Best Car Dash Cameras in 2022


Are you looking for the best dash camera? If this is the case, look no further, this article has the list of the Top 10 Best Car Dash Cameras In 2022 to cover all your needs. These dash cameras will provide appropriate video evidence in case you get into an accident. These cameras are fun to have and keep track of all the routes that you have taken during the day. Most dash cameras come with rearview cameras that help you to know what is going behind you thus increasing your safety. Here is our list of the Best Car Dash Cameras that will get value for money.

List of Best Car Dash Cameras in 2022

10. Black Box B40 A118 Stealth Dash Cam


The big attractions of this camera include the price, size, and function. This camera is small and can be discreetly mounted anywhere in your car without attracting any attention. The camera records in a seamless loop that does not require you to recheck whether it is still recording until when you need the footage. Another great feature that comes with this camera is a wide field of view and the ability to record in extremely low light.

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9. NHD-1080P 32GB 1.5″ LCD Road Dash Camera by Vafru


With this camera, you can have peace of mind for your safety because it records every road trip that you take. The camera is small and does not obstruct your driving view. It is not easily noticed by other motorists, this may lower your chance of litigation and liability. The dash camera also helps you to record the beautiful scenery as you drive and later enjoy watching it together with your family.

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8. E-prance New Ambarella A7 FHD Cam


This camera features a compact design that allows it to be mounted near the rearview for a cider field of about 170 degrees. The camera is of high quality and gives HD resolution videos that you can rely upon to capture the plate stamp if you get involved in an accident. This camera also comes with a GPS logger that helps you to recreate your route.

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7. HDE 1080p HD Dual Lens Dashboard cam-Best Car Dash Cameras


This is an inexpensive dashboard camera, which is a relatively small video camera with a built-in swivel that helps you to capture the best angle regardless of where you place it in your car. The camera also features advanced GPS information and provides all the information regarding an accident as well as recording all the beautiful scenery for you to enjoy the footage later with your family. The kit also includes a rear mount camera that has the ability to cover your entire car.

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6. TaoTronics Car Camera Full HD Cam


This camera features a large screen and a compact-sized camera that offers you only the best HD images. This camera also functions very well at night and has a loop recording functionality that starts recording automatically when you start your car.

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5. ETrance 4.3-Inch HD Screen and Car Cam


This camera offers you up to 360-degree field of view when you mount the front, side, and rear camera. The camera helps you to get an HD recording in every direction, motion detection, loop recording and has an amazing ability to record in low light. With this system, you will not require your rearview camera for you to drive safely.

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4. Timetec Road Hawk Dash Camera


This camera features GPS location with Google maps integration as well as speed and audio recording. This camera can give you all the information you need in case of an accident. Although Timetec Road Hawk Dash Camera is an expensive option you can rely on it to capture the plate image and is also a great multi-functional recording device to have in your car.

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3. 2.5″ TFT LCD Vehicle Car Camera Hd DVR Dashboard Recorder


This Vehicle Car Camera Hd DVR Dashboard Recorder is surprisingly less expensive and comes with LED lights for recording in low light situations. It comes with a 2.5-inch LC screen that allows for real-time streaming.

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2. WickedHD G1W 1080P Car Cam


The camera is small enough to be discreet even though it comes with a rather large screen. The camera comes with an HDMI output and records high quality HD pictures that are good enough to capture the license plate information in case of an accident.

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1. F170 Dashcam with full HD 1080P by Falcon Zero

Best Car Dash Cameras

F170 Dashcam is the number one of our top car dash cameras. This camera comes with GPS software as well as a GPS module that helps you to see your footage on a map coordinates. The camera is very useful in case of an accident because it comes with a gravity sensor that detects sudden jolts in a collision and locks the clips automatically so that it won’t be overwritten. The camera delivers the highest recording along with parking security, loop recording, motion sensor, and night vision capabilities.


With any of these dash cameras, you are assured to get the best footage to use in case of an accident or to enjoy the beautiful scenery together with your family. These cameras are affordable and record everything it sees as you drive in a loop so that you do not have to check or format your camera for it to start recording.