Best Electric Blankets in 2022


You may not appreciate the beauty and benefits of an electric blanket. But for those people who leave in cooler weather environments, they understand what an electric blanket can do. Especially if they are using one of the top 10 best electric blankets in 2022.

When the weather turns cooler, it is great to have an electric blanket around to warm you up. Whether it be in bed or on the couch, a top 10 best electric blankets in 2022 can make winter tolerable.

List of Best Electric Blankets in 2022

10. Utopia Bedding Electric blanket

10. Utopia Bedding Electric Micro-Mink Throw - For Bed and Sofa Use - Warm and Soft - Lightweight - Grey

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This 50 by 60-inch electric blanket is made from 100% polyester foam. The foam helps contain the heat in the blanket, keeping you warm and your electric bill lower. Plus, it is not for the bed only.

If you are chilly or feeling under the weather, you can use this blanket on your sofa. It is easy to clean as it only needs washing once every 6 months. Use the low setting on your dryer to dry this blanket.

9. Serta Heated Electric Blanket

9. Serta 856757 Heated Electric Fleece Blanket with Programmable Digital Controller In Gray, Full

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You get a remote control with this 100 percent polyester fleece electric blanket. No need to move much to adjust the heat. You can push a button and get warmer. Plus, you can pre-program the blanket to heat those temperatures you want during the night.

No more waking up and making adjustments. Then an automatic shut off safety features protects against any chance of overheating. You can use this electric blanket worry free and with the digital programming, you should be able to cut down on your electric bill.

8. Biddeford MicroPlush Sherpa Electric Blanket

8. Biddeford 2061-9032138-711 MicroPlush Sherpa Electric Heated Blanket Full Chocolate

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This electric blanket comes with 10 heat settings. You will be able to find your comfort zone easily. Then, you will be able to save on your energy bill. Just turn down your thermostat and turn up the blanket.

Whether it is on your bed or the sofa, you will stay warm during the coldest winter days. The wires are very thin to provide you with more comfort. An automatic shut-off feature keeps the blanket from burning out.

7. Shavel Home Products Electric Blanket

7. Shavel Home Products Thermee Electric Blanket, Khaki, Full

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A 16-foot power cord gives you the length you need to plug this blanket in where you can. No need to move the furniture the cord is long enough to reach. Once plugged in, you can enjoy the 8 heat settings. A 10-hour auto shutoff feature protects your blanket.

Then a 5-year warranty protects the money you invested to purchase this electric blanket. This polyester blanket is easy to keep clean. Just put t in your washer and let the washer do the work.

6. Serta Heated Sherpa Throw

6. Serta Heated Electric Microfleece and Sherpa Throw

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A 50 by 60-inch electric blanket is large enough to keep two people warm all winter. Then its 5 heat settings ensure that you have a comfortable night’s sleep. The only drawback is that it comes with an 8 ½ foot power cord only.

Still, it is enough length to find a plugin near your bed or sofa. This polyester microfleece blanket will help you save on your energy bill. That is a good deal.

5. Biddeford Comfort Knit Heated Blanket

5. Biddeford Blankets Comfort Knit Heated Blanket, Full, Sage

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Its 5-year warranty provides you with enough protection to make sure you really like this blanket. Then the 10 heat settings ensure that those cold winter nights are no threat t you or your family. Just turn the blanket up instead of your thermostat.

For extra convenience, the Queen and King size blankets come with two controllers. Each person can make the adjustments they need without disturbing the other person. Made from polyester so you know it is durable.

4. Soft Heat Electric Heated King Size Blanket

4. Soft Heat Ultra Micro-Plush Low-Voltage Electric Heated Triple-Rib King Size Blanket, Natural

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When you want to save money, this may be the blanket to turn to. Its low energy use helps keep your electric bill down. Two controllers let you set the heat for your half of the blanket.

Your spouse can set their half according to their preference. No more fighting over the temperature setting. Plus, a pre-heat option lets you heat your bed long before you crawl into it for the night.

3. Sunbeam Quilted Fleece Throw

3. Sunbeam Quilted Fleece Heated Throw Blanket with EasySet Pro Controller, Full, Seashell Beige

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Made from 100 percent quilted polyester, the comfort of this blanket knows no end. Its thermo technology makes automatic adjustments s you stay warm and comfortable all night long. Then you can select from 10 heat settings, to get the warmth you want.

A 10-hour automatic shut off feature provides you with peace of mind. You do not have to worry about overheating the blanket. The durable blanket will last you for years and comes with a 5-year warranty to prove it.

2. Utopia Bedding Luxurious Electric Blanket

2. Utopia Bedding Luxurious Micro-Fleece Electric Blanket

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This 84 by 90-inch electric blanket will cover any bed you put it on. Any member of your family can enjoy a warm night’s sleep when they crawl under this micro-fleece blanket. The 4 heat settings are accompanied by an auto adjust feature.

This maintains your blanket’s heat and helps save on your electric bill. Its low voltage use also contributes to saving you money. Then the 10-hour safety automatic shutoff makes sure you are not wasting energy.

1. Soft Heat Low-Voltage Electric Queen Size Blanket

1. ​Soft Heat Luxury Micro-Fleece Low-Voltage Electric Heated Queen Size Blanket, Natural

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Low voltage means it does not use a lot of energy to provide you with a warm bed. You will save money using this Queen size electric blanket with its two individual controls. One person can turn their head down while the other turns theirs up.

Individual control contributes to a lower electric bill and better comfort at night. It’s very thin wires mean that you will not feel them as you sleep.


Using one of the top 10 best electric blankets in 2022 makes sense. These electric blankets are designed to provide you with the ultimate comfort and warmth you want during the winter. Plus, they are made to save you money. Instead of spending your money on the electric bill, you can take your spouse out to dinner.