Best Combat Boots For Women in 2022


Are you a lover of boots? Well, Combat Boots are inspired by military boots worn by soldiers during training or live combats. The waterproof leather on them looks tough and menacing. Modern combat boots for women give women an edgy, dangerous and commanding appearance. They are designed for various purposes. Some of the purposes include protection against the cold during the winter season. They are also designed for grip and ankle stability for outdoor activities like hiking.

Women combat military boots are not only designed for the aforementioned reasons but are also designed to be stylish, trendy and also for comfort. These boots combine all the above aspects to make them ideal for daily use. They can handle a variety of tasks efficiently. For example, you can wear them to a hiking trip, for running daily errands and even when going storing shopping on the streets without neglecting your appeal.

Below we review the top 10 Best Combat Boots For Women in 2022. We have taken the time to conduct a thorough analysis and testing of the boots to highlight the differences as well as ease your work in choosing the best brand.

List of Best Combat Boots For Women in 2022

10. Sully’s Forever Link Mango-31v4.0


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The Mango-31 is a round toe military lace up knit combat boots. It is purely made from synthetic material. The sole is man-made and tough. It has an ankle cuff and small heel to emphasize its combat nature and also for comfort. The shaft measures about 7.5 from the arch and the platform measures roughly 0.25 to achieve a snug fit.

The Mango-31 comes in various sizes ranging from 5.5B (M) US to 10B (M) US. It also comes in different shades of dark colors including Tan Pu, Black Pu, Brown Pu, Taupe Pu, and Noir 15 among others to go with different outfits.

9. DailyShoes Tina Ankle Boots-Best Combat Boots For Women


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The DailyShoes Tina Ankle Boots are fold-down ankle boots designed with pockets on both sides of dimensions 2.25 inch by 3.25 inch that is perfect for storing small items like keys, ID, cash, credit cards, etc. It comes with a 1.5-inch sweater band for insulation against the cold.

The fold down top is designed to make one feel comfortable whether wearing leggings, trousers, jeans, and even skirts with tights. They are made from the finest vegan leather that comes in various vibrant colors to match many outfits. They come with high-quality rubber outsoles and a thick chunky heel which are lined with deep lugs for stability on the ice even when slippery.

8. DailyShoes Susan 01 Ankle Boots


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They are ankle-high military up buckle Combat boots that have an exclusive credit card pocket, useful for storing small items like credit cards, cash, ID, etc. The boots are imported and are made entirely from synthetic material. They feature a high-quality rubber sole that is comfortable, durable, and rigid as well as slip-resistant. The shaft length is approximately 9 inches from the arch.

They have diamond-quilted stitching on both sides for decorative looks. The opening circumference is about 9 inches with a padded collar for comfort. They come in various sizes ranging from 5 B (M) US to 13 B (M) US and different colors including Beige, Blue, Brown, Zebra, Red, Purple and Black Pu, Blue Denim, Camouflage Canvas among others.

7. Sully’s Sharper-1 Boots


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The Sully’s Sharper-1 does not contain any animal products. They are made wholly from synthetic material. The Sully’s are made in the USA or imported. Its outsole is made of high-quality rubber that is comfortable, durable, and slip resistant. The shaft measures close to 9 inches from the arch. The platform measures approximately 0.5 inches.

It comes with a low heel size of about 1 inch. Its design consists of the high ankle and round toe to give it a combat appearance. It comes in a variety of different sizes and dark colors to go with any outfit. The dimensions are 4 x 3 x 2 inches and have a shipping weight of around 8 pounds. It also comes with one free shoelace for every purchase.

6. Steve Madden Troopa Boots

Best Combat Boots For Women

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The Steve Madden Troopa boots are women’s lace-up boots that are made from high-quality leather. It is imported and boasts a ridged rubber outsole that is slip-resistant, durable, and comfortable. Its shaft measures 8 inches from the arch. It has a low heel of approximately one inch and its platform about zero inches for comfortable walking. Its opening circumference is about 10.5 inches for easy wearing and removal.

It has a sturdy, distressed leather upper and the Cognac leather very quickly resembles Brown leather. It has an inside zipper and laced up front for snug-fitting. It’s designed with a round toe and stitching detail to give it a combat style. It is unicolor with plenty of variations of colors and different sizes as well. It goes well with skirts for a softer look or tucked in skinny jeans for a trendy look. It’s shipping dimensions are 6 x 6 x 7 and weigh about 5 pounds.

5. West Blvd Cairo Combat Boots


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The West Blvd Cairo Combat Boots are 90s grunge-scene inspired military boots that are made entirely from Synthetic leather. It is made in the USA or imported. It features a crinkled synthetic leather upper that looks mean. The lace-up front has side zippers for easy on-off wear. It is designed with tonal stitching at the round toe caps. It also features two decorative buckles in the back.

The shaft measures approximately 12 inches from the arch. The platform measures close to 0.75 inches. It has a rubber made synthetic outsole that is slip resistant, comfortable, and durable. The heel is short at only one inch for comfortable walking. These combative boots can be paired with floral print dresses or black tights for that edgy and commanding look. The boots are unicolor with different colors and a wide variety of sizes.

4. West Blvd Lagos Combat Boots


The West Blvd Lagos Combat boots are a fold-over cuff option. It is made from 100% synthetic material; it does not contain any animal material, and it is made in the USA or imported. The plaid lining of these boots can be seen once you fold over the top shaft. It features a flat stacked heel of about one inch, and platform height is roughly 0.25 inches for comfortable walking.

It features a lace-up closure for a nice snug fit. Another thing, it features a round toe front, stitching accent, and synthetic leather upper for that combative look. More, it has a smooth interior lining and a lightly padded insole for added comfort. The distance between the arch and the shaft is approximately 5.5 inches. The Lagos combat has a simple design with different sizes and a uni-color body available in different variants of color.

3. Top Moda Combat Boots


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The Top Moda Combat Boot is a trendy military boot for women. It features a lace-up front for a snug fit. It features a full zipper décor on the side for both easy on-off wear as well as for design purposes. Moreover, it has a two buckle décor at the back and an all-around stitching detail as a design element.

It goes with everything, dresses, tights, and jeans. And, it has a low platform height of approximately 0.25 inches and a flat heel of about one inch for comfortable walking. So it has a smooth interior lining and a padded insole for comfort. It comes in different sizes and a uni-color body with various variants of colors. The distance between the shaft and the arch is approximately 8.25 inches.

2. DailyShoes Military Combat Boots


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The DailyShoes Military Combat Boots are half-high boots that are perfect for heading on a nature trail, running errands, or even doing street shopping. It comes with 11 available color options to match any outfit. The boots are made entirely from man-made materials. It is designed with a pocket on the upper that is suitable for storing essentials such as cash, pocket knife, credit cards, IDs, etc. The pocket is secured by a tight zipper to keep all the essentials safe. The opening circumference is approximately 13 inches, able to fit all sizes of women. It features a 9.75-inch boot shaft.

The rubber sole is slip resistant and features a unique traction grip for slippery surfaces such as icy sidewalks and loose gravel. They are made from extra sturdy vegan leather that is durable and resistant to wear and tear. The high ankle, round toes, and stitching accents give it a tough military look. The padded insole cushions the feet while walking to provide comfort. It features a short 1.2-inch heel and about 0.25 platform height for comfort. It comes in different sizes to fit all women with a variety of shoe sizes.

1. Refresh Wynne-01 Combat Boots

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The Wynne-01 are women’s combat style lace-up boots. They are made purely from manmade materials. It features a faux leather upper and accent stitching gives it a combative look. The round toes and high ankle give it a military appearance. It features a knitted flip over and collar that is padded with soft material and finished in a complementing color to the entire shoe. The shoe comes in only three colors, black, tan, and taupe that goes with all outfits.

This boot is extremely trendy and goes well with dresses, skirts, pants, tights, and jeans. The shaft and the arch distance is approximately 4 inches. The sole is made from synthetic rubber that is durable and slips resistant. The heel is relatively small at one inch and attached to it is a 0.5-inch platform for comfortable walking. The insole is padded to provide comfort while walking or running. The Wynne-01 comes in different boot sizes for all varieties of shoe sizes.


If there were ever a shoe for all day-to-day activities, then the women’s combat style boot would probably be it. As seen above, it checks all the boxes. It provides comfort, support, style among others features a woman should never compromise on. We sincerely hope we have helped you select the product that best suits your needs and falls within the budget.