Top 15 Best Tree Swings in 2022


Do you remember, those old rope swings with a tire tied to the bottom end? They were a lot of fun. Now you can recreate those fond childhood memories by using one of the top 15 best tree swings in 2022.

These tree swings are durable, unique and a lot of fun. They can help you establish some good memories for and have a great time bonding with your children. This is simplicity at its best and they do not take a long time to install. You just need a strong tree branch

If you are not sure which tree swings made our top 15 list, just continue to read. You may find one that is perfect for you Our review is filled with the information you need to know so you can relax in comfort and stress-free swings

List of Best Tree Swings in 2022

15. Play Platoon Flying Saucer Tree Swing

15. Play Platoon Flying Saucer Tree Swing - 400 lb Weight Capacity, Fully Assembled, Easy to Install

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4 ropes turn into two when you install this tree swing. Its 30” diameter is kept level by four ropes and then two ropes suspend it from your tree branch. The swing will hold up to 400 pounds of weight. That means both children and adults can use it safely.

In addition to that, the steel frame is durable and strong. Plus, the fabric is water resistant and lets the water drain away from your clothes. You get a 1-year warranty with your purchase but if you register online, you can receive two more years of coverage

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14. Trekassy Saucer Tree Swing

14. Trekassy 700lb Saucer Tree Swing for Kids Adults 40 Inch 900D Oxford Waterproof Frame with 2 Hanging Straps

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The large 40” diameter steel frame can hold up to 4 kids or 2 adults with ease. It comes with a 700-pound weight limit which gives you plenty of useful options. Plus, you get 2 5’ tree straps to secure the swing to the best branch on your tree.

The Oxford fabric is weather resistant and wraps around the anti-rust frame giving you comfort and the frame extra protection. Two stainless steel carabiners secure the safety ropes to the tree straps. The 71-inch ropes give you and your family plenty of head and body room as you sit on the frame.

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13. WONDERVIEW Tree Swing

13. WONDERVIEW Tree Swing, Outdoor Swing with Hanging Strap Kit, 40 Inch Diameter 600lb Weight Capacity

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The green color on this 40-inch tree swing blends right in with its surroundings. People may not see you sitting there when they visit. Along with the large size, you get up to 600-pound weight capacity. You and your spouse can spend romantic moments sitting in the tree.

An included hanging kit makes installation simple and easy. Plus the adjustable ropes lets you set the height to where you want it to be. Reinforced stitching and strong PE rope make sure that you do not suffer from broken equipment. Children of all ages can have fun o this tree swing.

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12. Pellor Indoor Outdoor Wood Tree Swing

12. Pellor Indoor Outdoor Wood Tree Swing Seat Chair Child Adult Kid

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If you are an old fashioned type of guy or girl, this tree swing may appeal to you. It is inspired by the old time tree swings you saw people use centuries ago, The seat is made from non=-slip materials so you bottom stays in the seat.

Then the adjustable ropes let you have a little choice. You get to decide where the seat hangs when you are finished installing it. He seats measures approx. 18 by 8 inches in size giving you enough room to sit comfortably. The maximum weight load is 220 pounds and it is easy to install.

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11. SUPER DEAL Saucer Tree Swing Set

11. Attaches to Trees or Existing Swing Sets - Adjustable Hanging Ropes - for Kids

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The waterproof fabric lets you enjoy this tree swing without getting yourself wet. Measuring 40” in diameter, you have a stable and strong swing underneath you. Your canine friend and you can spend some quality time together discussing the trials of the day.

That is because the swing will hold up to 440 pounds. Also, 1 or more children can play together on this swing. It is very strong and durable. A no questions asked lifetime warranty provides the coverage you need and lets you return it for any reason without hassles. The cover is made from strong oxford polyester for a lifetime of use.

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10. Fun Tree Swings Hanging Wooden Tree Swings

10. anging Wooden Tree Swings for Adult Kids Children Teen with Straps

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Sometimes the most simple things are the most enjoyable and the most fun. It doesn’t take much to get joy out of a good tree swing. This version comes with 7 1/2 foot straps, an 18 by8 inch approx. Seat and a 220-pound weight limit.

Also, the swing seat can be painted. Use your creativity to give it a design that reflects you. No tools are required to hang this tree swing. Just follow the instructions to make sure you get it right. The key is to find the right tree that is strong enough to hold the weight.

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9. Royal Oak Giant Spider Web Tree Swing

9. Spider Web Tree Swing, 600 lb Weight Capacity, Durable Steel Frame, Waterproof

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The webbing style makes sure your body can breathe as you sit on the 40-inch diameter swing seat. Then you can spruce it up with colorful removable flags. Keep changing its look by changing flags

Once you have installed it, you can place up to 600 pounds on it and still have a good time. 2 carabiners are included to make sure you hang the swing level. The webbing is made from very strong nylon cord that will make sure you do not fall through You. The straps do not come with the tree swing may need to buy an installation kit to make sure it installs properly

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8. Swinging Monkeys Product Web Chair Swing

8. Web Chair Swing

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The unique feature on this tree swing is that it is an actual chair. You get a mesh back and seat for comfort and support. The pergola is designed to handle your weight without complaint.

After you have installed the swing, you can get about 400 pounds maximum inside. 4 ropes make sure that the tree swing chair remains level and does not tilt and let you fall out. You should have all the necessary hardware to assemble the chair. Plus, it only takes minutes to get up and ready to use. It is so easy, even a non-handyman can do it.

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7. KHOMO GEAR – Extra Large Diameter Swing

7. KHOMO GEAR - Extra Large 40 Inches Diameter Swing & Spin Set - Complete Set - Includes Tree Swing Hanging Kit

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Spiderman is still big, even after all these years. This spiderman inspired tree swing does not take a long to get ready to be installed. It also does not take a long time to install one. You will be sitting in your tree swing in no time.

The rope has UV protection and should not stretch or stain. Once you have it up and ready to go, 250 pounds can be placed on top of it. Plus, it has all the adapters you need to hang it on a swing set or a tree branch. Powder coated steel tubing ensures that this swing will hold up under normal use.

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6. Sorbus Saucer Tree Swing

6. Sorbus Saucer Tree Swing in Multi-Color Rainbow – Kids Indoor

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Your family will be known as the family who has a tree swing with many colors. This 40” diameter tree swing is rainbow colored and comes with matching removable flags. Its size lets 2 to 3 kids sit on it at the same time.

Plus, you can use this tree swing indoors or out. Its multi-location capability allows you to place it where you want. The 4 ropes keep it level while the two longer ropes make sure you or your kids can swing. The seat will hold up to 220 pounds at one time.

A 63-inch suspension rope handles all the heavy work and keeps the tree swing swinging. The tough fabric should hold up to your kid’s treatment without worry.

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5. Springcoo Tree Swing

5. Diameter Very Large Swing for Multiple Kids Play,Height Adjustable

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The bright orange, yellow and green colors will make sure you stand out when you install this tree swing. Measuring 40 inches in diameter, it will hold 2 or 3 kids with ease. Plus, it can handle a total of 400 pounds when called upon to do so.

Also, besides the bright color design, you get brightly colored flags to let everyone know you have a tree swing. You can take the flags down at any time. Then when you are installing the swing, you can make the call as to how high it will hang.

The ropes are adjustable giving you some leeway in placement locations. Water is not an enemy of this tree swing and it will drain off fairly quickly leaving you with a dry place to sit.

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4. Swurfer The Original Tree Swing

4. Swurfer The Original Tree Swing with Skateboard Seat Design and Adjustable Handles

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Add a little innovation to your tree swing. Get the original tree swing with a skateboard seat design, You or your kids can practice their skateboard moves by hanging on to the rope handles and maneuvering the seat with their feet

The skateboard seat measures 33 by 10 inches in size. It comes with a 60-foot rope that is capable of holding up to 250 pounds. Another good aspect that comes with this tree swing is that you can get your exercise in,

The seat will help you develop your core muscles while toning your arms and legs. Set up is not that difficult as the instructions are very clear and easy to read.

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3. Trailblaze Giant Web Tree Swing

3. Trailblaze Giant Web Tree Swing + Hanging Straps Kit

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This 40-inch tree swing is a good tool to help your young children fall asleep. If you have difficulty getting them down for their nap, a few backs and forth motions on this spiderman swing should do the trick.

Plus you can sit with your kids while they calm down and get drowsy. The swing will hold up to 600 pounds. An installation kit is part of your purchase and helps you get the tree swing installed in no time.

The leveling ropes attach to extra long straps to make sure you get the swing where you want it. You get a love it or leave it to guarantee. Talk to the seller for the details and the time term.

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2. M & M Sales Enterprises tree swing

2. M & M Sales Enterprises Web Riderz Outdoor Swing

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It may only have a 39-inch diameter but that is still large enough to hold several kids at the same time. The weight capacity makes all the difference. This tree swing holds up to 600 pounds. Two 4” carabiners do all the heavy lifting and keep you and your family safe.

The four support ropes come together and attach to one big metal ring. This keeps the tree swing from spinning and only lets it act as a swing. This may be good or bad. It just depends on what you want to do.

The steel frame is nice and sturdy and should last you a long time under normal use. Little effort is needed to hook it up and start swinging

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1. Wildjue Tree Swing Hanging Strap Kit

This kit provides you with easy to install straps that are hard to break. They are rated to handle 2000 pounds each, The straps are made so that they do not harm the tree branch you install them on.

After taking the 5 minutes or so to install these straps, you just attach your carabiners and then your tress swing ropes. It is that simple and once you get it done you can enjoy nice romantic evenings with your significant other.

No tools are needed to put these straps around the tree branch and get them ready for the ropes of the tree swing. Anyone can do it with ease.

To conclude, installing a tree swing is easier and faster than setting up a regular swing. They do not take a lot of room up in your yard and you do not need a safety zone surrounding it. All you do is attach the straps to the tree branch, then attach your ropes and you are good to go.

Having a trees swing in your yard can help you relieve a lot of stress as well. You can sit there swinging back and forth, letting the cares of the day melt away