Best Leather Duffle Bags in 2022


Finding the right bag for your travels can take a little time. There are so many on the market today that you may have a difficult time deciding which one to buy. Thankfully, there are the top 10 best Leather Duffle Bags in 2022 list.

This list will help you narrow your search and help you find the right bag for you and your travels. There is nothing wrong with getting a little advice when you go shopping for a good duffle travel bag.

The tips you get should save you time and a little money. Even if one of the top 10 best leather duffel bags in 2022 cost a little more. Their durability means you save over time. These bags are designed to last you a long time. When you go for the best, you win every time.

List of Best Leather Duffle Bags in 2022

10. BLUBOON Genuine Leather Travel Duffel Bag

10. BLUBOON Canvas Genuine Leather Trim Overnight Travel Duffel Bag Weekend Tote Bag Carry on Luggage

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Leather makes everything look better. When it is added to canvas not only do you get great looks, but you get a durable bag that should be around for years. This leather trimmed canvas bag has the looks and can hold up to 40 liters in its 20 ½ by 10 by 12-inch approx. dimensions.

Also, double zippers on the main pocket provide you with the access you need to get to your clothes. Then 3 exterior leather trimmed pockets make sure you have enough room for other travel essentials. Each exterior pocket has a durable and strong zipper closure.

Plus, you can carry this bag two ways. First, you can grab the handles and go. Or two, you can use the adjustable shoulder strap to carry your burden. How you carry it is up to you. But one thing is for sure, you will look good doing it.

9. B&F Embassy Leather Cowhide Duffle Bag


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With a removable and adjustable shoulder strap, you can choose the best way for you to carry your new cowhide duffle bag. If the shoulder strap is in the way, just take it off and use the durable handles to carry your bag.

In addition to the handle feature, when you purchase this duffle bag, you get 5 extra exterior pockets. This is in addition to the main pocket which has a dual zipper closure. Each pocket comes with its own zipper and is made to handle the important items in your life.

Measuring 25 by 12 ½ by 12 ½ inches in size, you get plenty of room to pack your clothes and other personal effects. Then the bag is durable enough to handle the wear and tear that comes when using it as checked baggage.

8. Komal’s Passion Leather Duffel Travel Leather Bag

8. Komal's Passion Leather 24 Inch Duffel Travel Gym Sports Overnight Weekend Leather Bag

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The light brown color on this leather travel bag should not clash with any outfit you have on. You should turn heads as you go through the terminal or different stations getting to your destination. Your good looks are complemented by the good looks that come with this duffel bag.

Also, along with the main compartment, you get 3 exterior pockets to hold your itinerary or other needed travel documents and supplies. The 24 by 11 by 11-inch dimensions provide you with a lot of space to pack all your clothes and accessories.

Plus, buckle and strap closures combine with a zipper to make sure your items stay inside where they belong. An adjustable shoulder strap allows you to find your comfortable carrying sweet spot with little trouble. Two handles are riveted on for security and safety.

7. Ulgoo Travel Duffel Bag

7. Ulgoo Travel Duffel Bag Canvas Bag PU Leather Weekend Bag Overnight

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The buckles and straps are merely eye candy. They are a part of this travel duffle bag to make you look stylish and part of the in-crowd. Plus, they work with the other leather accents to give your bag its strength and durability. The leather bottom should handle any surface you place it on.

Also, a zippered hidden pocket lets you stash important items and keep them away from the hands of thieves. Zippered closure on the main pocket, gives you top-down access. Then 5 interior pockets provide safe places for cell phones and other small items you like to carry.

With the adjustable strap and two handles, this 21 by 1 by 9-inch approx., the bag is easy to move from one place to another. The thick canvas fabric should handle any treatment you throw its way for years.

6. BAOSHA Canvas PU Leather Travel Duffel Bag

6. BAOSHA Canvas PU Leather Travel Tote Duffel Bag Carry on Bag Weekender Overnight Bag

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Like other bags on this list, you get a few colors to choose from. If you do not like one color, just keep looking. You will find one this bag has that you do like. Along with a color choice, you get to choose how to carry this duffel bag.

Plus, the shoulder strap is adjustable to fit just about anyone’s stature. Then the exterior of the bag holds 2 zippered pockets as well as buckles and straps This helps you protect your important items while making you look good at the same time.

Inspired by the military, this approx. 13 by 21 by 9-inch bag holds a lot of clothes and other items you may want along with you. Also, the reinforced leather bottom helps the canvas material withstand all the rough treatment this bag will face. A lifetime guarantee protects your investment in this bag.

5. Komal’s Passion Leather Duffel Travel Bag

5. Komal's Passion Leather 24 Inch Square Duffel Travel Gym Sports Overnight Weekend Leather Bag

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When it comes to leather duffel bags, there are a lot of limitations on the market. Make sure you check the brand name tags before you purchase. You do not want to waste money on a fake. This bag is made from 100% leather.

Also, a canvas lining adds to its durability and overall strength. On top of all this, you get 2 main compartments when you buy this 24 by 11 by 9-inch bag. That allows you to separate your dirty clothes from your clean clothes.

After you pack the main compartments, you still have 2 outer compartments that would like to help you hold your stuff. Before you get moving, you want to make sure you have attached the adjustable shoulder strap. This provides you with carrying options. The long handles may allow you to carry this duffel bag like a backpack.

4. SUVOM Canvas Duffle Bag Leather Bag

4. SUVOM Canvas Duffle Bag Leather Weekend Bag Carry On Travel Bag Luggage Oversized Holdalls for Men and Women

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Canvas is a very strong and durable construction fabric. When used with leather highlights, you get a duffel bag that makes you look intelligent and professional. After purchasing this leather and canvas bag your judgment should not be questioned.

Plus, when you couple the canvas with durable zipper closures this bag has, your items are safe and remain inside where they belong. Also, the leather accented exterior pockets give you plenty of room for other items you need to have with you.

After your bag is packed, the canvas fabric helps keep the heat away from your valuable items. Then you get roughly 3 interior pockets to hold those small items you do not want to lose. Its 22 by 9 by 12 dimensions make sure you have enough room or almost all of your travel items.

3. Bluboon Canvas Overnight Bag

3. Canvas Overnight Bag Travel Duffel Genuine Leather for Men and Women Weekender Tote

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Having a reinforced bottom on your leather duffel bag is a good thing. You get extra protection from rough treatment as well as the durability you need in a leather duffel bag. Then the soft to the touch but thick canvas construction material makes sure your bag lasts you for years.

With a variety of colors to choose from you can find an approx. 21 by 9 by 16 1/2” duffel bag to fit your travel needs. Just remember to not expose it too long to the sunny or the damp weather.

With the adjustable shoulder strap, the two leather handles, and the buckle and strap adornments, you get a great looking bag with carrying options. Plus, its 52-liter interior space allows you to get almost all your travel items inside with ease. Extra pockets let you store those smaller items you have to have with you.

2. KPL Vintage Leather Duffel Bag

2. KPL 21 Inch Vintage Leather Duffel Travel Gym Sports Overnight Weekend Duffel Bag

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Going traditional is also not a bad thing. It means you like solid items that will hold up to almost any normal treatment that comes it’s way. This 100% leather duffel bag is durable and should withstand the treatment that comes with your travels.

After your purchase, you can separate your dirty clothes from your clean ones. This allows you to work out and still dress professionally when you need to look good. In addition to this, you get extra smaller pockets to hold those valuables you want to be protected as you go from one place to another.

Plus, with its versatility, you can use this bag for other activities other than travel. It is a good gym bag and can handle other short-term duties quite well. The durable zipper closures work to keep all your items safely inside. There should be no accidental spills with them on the job.

1. S-ZONE Oversized Canvas Genuine Leather Trim Duffel Bag

1. S-ZONE Oversized Canvas Genuine Leather Trim Travel Tote Duffel Shoulder Handbag Weekend Bag

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With an oversized bag, you know you can get a lot of clothes and other needed items inside. The durable but soft to the touch canvas works hard to make sure your items are protected from harm.

Also, the leather trim and reinforcement ensure that this bag will look good and last for years to come. Either gender can use this leather duffel bag and look good as they go from place to place. Its multi-purpose bag makes sure you can use this bag for whatever activity you have in mind.

Measuring approx. 22 by 15 by 10 inches in size, you can get a lot of clothes and other items safely inside. But it is not so large that you cannot use this bag as carrying on luggage. Storage compartments and pockets keep you organized as you travel.

The Advantages of Using Leather Duffel Bags

When you switch to one of the top 10 best leather duffel bags in 2022, you are giving yourself a lot of advantages. Here are some of those advantages:


Leather is tough, hard to tear, and can withstand a lot of punishment when you travel

Looks good

Its timeless nature makes sure that you continue to look good no matter what the fashion trend happens to be

Professional look

Everything looks good in leather. It is better than plastic and looks a lot better than plastic could hope to look. You give yourself a professional look when you opt for leather items


Leather is not an easy fabric to ruin. You really have to try hard to take the natural and good looks out of a leather product


Leather breathes. This means that you can store items inside and know that they will not get affected by fungus or other bacteria that comes from a non-breathing product


While it is tough and durable, leather is also flexible. This feature is what adds to its durability and strength not hinders it.


While some leather products cost an arm and a leg, many are very budget friendly. This and their durability help you save over the long run

Nice odor

What can you say? Leather, when prepared right smells good all the time. Your nose and the noses around you won’t be offended by the leather smell


Lleather is an all-natural product that does not use any chemicals in its construction. This saves on pollution and other enemies of the environment


Going with a very durable and strong duffel bag is the smart way to travel. Not only do you get a bag that holds all your items safely, but it should also last you a long time. These savings can be found in one of the top 10 best leather duffel bags in 2022.

These backs are made to make sure they handle your travel needs without damaging your wallet. Only when you use the best do you get good results.