Top 10 Best Pet Nail Clippers in 2022


Pedicures are not difficult to do, especially when you are looking after your favorite canine pet. You can trim their nails using one of the top 10 best pet nail clippers in 2022. These nail clippers ensure that your pet is safe throughout the whole process.

Also, they are not that difficult to use. You can master these nail clippers in no time helping to keep your dog relaxed. A relaxed dog makes clipping their nails a lot better. Also, trimming your pet’s nails is an act of love. It is a small way to give back to someone who gives you so much.

When you use the best nail clippers available for your pet, you are telling them that you appreciate their love. You also say that they mean a lot to you and you care how they look and feel.

List of best Pet Nail Clippers in 2022

10. Shiny Pet Nail Clippers

10. Pet Nail Clippers for Small Animals - Best Cat Nail Clippers & Claw Trimmer for Home Grooming Kit

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Get a head start on grooming your dog with one of the best nail clippers around. These eco-friendly nail clippers are made from recycled material and combine with the stainless-steel shafts to look good as you work.

Also, the ergonomic handle is easy on your hands as you clip away. These nail clippers are designed for small pets only. They shouldn’t fit larger dog breeds or their large sized nails. Plus, the sharp stainless-steel blades make short work of any of your dog’s nails.

In addition to all of this, the blades are hypoallergenic. They should not harm your dog or bring harmful bacteria to their bodies. Then the nail clippers will work on cats, kittens and even other small animal pets you have around the house. A sure grip keeps the clippers in your hands as you work.

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9. Millers Forge Stainless Steel Dog Nail Clipper

9. Millers Forge Stainless Steel Dog Nail Clipper, Plier Style

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Packaged by itself, you know that once you open the packaging, these nail clippers are safe to use. There is no fear of germs or harmful bacterial getting to the cutting blades. Made in the US, you can do your patriotic duty and pick up a pair or two for your housebound pets.

Then with the spring-loaded handles and comfortable no-slip grip, you can clip your pet’s nails with ease. Plus, a lock is included to keep the clippers nice and safe when not in use. You also get a built-in guard to protect against any over cutting.

The good news is that you can use these nail clippers on almost any breed of dog. The only exclusion is the largest dog breeds. These plier styled pet nail clippers are easy to use and hold. Your hands shouldn’t get tired as you clip your dog’s nails.

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8. Millers Forge Quality Nail Clipper

8. Millers Forge Quality Nail Clipper

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A spring-loaded assembly means that your nail clipping duties just got a little easier. You can open and close these clippers much faster, ensuring a better and quicker pedicure for your pets. The rubberized handles make them easy to hold as well.

With the stainless-steel blades, you can make short work of your large dog’s nails. These clippers are designed to work with pets weighing over 40 pounds. Also, the heavy-duty blades should last you a long time. They are strong and durable tools to use.

Made in Italy, you get fine European craftsmanship at your fingertips. Plus, the stainless-steel shaft should withstand years of nail clipping duties. In addition, the blades cut from both sides. This will speed up your nail clipping task and make your dog a lot happier. A single nut and screw hold this nail clipper together.

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7. Pro Pet Works Dog Nail Clippers

7. ro Pet Works<p style=[Dog Nail Clippers Trimmer with Nail File for Grooming Large Dogs and Small” width=”600″ height=”600″ />

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You can trim the nails on your favorite pet whether they are a large or small breed. Plus, they are designed to help the novice nail clipper trim the nails on their dog. A built-in nail file helps you dull the nail edges, so your dog can walk better.

Also, a built-in nail guard makes sure you do not over trim your pet’s nails. The ergonomically designed handle does not tire your hand out. This keeps you from making any nail clipping mistakes. Then the spring action makes opening and closing the clippers very easy.

Because they are manual clippers, your dog should not be afraid of their nail clipping time. This atmosphere helps you trim quickly, easily and without worry. The sharp blade will not prolong your chore and should be durable enough to last you for years of trimming duties.

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6. GoPets Nail Clippers for Dogs & Cats

6. oPets Nail Clippers for Dogs & Cats with 1 Nail File

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The bright orange color on the handles should help keep you alert as you trim your dog’s nails. Then these professionally designed nail clippers are extremely easy to use. Its spring-loaded handle opens and closes quickly, keeping your nail clipping time to a minimum.

On top of these features, you get a 3 ½ mm thick stainless-steel blade that is very sharp. The blade will slice through your dog’s nails with little difficulty. A locking feature ensures that the blades stay protected when not in use.

Also, you get the standard nail cutting guard. This protects against any over cutting that can happen during nail clipping time. Plus, the ergonomically designed handle is easy to hold as you work. The blade is as sharp or sharper than a samurai sword. That is cutting power at its finest.

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5. Pet Republique Professional Dog Nail Clippers

5. Pet Republique Professional Dog Nail Clippers and Dog Nail Grinder Series

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Don’t let the clipper’s small size fool you. They are tough enough to handle your pet nail clipping duty. The stainless-steel blade comes very sharp so be careful when you take it out of the package. The metal construction keeps the clippers nice and durable.

Also, with top quality construction, these clippers should not fall apart. They should last you for years. Designed to handle the nails of smaller breeds of dogs and cats, you should get a lot of actin out of these nail clippers.

One trick you can use in cutting your pet’s nails. Use a little baby oil to see where to cut the nail correctly. The baby oil should highlight the cutting area making nail clipping a better experience for both you and your pet. Plus, nothing says you can’t cut their nails twice in a week.

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4. Omega Pet Dog Nail Clippers

4. Dog Nail Clippers Large Breed - Easy to Use Dog Nail Trimmer and Toenail Clippers

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Even large dogs need a helping hand when it comes to keeping their paws looking nice and pretty. Using these large dog nail clippers gives you a foot up on making your dog more comfortable as they walk. Just a little pressure and the nails are clipped.

Plus, the extra-long no-slip grip handles to keep the nail clippers in your hand. This helps you avoid any clipping errors that might bring pain to your pet. The sharp stainless-steel blades are easy to keep dirt and germ-free.

In addition to all of this, you get a nail guard to make sure you do not over cut your dog’s nails. A locking system works to protect the blades and keeps them sharp when you are not using them. Then the spring-loaded handle is not hard to use.

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3. Boshel Dog Nail Clippers

3. Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer By Boshel - With Safety Guard to Avoid Over-cutting Nails & Free Nail File

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A built-in nail file helps you do a complete pedicure on your favorite pet. You just slip it out of the handle and smooth out any rough edges. This helps your dog walk more comfortably and enjoy their nail clipping time.

Also, the 3 12 mm thick stainless-steel blades are sharp enough to make your nail clipping duty go by fast. Just a little pressure and you can move on to the next nail or paw. With its ergonomically designed handle, your hands should be as comfortable as your pet is, if not more.

The no-slip grip keeps the nail clippers from slipping out of your hand and cutting too much nail off. A nail safety blade works to keep you from cutting too much nail off as well. Keep your nail clippers sharp by using the lock system when you do not need to use them.

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2. Epica Best Professional Pet Nail Clipper

2. Best Professional Pet Nail Clipper,Easy and Safe To Use

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When you need to clip your dog’s nails, you need to go with those nail clippers that are the best. The semi-circular blades on this professionally designed nail clipper help you make that perfect cut every time. Plus, the high-grade steel construction remains sharp.

Once you have these clippers in your hands, they should stay there. Their specially designed no-slip grip works to prevent slipping. Your hand should also be comfortable as you work the spring action handles. The rubber coating gives you a little padding as you work

After you are done, you just close the handles and slip the locking mechanism into place. This protects your blades for the next time you need them. T doesn’t take much cleaning or sterilization to keep the blades and metal shaft germ and bacteria free.

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1. Safari Professional Nail Trimmer

1. Safari 770045 Professional Nail Trimmer

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One of the keys to great nail clipping is to use a nail clipper that comes with a good handle. Your hand has to hold the clipper, so you want to make sure it fits your hand and stays there. This nail clipper comes with a great ergonomically designed handle to make nail clipping simple and easy.

Next, a great nail clipper has a very sharp metal blade. Again, this nail clipper provides you with a durable, strong and very sharp stainless-steel blade. Plus, a safety top ensures that you do not harm your dog or yourself. The blade is easy to keep clean,

Finally, a great nail clipper has a protective locking mechanism. This makes sure your blade does not get damaged in between uses. This nail clipper has that feature as well. The spring-loaded handle makes opening and closing the clippers quick.

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How often should you cut your dog’s nails

This is a good question. When dog owners want to save money, they do it themselves. One of the tasks they take from the groomer is nail clipping. Not many know how to do this or how often.

The answer to the question is it depends. It depends on the type of surface your dog walks or plays on. It depends on if they are lazy or not and so on. The general rule of thumb, if you need an actual time frame, is once a month.

This will make sure your dog’s nails do not touch the ground when they walk around or play.

Tricks to cut your dog nails

Even when you use one of the top 10 best pet nail clippers in 2022, it helps to have a few tricks up your sleeve to make the process better. Here are a few to help you and your dog survive the nail clipping session:

  • Go slow- speed is not an option. You want to make sure you cut right and in the right place. This requires concentration and not fast action
  • Be playful- let your dog learn that his or her nail clipping time is a good thing. You do not want them thinking it is harmful to them. Approach your dog in a happy mood, not a dreary one dreading the process
  • Use dog treats- this helps your dog associate nail clipping with a happy time. Reward your dog for good behavior with his or her favorite snacks
  • Use sharp tools- to help your dog endure the nail clipping process, you do not want to use bad, dull nail clippers. Use the best to make sure the experience is good for booth of you
  • Stay calm- don’t over-react or reprimand your dog when they flinch. That will only make the process more difficult

Using one of the top 10 best pet nail clippers in 2022 is the smart way to trim your dog’s nails. The right equipment for the job makes nail clipping simple, easy and something you and your dog can look forward to. Pet nail clipping doesn’t have to be a dreaded chore. Use the best tools for the best results.