Best Mini Fridges for Makeup in 2022 and Buying Guides


We all spend a lot of money on makeup and things to make even tones look even younger and at times more attractive. But when it comes to storage of these makeup products, there comes a problem. We can store these products only in some cool and safe place so that they don’t get damaged and we don’t have to worry anymore. The best-preferred solution for this is the mini-fridges now available especially designed to store your makeup material cool and safe. Here are some of the best 2022 mini-fridges.

List Best Mini Fridges for Makeup in 2022

11. COLD Skincare Beauty Fridge – Best Mini Fridges for Makeup

11.COLD Skincare Fridge (8.8 x 7 x 9.6 Inches) - 4 Litre Beauty Fridge in Marble Design for Cosmetics and Skincare


This a 4-liter beauty product storage mini fridge styled with marble to add the classic look to your room. When anyone thinks of a fridge automatically dark pale colors come to your mind.

Additionally, this is not the case with the beauty mini-fridges they come in many styles and vibrant colors. It comes with a magnetic snap door and separable shelf for better handling reasons.

This mini fridge keeps your creams chilled for you to enjoy hassle-free makeup. It keeps the products fresh with its pre-set temperature ranges from 35-45 F, a temperature range ideal for skincare products.

Reasons to buy

  •  Marble styled
  •  Pre-set temperature range for beauty products
  • Keeps your skincare products cool and safe

10. FaceTory Portable Mint Beauty Fridge

10.FaceTory Portable Mint Beauty Fridge

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This one is a little bit higher in capacity than Cold skincare marble fridge. Its capacity varies from 10 to 12 litres. The dimensions of this fridge are 24.5x29x34 cm with a weight of 7.5 lbs. This fridge is not too small nor too big and ideally designed for the storage of beauty creams and skincare products.

Face Troy is a cute and spacious fridge as it comes in vibrant colours. It comes equipped with AC and DC cables, along with US standard outlets. It is a multipurpose fridge which allows customization as all its shelves are detachable.

Therefore it surely helps you keep your skincare products chilled and by this you also increase the life of the product.

Reasons to buy

  •  Cute and spacious
  •  Multipurpose (even store drinks)
  •  Customizable

9. AstroAI Mini Fridge Portable Cooler and Warmer

9.AstroAI 9 Liter Mini Fridge Compact Portable Cooler and Warmer for Food, Beverages

The classic look of AstroAl Mini fridge can make any girl go mad for it. Designed to store medications and skin care products, this mini fridge of inner dimensions is 9.96” x 8.26” x 6.22”. It has a capacity of 9 liters, which serves more than enough for the storage of makeup.

Furthermore, it can be used as a multipurpose fridge as it has a can capacity of 12 and it is designed with a removable shelf to help to decide and keep your different products well organized and separated.

It can cool up to 32°F. Comes with two plug options, one standard wall outlet, and another 12v cigarette lighter in the vehicle. The fridge is moreover eco-friendly as it is freon-free and has also been certified by CE, FCC, ETL, RoH.

Reasons to buy

  •  3-year warranty
  •  Environment-friendly fridge
  •  Portability

8. Flawless Beauty Mini Fridge – Best Mini Fridges for Makeup

8.Finishing Touch Flawless Beauty Mini Fridge for Makeup and Skincare with heat and cool settings, White, 4 Liter

The flawless beauty mini fridge comes with both heat and cool settings, which makes it stand out from others. The dimensions of this fridge are 7.5″ wide x 10.25″ deep x 11″ tall and have two shelves.

The total capacity of this fridge is 4 litres. The multipurpose design of the fridge enables you to use it for beauty products and skincare products storage, or it can be used to store other goods too.

Suitable for storing organic masks, skincare products, milk, food, beverages. It contains a mini basket for storing face masks, rollers, and ice packs.

Reasons to buy

  •  Ac/DC powered
  •  Multipurpose
  •  Basket for proper storage

7. Teami Mini Fridge for Skincare

7.10 Liter Compact Mini Refrigerator - Perfect for Bedroom or the Office

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This unique design mini fridge is super cute. It has a thermoelectric design and is also eco friendly. Its dimensions are 13.4” H x 11.4” D x 9.6” and weighs around 7.9 lbs. It has a beautiful glass front with a metallic finish, that can complete the look of your dressing room at the same time and goes wherever you keep it.

Moreover, it has two handles to ease you while shifting, and also the shelves can be detached making customization possible.

It can be used to store all your skincare products from creams to serums to moisturizers, even you can store some of your favorite drinks if you a person who loves to do makeup enjoying some drinks. It maintains a temperature of about 35ºF-45º every time.

Reasons to buy

  •  Cute look with a marble finish
  •  Customizable
  •  Maintains the temperature of 35ºF-45º

6. Chefman Mini Portable Compact Fridge

6.Chefman Mini Portable Compact Personal Fridge Cools & Heats, 4 Liter Capacity, Chills 6 12oz cans

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The chefman mini-fridge comes in two very attractive and cute colours green and pink. It has a capacity of 4 litres and the dimensions are 5 x 5 x 7.5, hence it is compact. This mini-fridge is 100% eco friendly as it is free from freons and is also ETL approved.

Also has standard plugs for home and car chargers. Both cooling and warming functionalities make it stand out.

Now no need to worry to store all your skincare products and makeup, you can store all of them in this mini fridge and choose the options required for storage. Highly preferred for personal spaces, offices, road trips, camping, and all.

Reasons to buy

  •  Get you cute little fridge in your own personal space
  •  100% eco-friendly
  •  4-litre capacity

5. Frigidaire Mini Fridge – Best Mini Fridges for Makeup

5.Frigidaire EFMIS151-PINK Mini Fridge

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This compact and retro-style fridge can add beauty to any girl’s dressing table/room. It has a capacity of 4 litres and is of vibrant pink colour. Easily adjustable shelves are an add on feature of this fridge.

You can set the temperature between 32 degrees F to 150 degrees F. The special feature of this fridge is the integrated BlueTooth speakers that one can connect to compatible devices.

Therefore, providing quality time with oneself while doing makeup and enjoying the soothing music of your choice. It is portable and can prove to be a great companion on trips. Also, it is freon free and safe to use.

Reasons to buy

  •  Integrated BlueTooth
  •  Portable
  •  Adjustable shelves

4. Cooluli Concord Compact Mini Fridge

4.Cooluli Concord Pink 20 Liter Compact Cooler Warmer Mini Fridge for Bedroom, Office, Car, Dorm

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The Cooluli concord fridge has more capacity than the rest till now. It is a 20-liter capacity fridge suitable for your bedrooms, offices, dressing rooms, etc. It also comes in different colors, pink, blue, white, and black.

The dimensions of the fridge are 11.25″ W x 13.75″ D x 16.25″ H and weighs 13 lbs. With its stylish and sleek design, it wins many hearts. It can be used both for cooling and warming according to one’s wish, which means it has customizable temperature settings.

Preferred for storing all your skincare products, medicines, insulin, and all. The cooling functionality is based on smart dual cooling and can cool down up to 40° below room temperature. It comes with a one year warranty.

Reasons to buy

  •  Different colors available
  •  20-litre capacity
  •  Stylish and sleek design
  •  Dual cooling feature

3. RCA Mini Fridge – Best Mini Fridges for Makeup

3.RCA RMIS129-BLUE Mini Retro 6 Can Beverage Refrigerator-Blue

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This fridge has a capacity of four litres. It is compact and can store up to 6 cans. It also comes in different colors. For traveling convenience, it has a portable insert handle, which helps you to carry it away easily anywhere you want.

It has the capability to cool up to 20 degrees F below room temperature. Also is eco-friendly with minimum vibrations which makes it safer to use.

Reasons to buy

  •  Portability
  •  Cools up to 20degrees Fahrenheit below room temperature
  •  Lesser vibrations(Safer)

2. AstroAI Mini Fridge – Best Mini Fridges for Makeup

2.AstroAI Mini Fridge 4 Liter 6 Can AC DC Portable Thermoelectric Cooler and Warmer for Skincare

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The astroAl mini fridge has a capacity of 4 litres. It features dual functioning, it can cool up to 32°F and warm up to 150°F both. Suitable for keeping all your skincare products, moisturizers, creams, and even medicines and beverages safe and at the temperature desired.

Come with two AC/DC adapters for convenience with both home plugs and car chargers. Highly eco-friendly with minimum sound and freedom. Also certified by many such as CE, FCC, ETL, RoHS. it comes with a 3-year warranty.

Reasons to buy

  •  Cooling and warming functionalities
  •  Portability
  •  Eco-friendly and certified

1. Gourmia GMF600 Thermoelectric Mini Fridge

1.Gourmia GMF600 Thermoelectric Mini Fridge Cooler and Warmer - 4 Liter

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This fridge also has both cooling and warming functionalities, making it easier for you to choose and keep the products at the desired temperature. It is lightweight with a capacity of 4 litres.

This mini-fridge is environment friendly as made up of thermoelectric technology and is free from CFCs and refrigerants. Comes with two cords AC and DC. ETL certification adds more trust to the product. Suitable for all spaces whether office, home, trip, camping, cars, etc.

Reasons to buy

  •  ETL certified
  •  Lightweight
  •  Both cooling and warming functions available

Buying guide for Mini Fridges Makeup:

Here is a list of parameters to be taken care of while you opt for a mini-fridge:


Plays a deciding role in any product. So is the case with the mini-fridge. One must take care of the size of the fridge according to one’s availability of space. You should also take into account several sub-factors associated with size like dimensions.


Capacity is yet another feature to be taken into consideration. Fridges may vary from 3/ 4 litres to 20 litres. You should choose wisely which one you want for your space. The easiest way to decide this is by asking yourself a question: what material exactly are you willing to store? This will really help you choose the correct product.


As discussed incapacity, the purpose of buying the mini fridge is important. You should be clear in your head whether you want the fridge for traveling purposes then you should look for the likewise features like portability and all and if you want it for your room you may want to buy a mini 4 litres fridge.


Some fridges may look good with offices and some may look stylish with your wardrobes and dressing tables. So you should also choose accordingly whether you want a cute pink little fridge for your dressing room or a more subtle marble finished one for your office. This is just an example.

Price and budget

Price and budget is yet another deciding factor. You should make a list of the features that you will be looking for in your fridge and then choose the mini-fridge that best suits your budget. Doing this makes your task really easy and hassle-free because most of the time we get confused with so many options.


Some people are really brand specific, if you are one among them, then no problem you still have choices. You can choose on the basis of a variety of features in the brand of your choice.

Environment friendly

Also, an eco-friendly person can buy those products that are certified and do not use harmful substances. For mini-fridges avoid those fridges that use CFCs or other harmful refrigerants. Look for certifications like ETL, CE, FCC.

Style and Look

Some mini-fridges are extremely stylish while others give a classic look yet others give a cute look. There is a variety of them available. You should choose what you want.


There are some fridges which have the option of only cooling. But others, the more advanced ones, also provide you with the option of warming. So now if you want to store something in a warm atmosphere you can surely opt for the mini-fridge with dual functionality.

As you can see from above there are numerous options to choose from when it comes to mini-fridges. So choose wisely within your budget and according to your taste. Also keep the ambiance, the fridge colour, and its features in mind.

Enjoy keeping your makeup and skincare products at the required temperature and experience their chilled refreshing effect on your skin.

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