Top 10 Best Underwater Metal Detectors in 2022


Search for buried treasure, now you can make your search just abut anywhere you think your treasure could be found. When you turn to one of the top 10 best underwater metal detectors in 2022, your search options open up.

You can search for buried objects under the water or on land. Where you search is up to you as long as you have the best equipment helping you out. Plus, when you use a top quality metal detector, you should have more fun.

You never know what you will find under the water. Maybe a diamond ring or a gold coin. The fun is in the search. To find the best metal detectors that made our top 10 list just continue to read our review. It is filled with the information you need.

List of Best Underwater Metal Detectors Reviews

10. URCERI GC-1028 Metal Detector

10. URCERI GC-1028 Metal Detector High Accuracy Waterproof 2 Modes Outdoor Gold Digger with Sensitive Search Coil LCD Display for Beginners Professionals

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You shouldn’t miss too many pieces of buried treasure with this 8 1/2 inch waterproof coil on the job. It can scan up to 7” deep to make sure you find what you are looking for. Plus, it has the ability to be sensitive and not get triggered by false leads.

Also, the brightly lit LCD display lets you see your settings and keeps you informed of a discovery. All the controls are on its face and you can make adjustments as you walk. 7 buttons control all the action. There is also a jack for the included headphones to plug into.

Besides the headphones, you also get a shovel with your purchase. This top quality shovel will help you uncover what the metal detector has found. You are also able to adjust the volume on the alarm alert to keep others from hearing it.

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9. Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II

9. Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II w, Underwater Garrett Pro Pointer AT

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This basic metal detector may not be fancy looking or have a lot of bells and whistles, but it certainly can track treasure underwater. Once you get the pointer under the surface of the water, you should be able to detect silver at a 6” depth, give or take an inch.

Plus, the easy to use control panel lets you select which metals it should be detected through the elimination knob. The power knob gives you two more elimination selections to help narrow your search. Then if you do not want to disturb others while you search, just plug the included headphones in.

Its large coil provides yo with a wide search zone to make sure you do not miss anything as yo walk through the sand. The arm band should fit comfortably over your upper arm making carrying this metal detector easy.

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8. Garrett ACE 400 Metal Detector

8. Garrett ACE 400 Metal Detector with DD Waterproof Search Coil and Pro-Pointer II

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In this set you get all the buried treasure search equipment you will need. First, the waterproof coil measures 8 1/2 by 11 inches in size. This provides you with a good target zone. Second, a pinpointer attachment lets you refine your search even narrower.

On top of those features, you also get a digital display screen and only 6 buttons to make all your selections. You stay in charge of the sensitivity so you can have a fruitful search.

In addition, this kit also provides you with 4 AA batteries so you can get started on your quest as soon as you take this metal detector out of the box. The arm rest comes with a Velcro strap to secure it onto your arm. Finally, the iron audio lets you adjust your metals search. Your search for buried treasure became a whole lot simpler with this kit.

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7. URCERI Metal Detector

7. URCERI Metal Detector High Accuracy Waterproof Treasure Hunting Tool, 2 Modes Outdoor Gold Digger with Sensitive Search Coil

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When you set aside your precious time to do a metal search, you do not want to waste it. This metal detector provides you with accurate readings both above and below the water’s surface. The almost 9-inch coil shouldn’t miss anything as you go abut your quest.

Also, the control panel uses LED display and only a couple of buttons to refine your settings. You can keep tabs on what it sees and make sure it is valuable before you start to dig.

Two modes should be all you need to uncover hidden artifacts from the past. Then once you find them you can use the included shovel to unearth what your metal detector has discovered. The included headphones ensure that you do not miss an alert. They keep the surrounding sound out as you listen.

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6. Fisher F22 Weatherproof Metal Detector

6. Fisher F22 Weatherproof Metal Detector with Submersible Search Coil

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Having a search coil work underwater is a great tool to have along. You can expand your search parameters and get more opportunities to find something valuable. The 9-inch coil can track metals up to about 9 inches deep.

Also, you have 10 sensitivity settings to make sure you do not waste your time. The digital readout on the LCD display makes sure there is no confusion when the results come in. They also let you adjust your settings giving you a clear view of the numbers, etc.

2 AA batteries bring the metal detector to life and give yo access to all ts features. You can use he 4 modes and listen to the 4 alert tones once you get the power to the control panel. Weighing only about 2 1/2 pounds, your arm should not get tired holding this metal detector.

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5. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC PRO Series Metal Detector

5. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC PRO Series Metal Detector - Ultimate Treasure Hunter with Pinpointer

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National Geographic is more than just magazines. It can help you find your treasure no matter where it lays. This underwater metal detector uses a 10-inch coil to do its searching. Plus, it can send signals 12 inches under the surface to make sure you get a chance at what is buried there.

Also, the adjustable metal detector uses a clear LCD display to keep you up to date o what is happening.. With 3 modes and 4 sensitivity levels you should be able to avoid the junk and latch on to the treasure.

A strap holds the metal detector comfortably o your arm and should not tire it out. Plus, there is a jack to plug in your headphones if there is too much noise around you. This underwater metal detector is also very lightweight and should not be too heavy for older people.

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4. RM RICOMAX Metal Detector

4. RM RICOMAX Metal Detector - High-Accuracy Metal Finder with Discrimination Mode, Tone Mode

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When you need high accuracy in detecting metals, you may want to consider this model. It uses a needle and a meter to let you know you are close to an important discovery. Plus, you can adjust the sensitivity with one knob.

The other knobs give you disc and tone adjustments to make sure you do not walk past something you may want to dig up. Also, the 8-inch search coil works to a depth of 8”. This should be enough depth to help you have a successful day.

How precise you want your search is up to you. You stay in control of all the features on the control panel. Once you place the two 9 volt batteries inside, you should have a great time on your search for fame and fortune. The shaft goes from 33 inches to 40 1/2 inches approx.

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3. KKmoon Metal Detector

3. KKmoon Metal Detector, 98ft Waterproof Handheld Pinpointer, Pulse Induction Metal Detector

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Here is a good underwater metal detector when you want to take your treasure hunt a little deeper than wading. Rated for up to 98 feet, you can search those underwater areas most people do not do. It’s not very large and can hang at your hips to stay out of the way.

Also, it uses vibration and an LED light to let you know when you have come across something worth digging up. To turn it on or off all you have to do is tilt it to one side. If you are not going under the water, this metal detector works well on land in the rain.

When it is on, this metal detector will pick up different metals at different depths. A quarter can be found at 10mm deep while a silver dollar can hide unless it is beyond 15mm deep.

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2. New Home Innovations Ultimate Metal Detector

2. Ultimate Metal Detector For Adults - Waterproof Pro Detectors With Pinpointer For Kids

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This underwater metal detector is made for those adults who haven’t given up the dream of finding something valuable. 3 knobs control the sensitivity, the elimination feature and the volume. You can set the alert tones to whatever level you need them at.

Once your 5-8” coil comes across a possible find, you can watch the needle jump. You can also use the needle to pinpoint exactly where your possible treasure lays buried. After you tire of searching the water, you can take your search to dry land and not miss a beat. This metal detector works in both environments.

Also, an included shovel makes unearthing your discovery a lot easier and faster. On top of that, you get a 72-page book teaching you how to do metal detecting. This instruction should help you save time and embarrassment.

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1. Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector

1. Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector

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Once you step into the water and turn this metal detector on, the 8-inch search coil goes to work. Using the power of 2 9 volt batteries, the coil tirelessly searches for hidden artifacts. 2 alert tones fills you in on what it has found.

Also, you get a meter and a needle letting you the region your new treasure is located. The meter is controlled by two knobs that let you refine your search and keeping the search to those metals you are interested in.

Plus, once you start your search, you can find larger objects even f they are buried 3 feet under the sand and dirt. Coins and other smaller items need to be less than 8 inches under the ground. Once you made the discovery all you have to do is dig it up an ad that shouldn’t take to long.

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Tips to dig up your buried treasure

Some people search for their treasure along the beach. It is easier and they do not need permission to do their searches. Other people expand their searches and actually go on people’s property. In this case, they will need to get permission and so should you.

But in either case, it helps to know how to dig properly so you do not mess up the area or lose your artifact.. here are some tips on how to dig the right way:

  • Once you get a hit, kneel down and take out your shovel. Measuring from the target go back 3-5 inches and insert your shovel into the ground
  • If there is grass, you want to cut a horseshoe-shaped design but only cut the sod, do not dig too deep just yet. You can go in either a clockwise or a counterclockwise direction
  • Cut underneath the sod, and flip it out of the way. Make a check to see if your artifact is hidden in the dirt in the sod
  • If you do not see your discovery just yet do a careful search to see if you moved it. Use your pinpointer to help you find the exact spot
  • Dig till you find your discovery but don’ through the dirt away. You will need it to refill the hole. Once you have refilled it, place the sod back over the spot.
  • Digging in the sand is a lot easier but you have to watch to make sure the hole doesn’t refill with more sand.

Searching for buried treasure can be exciting. You never know what you will find. That fact keeps your interest up and helps you continue to search until you find something valuable.

Using one of the top 10 best underwater metal detectors in 2022 is a sure way to keep your interest up. They are top search tools that help you use metal detecting as a hobby and to relieve stress. Who knows, when you use the best, you might have great results.