Best LED Parking lot Lights in 2022


Technology makes life a little easier, not always but when it comes to lighting up your car’s parking spot, technology does bring a lot of light to the situation. When it developed the top 10 best LED parking lot lights in 2022, you know that technology can be a good friend.

Not only do you get a lot of light protecting your car, but you also get to see your surroundings and save a little money. Everyone knows that LED lights are cheaper to use and can cut your electric bill down to size.

These parking lot lights don’t look half bad either. They may not win a beauty contest, but they are not ugly. You can add a little value to your home and business by turning to one of the upgraded LED parking lot lights to brighten your parking area.

List of Best LED Parking lot Lights

10. Hykolity LED Parking Lot Light

10. Hykolity 150W LED Parking Lot Light, LED Shoebox Fixture, 18000lm 5700k Photocell Optional Outdoor Waterproof Pole Mount Light for Large Area Li

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When you make the switch to this parking lot light you not only add illumination to the parking situation you save money. At 150 watts of power, you can add more light while using less energy. That savings can be passed on to other projects you may have on the go.

The aluminum construction keeps the parking lot lightweight while it allows the heat to disperse quite quickly. With 18,000 lumens at your fingertips, you should not have many dark spots in your parking lot. The waterproof construction protects the light through almost any weather condition.

Also, a 50,000-hour lifespan cuts down on replacement costs. A built-in fuse protects the LED lights from any power surges or other electrical issues. Its versatility means that you can light up other large areas other than a parking lot with ease.

9. AntLux LED Parking Lot Lights

9. AntLux 150W LED Parking Lot Lights - LED Shoebox Pole Light

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With an included photocell, this light will turn itself on and off automatically. You do not have to wire in a switch or spend time turning the light on or off. Just let the photocell do all the work.

After purchase, installation is not that difficult. The arm mount will work with either a square or a round light pole. Plus, its slim features make it hard for heat to ruin any of the interior electrical work. At 18,000 Lumens your car and parking lot should be safe from vandals or thieves.

Also, the 150-watt LED lights provide you with 5000K daylight bright colors once the sun goes down. With its 50,000 hours of life, you shouldn’t be replacing this LED light fixture anytime soon. The instant-on function makes sure there are no flickers or warm-up time.

8. EverWatt 60W LED Outdoor Parking Lot Light

8. EverWatt 60W LED Outdoor Parking Lot Light with Photocell Sensor

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A good photocell sensor is a good friend. It does your job of turning the light on and off, so you can relax and spend more time with your family. Or you can twist the cell and use the manual on and off function. It is your choice.

Also, you get a choice in how you mount this LED parking lot light. You can use the adapter that slips over a small round pole. Or you can use the direct mounting bracket to attach it to an oversize pole or wall.

On top of those features, you also get 5000K white light, long-lasting LED light chips that save you money, and a safer parking lot. With its weatherproof construction, this light will work no matter the weather conditions outside. The adjustable arm lets you direct the light where you want it to go.

7. Ledmo LED Wall Pack Light

7. 120W LED Wall Pack Light,(Wall Pack Light 5000K Daylight),Waterproof Commercial

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This easy to install Led parking lot light only takes a few minutes of your time. Once you get it up where you want it, you will have 5000K brightness and 12000 lumens at your service every time it turns on.

Also, the directed light should work for roughly 50,000 hours. This gives you years of service and saves you on replacement costs. Plus, you can install it on almost any wall surface and almost in any location on your property.

Beside your parking lot or driveway, you can light up your backyard, pool area, patio zone and much more. Once you install the light, the durable plastic should hold up against most weather conditions. A photocell can be added for automatic on and off functions. Protect your home when you are away on vacation or a business trip.

6.Rugged Grade NextGen 2 LED Parking Lot Lights

6. 150 Watt NextGen 2 LED Parking Lot Lights - 20,060 Lumen - Super Efficiency 130 Lumen to Watt

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This 150-watt LED parking lot bulb can produce better light than a 400 to 600 normal light bulb. This saves you money while getting the same results. Plus, you get up to 20,000 lumens of bright light protecting your parking lot or home area.

On top of that, the 5000K white light makes sure you can see what you are doing and what is happening around you. Also, the adjustable mount gives you location options and the adjustable arm lets you direct the light where you need it to be.

With about 100,000 hours of life, you shouldn’t have to replace this LED parking lot light very often. Then the aluminum construction keeps the light lightweight, durable, and good in almost any weather your region has. With its versatility, you are not limited to using this LED light on your parking area only.

5. Hyperikon Parking Lot Lights

5. Hyperikon Parking Lot Lights LED Shoebox Pole Light

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With this LED lights shoebox design, you get two sets of LED lights to brighten any location around your business or home. Plus, with it’s up to 150 degrees of angle, the 18,000-lumen lights should cover a lot of territory for you.

On top of these features, you get a photocell that turns the light on and off. When the sun rises, it goes off. When the sun sets, the light turns on automatically. You just get to enjoy the light when it turns on.

Also, the 45,000 hours of life make sure you do not waste a lot of time replacing the lightbulbs. With its easy installation process, you can have the light up in no time. The decorative light should not detract from the look of your home or business.

4. Stasun LED Flood Light

4. LED Flood Light, STASUN 300W 27000lm LED Outdoor Security Lights with Wide Lighting Area

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The tri-fold light system brings you up to 6000K of bright light to your parking lot. Plus, its design should eliminate many dark spots that plague parking lots and other large recreational areas.

Also, the 60 LED light chips work to bring you up to 18,000 lumens of lite every time it turns on. Then its anti-glare feature ensures that you can see all the time making your parking lot a lot safer. 50,000 hours is the lifespan of this bright LED light, saving you a lot of money in the long run.

Plus, the aluminum construction materials keep the light shock-resistant and disperses heat quite quickly. It should also withstand just about any weather your region gets throughout the year. The LED parking lot light is also waterproof, so you can place it anywhere you want safely.

3. Ledmo LED Parking Lot Lighting

3. 200W LED Parking Lot Lighting - 26000 Lm Outdoor Lights with Photocell Pole Mount LED Flood Light 5000K 600W Equivalent Commercial Street Area Li

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With an automatic photocell, you know this light will light up your surroundings as soon as the sun disappears from the night sky. Once that happens, you get 26000 lumens lighting up your parking lot or backyard.

Also, the easy to install parking lot light comes with an adjustable arm. This allows you to point the light right where you need it most. Then 2 LED light panels brighten the area once you turn it on.

With its aluminum construction, you know the light is strong and durable. It is also waterproof, protecting your light from rain and other moisture. The 200 watts of power lets you save money without losing any brightness. Plus, the versatility of this light gives you many placement options. You can place the light where you want and get rid f dark spots easily.

2. Ledmo LED Parking Lot Lights

2. 200W LED Parking Lot Lights- LEDMO 5000K LED Street Lights Shoebox Pole Lights

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With 200 watts of power bringing you up to 26,000 lumens of bright light, your parking lot should be safer than it ever was. You also get 5000K white light color to make sure all the dark spots are gone from your area.

Plus, the photocell does all the work for you. It turns the light on and off when the light conditions change. Also, its instant-on function ensures that you get no flickers or warmup time when the light is activated. Another plus is that there is no UV or IR radiation rays.

The shoebox design covers a lot of areas. This makes walking to your car easier and safer. You get to see what is going on around you and helps you put your keys in the car door lock faster. This can make all the difference for you.

1. Hyperikon LED Wall Pack Fixture

1. Hyperikon 135W LED Wall Pack Fixture

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Walls are as good as poles when attaching a parking light. This LED light can attach to walls easily, making sure you get more than enough light on your parking or recreational area. The beam angle reaches 110 degrees.

In addition to those features, you get up to 17,500 lumens and 5000K white light illuminating your little space in the world. Plus, the 135 watts of power you use should cut your energy bill down to a manageable size. That saving gives you more money for more important items.

Also, the long lifespan means you do not have to replace the LED bulbs as often as you did before. Get more light longer, while saving money at the same time. When you want great results, you got to go with one o the best LED parking lot lights on the market today.

The advantages of using LED parking lot lights

When you switch from normal parking lot light bulbs to one of the top 10 best LED parking lot lights in 2022, you get a lot of benefits. That is what upgrading does for you. It makes your life easier and can help you in more ways than one. Here are some of those advantages:

Long life

You save time by not having to replace the new lights as often. Their 50,000+ hours of life are hard to beat

Saves on energy use

you become the darling of the neighborhood by cutting down on your energy use. That leaves more power for your neighbors to use

Smaller footprint

Using less energy means your environmental footprint just got a lot smaller. You will be environmentally responsible and help natural resources to last for a long time

Save money

This is always the biggest item on these types of lists. When you make the switch, you cut down on your energy bill and you cut your replacement costs as well. Fewer expenses mean more money in your wallet

Brighter light

You get a lot of light covering more of your parking lot area when you make the switch to a better parking lot lighting system.

Fewer dark spots

The 5000K+ white light also works to keep dark spots to a minimum. This provides you with a safer environment

Better durability- their waterproof and shock resistant construction helps these parking lot lights last a long time. They protect the electrical features, so you can enjoy those 50,000 hours of life worry-free.


IN today’s world it is better to be safe than sorry. One way to be safe is to light up your parking lot or home’s surroundings with great outdoor light. Switching to one of the top 10 best LED parking lot lights in 2022 is one way to be safer.

You get longer lasting and brighter lights protecting you against the dark night. That is a smart move to make. When you and your customers are safer, your business should be more profitable. Customers won’t be afraid to shop at night with the best of the best on duty. Then the best part is that you get to save money while providing yourself and your customers a safer environment.