2 Hospital Grade Breast Pump


It is another great electric breast pump that has everything a breastfeeding mom requires double pumping at the same time. It comes with 2 collection bottles, AC power adapter, S2 breast pump, 2 breast flanges, 2 valves, 2 tubing and locking rings and discs. The unit operates quietly.

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6. KinYo Single Electric Milkpump Breast Pump

This is a super nice breast pump featuring an ultra quiet design that doesn’t trouble your dear baby. It has a PP feeding bottle and features high-stimulation sucking which improves volume and comfort. It is so perfect for postpartum breastfeeding.

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5. The First Years Double Electric Breast Pump

This pump has a comfortable flex-fit breast shield for ensuring proper fit plus comfort whenever you use it. It is quite a simple assembling and using. Moreover, it works very quietly and smoothly. No one will know that you are pumping.

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4. Philips AVENT Double Electric Comfort Breast Pump

This is another great electric breast pump that features a tender soft massaging cushion for gently stimulating milk flow, bringing a more convenient and comfy pumping position thanks to its special design. It further features 3 expression settings for you to choose from—high, medium, and low. It is dishwasher safe.

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3. Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump-Best Electric Breast Pumps

Are you planning to shop for a lightweight and easily portable electric breast pump? Go for the Ameda Purely Yours. It’s designed using custom-control technology for allowing personalized adjustment of the suction levels and also the cycle speed, allowing individual comfort for the moms. It is sold with 6 milk collection bottles that feature lock-tight sealing lids.

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2. Simple Wishes Hands-Free Breast Pump
Best Electric Breast Pumps

For the mothers who are not willing to forsake style, this is your electric breast pump. It is superbly made from a great quality material that continues to hold up firmly. The pump has a 4-layering support system for securing and maintaining a tight seal of breast shields and also flanges. It is uniquely designed to work with any kind of bra.

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1. Medela Backpack – Best Electric Breast Pump


This is no doubt an ultimate choice of an electric breast pump for your day to day breastfeeding needs. It is perfect for both double and single pumping. It has a one-touch let-down button superbly designed for allowing quicker milk flow. Moreover, it allows you to have customized pumping with the vacuum control and the easy to adjust speed.


They are the best, and they provide the safest and best experience pumping breast milk to store for your baby to suck from the bottle while you are away working or studying. Buy one from the above top 10 best electric breast pumps in 2022 and you will not regret. Customers who tried them before have never said a word against them. They have trustworthy quality features.