Best Roof Rakes in 2022


If you are living in the region that receives massive snowfall during the winter season, you must be facing a huge problem of snow accumulation on the roof. Cleaning such snow accumulation is a headache for homeowners without Roof Rakes.

You should clean the snow on the roofs as soon as possible as it can damage the roof significantly. There are dedicated roof rakes available for easily from the roof ladder. It is designed for raking snow off the roof easily with no damage. Check out such top 11 best roof rakes in 2018 below.

List of Best Roof Rakes in 2022

11. Snow Roof Rake Scraper

11. Snow Roof Rake Scraper, 24 in, 16 ft.

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The lightweight construction of this roof rake allows you to use it without any hassle. This is perfect for scraping the snow from your roof as it includes an efficient aluminum blade of 24 inches. In this, you will find an extra-long handle of 16 feet that lets you reach in tough areas without getting on the roof. Moreover, the handle is in a telescopic design that lets you store it conveniently.

Additionally, this is durable and does the task very well. The blade height of 4.5 inches cleans efficiently in a single swipe and makes the task of removing ice very convenient. Furthermore, this is perfect for winters and protects your house from snow formation.

Reasons To Buy 

  •  Extra-large handle for tough areas.
  •  Telescopic handle for convenient storage.
  •  Protects your house from snow-formation.

10. CWEI Roof Snow Rake- Roof Rakes


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Available in an attractive design, this roof rake has an efficient performance. This can remove snow as well as other debris from your roof without the need for a ladder. Moreover, this is lightweight that makes it easy to use. Additionally, the retractable pole allows you to reach in peak areas as the handle can extend to up to 20 feet and includes a powerful non-slip grip.

It comes in an ergonomic design and comes with a long oxford slide. This is perfect for roofs of different sizes and allows you to save labor. Furthermore, this comes with a head cutter for easy removal of snow and has wheels. This is suitable for multiple applications and is in a convenient design to prevent any damage.

Reasons To Buy

  •  Comes with a non-slip grip.
  •  Head-cutter for easy snow removal.
  •  Ideal for multiple operations.

9. SGLL Roof Snow Scraper


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The unique design of this roof rake makes it ideal for removing snow from the roof. This has heavy-duty performance and is resistant to deformation. It will let you have better control and includes a wide head cutter. Additionally, the head cutter includes wheels that protect your roof and ensure that there will be no back strain.

Moreover, the telescopic handle can extend up to 20 feet that make you reach in extended areas. The nylon snow slide easily slides in smooth areas for easy use and is ideal for winters. Furthermore, this has a durable construction that makes you use it season after season. With this, you can prevent the damage from heavy snow piles and save money from repairs.

Reasons To Buy 

  •  Heavy-duty, rust, and deformation-resistant construction.
  •  Nylon snow-slide for smooth sliding.
  •  A wide head-cutter offers better control.

8. Roof Rake by SSCJ


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This roof rake includes a non-slip handle that eliminates the chance of having unwanted slipping. The rubber handle will give you a comfortable experience and lets you have better control. Moreover, this is safe to use and does not damage your roof. Furthermore, this is lightweight and is resistant to wear. This is made of ABS plastic and comes with an aluminum pipe.

You will also find an aluminum roof sled for easy usage that makes you remove different types of debris. Additionally, this comes in a telescopic design that lets you store it conveniently when not in use. This is also lightweight and allows you to lock in three sections. The aluminum tube has four sections where it can reach up to 6.4 meters.

Reasons To Buy

  •  Wear-resistant and lightweight rake.
  •  The handle locks in three sections.
  •  Reaches up to 6.4-meters.

7. Snow Joe Snow Shovel Roof Rake


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Here is a roof rake that lets you remove the snow without much effort. This can also remove wet leaves as well as other debris from the roof and comes in a lightweight design. Moreover, this will let you have easy handling and comes in a unique design. The roof rake comes with a telescopic pole that allows you to adjust it to 21 feet.

Additionally, this has a sturdy construction and is ideal for preparing for winters. The pole has the feature of twist and lock that lets you have better control. Furthermore, this comes at an affordable value and has a convenient operation. With it, you can save your money on costly repairs and avoid the need for hiring professionals.

Reasons To Buy

  •  Twist lock offers better control.
  •  Removes snow, debris, and wet leaves.
  •  Telescopic handle for convenient storage.

6. Garelick Roof Brush –  Best Roof Rakes


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Available in a multifunctional design, the roof rake will allow you to use it for removing snow from solar panels, shake roofs, and satellite dishes. This can effectively remove pinecones, leaves, and needles and provide you with a clean roof. Moreover, this has a wide brush of 18 inches that removes the debris without any hassle.

Furthermore, the brush head comes in a lightweight design, and you can easily attach a pole of your preference. This is compatible with extension poles of round diameter having a 1-inch diameter and is ideal for winters. Additionally, this is perfect for roof areas and does the task efficiently. It also comes at an economical value and lets you have convenient storage.

Reasons To Buy

  •  Wide brush for removing multiple debris.
  •  Brush head easily attaches to any pole.
  •  Ideal for cleaning tight areas.

5. Goplus Snow Roof Rake


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The large blade of 6.25 inches will let you remove snow piles with ease. The roof rake has efficient performance and has a lightweight structure. Moreover, this is very strong and is ideal for removing snow and other wet debris. Furthermore, the telescopic structure comes with the feature of twist and lock and allows you to extend to up to 21 inches.

You will also find a non-slip pole that resists skidding and lets you have easy control. Additionally, this is safe to use and eliminates the risk of having an injury. This is made of corrosion-resistant aluminum and is in an easy to assemble design. The roof rake will ensure that you don’t have to climb up the roof to clear the unwanted snow.

Reasons To Buy

  •  The skid-free pole offers easy control.
  •  The pole is easy to assemble.
  •  Suitable for removing snow, wet debris.

4. Extreme Max Roof Snow Rake


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Equipped with an easy snap handle, the roof rake lets you assemble it with ease. This is made of lightweight aluminum and is very durable. With it, you can have easy maneuver, and this has a strong resistance to corrosion.

Moreover, this comes with blade rollers that protect the shingles and ensures that there is a close shave. The wide blade wide does superior performance and clears more snow in a single sweep.

Furthermore, this has an angled blade that is very effective on roofs with a low pitch. You can easily use it on two-story houses and takes less space to store. Additionally, this is perfect for outdoor use and lets you have easy maneuver. The roof rake lets you have extended reach and offers you a firm grab.

Reasons To Buy

  •  Blade-rollers to protect the shingles.
  •  Clears more snow in a single sweep.
  •  Provides easy maneuverability.

3. Garant Poly Blade Snow Roof Rake


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If you are looking for a roof rake that comes in a durable design, then this is the one for you. This has a large blade of 24 inches which removes more snow in a single swipe. The polyethylene blade moves swiftly and eliminates any damage to your rooftop.

Additionally, the aluminum handles come in a lightweight design that lets you use it without much struggle. It also has an anti-slip grip that makes you hold it without the risk of slipping. Moreover, it lets you have optimal comfort and has efficient performance.

The handle is in three sections to make you reach tough areas without the need of having a ladder. Furthermore, this is ideal for removing snow and works great on low roofs. The snow rake comes at an affordable value and is perfect for saving your house in winter. With this, you can have peace of mind as it is sturdy and does the job well.

Reasons To Buy 

  •  Polyethylene blade moves swiftly.
  •  Works great on low roofs.
  •  The pole offers an anti-slip grip.

2. Snow Joe Snow Shovel Roof Rakes


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Are you looking for a roof rake that lets you use it with ease? This comes in a lightweight design that provides easy handling. In this, you will find a large aluminum head that lets you have maximum cleaning. This is ideal for removing snow as well as wet leaves, and you don’t have to climb on the roof. Moreover, this has a telescopic pole where you can easily extend it from 6.2 – 21 feet.

Furthermore, the pole has the feature of twist-and-lock and includes a durable handle that lets you hold it without any effort. With this, you can prevent the damage from snow as it lets you remove the debris and avoid repairs to your roof.

Additionally, this comes at an affordable value and eliminates the need of having a ladder. The clearing width of 25 inches makes you clean more in a single swipe and makes the task of removing snow very easy.

Reasons To Buy 

  •  Lightweight design offers easy maneuverability.
  •  Removes maximum snow in one sweep.
  •  The telescopic handle offers extended reach.

1. Garelick Aluminum Snow Roof Rake


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The roof rake will let you use it conveniently as it has shingle saver rollers. This is also safe to use as the blade does not touch the surface of the roof and reduces the chances of damaging the roof. This has a blade of 24 inches and has a length of 21 feet. Moreover, this is easy to roll up on the roof that lets you easily remove snow. With it, you can avoid ice dams from your roof and prevent unwanted weight on the terrace.

Additionally, it does the task efficiently and comes in an easy to assemble design. It includes an anti-slip poly grip of the extension tube that makes it easy to hold. Furthermore, this makes you prepare for the winter, and you don’t have to make much effort while using it. It bends significantly and improves your reach.

Reasons To Buy

  •  Anti-slip poly handle for better grip.
  •  The pole bends to improve reachability.
  •  The blade does not surface.

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There are a lot of factors to consider while buying a roof rake. First of all, the reach matters as the height and the spread of the roof vary from one home to another. The weight of the rake is also important as it should be lightweight for easy maneuverability.

Besides, the width has to be good enough for easy taking off the snow. Apart from that, you should check for the clearing blade or scoop and how much you can reach out with it. We have done our best to handpick the best roof rakes and hence, you do not have to worry about the quality.