Top 10 Best iPhone 7 Screen Protectors in 2022


The recently released iPhone 7 is a smartphone that will remain in the headlines for a while. It’s a phone whose design and performance will take other competitive manufacturers like Samsung, Nokia, Huawei and Xiaomi a long time to beat. Its build is on point as up to now, its only challenging factor, which is appreciated by some people, is the absence of the headphone jack.

It’s obvious that you want to reap optimum benefits from your hard-earned iPhone 7. Therefore, protecting it from all forms of damage could be the wisest decision that you could ever make regarding your expensive phone. Purchasing a screen protector for your iPhone 7 should be the first step you take on your way to protecting it from damage.

Various iPhone 7 screen protectors by different manufacturers continue to flood the market. We are here to ensure that you get the best quality screen guard. Below, we review the top ten best iPhone 7 screen protectors in 2022. Read on below to identify the screen guard that suits your perspective, budget and other secondary preferences in the best way.

10. E LV Tempered Glass iPhone 7 Screen Protector


Are you looking for a high-quality but affordable screen protector that will extend the lifetime of your iPhone 7? Then, taking this product by the ELV Company into consideration will be a wise decision. It’s an ultra-slim protective tempered glass that delivers its core purpose in the best way. It will help you shield your phone from all forms damage including scratches and drops without costing you a fortune as it goes for hardly 6$. It comes with precise cutouts for the front camera, speakers, ports and the buttons to ensure no operational compromise occurs with its application.

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9. Ace Teah iPhone 7 Screen Protector-2 Pack


The Acce Teah Company presents you with this high-grade set of screen protectors to ensure that your iPhone 7 serves you for an extended period of no disappointment whatsoever. The Screen guards featured in this set are custom made for the iPhone 7 to provide a perfect fit. They are ultra-thin to ensure no interference with your phones functioning occurring with their application.

No effect should occur to the touchscreen sensitivity upon the installation of any of these screen protectors. They are ultra-clear as they offer 99% HD transparency. The included precise cutouts in the making of these screen protectors are there to allow for access to the home button while their winged tab design facilitates easy installation. The manufacturer also backs this pack of two screen protectors with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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8. Hapurs iPhone 7 Screen Protector


The harpus iPhone, 7 screen protector, is also another product that will serve you in the best way in your quest to prolong the lifetime of your precious phone. Its ultra-slim design allows it to offer excellent services without affecting your phone’s usability. It has a breadth of only 0.3 mm. It comes with an edge-to-edge unobstructed and coverage design and fits perfectly on the iPhone 7.

This screen protector is fingerprint and smudge resistant thanks to the included oleophobic coating in its making. It’s easy to install and clean. It will provide an ultra-clear transparency and 3-D touch features to your phone. Also featured in the package is a cleaning cloth as well as dust removal stickers.

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7. MouKou iPhone 7 Glass Screen Protector 2-Pack


This is a pack of two tempered glass screen protectors by the Moukou Company. The featured screen protectors are custom made for the iPhone 7 to ensure that they fit correctly. They bring you the optimum protection of your phone’s screen from all forms of damage like scrapes, scratches or drops. The featured 99% HD clear oleophobic and hydrophic coatings in the making of these screen protectors shield the phone’s screen from oil and sweat residues from fingerprints.

You will be free to replace the screen protector as you may wish as this is a set of two. Ensure that you reap excellent benefits from your iPhone 7 by maintaining it fully protected from damage through these screen protectors by the Moukou Company.

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6. Mothca 3D Curve Edge iPhone 7 Screen Protector

Best iPhone 7 Screen Protectors

The Mothca manufacturing is the Company behind the making of this high-grade iPhone 7 screen protector. It’s specially made for the iPhone 7 so you can be sure of a perfect fit on any original iPhone 7. Its 3D Rounded edge construction design provides full phone coverage to protect the entire phone from all forms of damage without compromising the excellent smooth naked feel of the iPhone7 screen.

It’s also designed to enhance the compatibility of the iPhone 7 with various protective cases and covers. You will appreciate the installation manual featured in the package which is aimed at facilitating easy and accurate installation. Also featured in the purchased package is a cleaning set which plays a significant role in maintaining your phone’s screen free from foreign particles and stain.

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5. iPhone 7 Screen Protector


The excellent build of this iPhone 7 screen protector allows it to rank among the best products within this category. It’s custom made for the iPhone 7, this fits perfectly with no errors. It comes to help you shield your precious phone from all forms of damage including scratches, drops without compromising your experience with your phone as it doesn’t interfere with the iPhone 7 sensors.

It offers full coverage and is entirely bubble free. Beyond protecting your phone, this screen guard is set to improve your phone’s clarity and provide 3D touch accuracy. A replacement policy is also in place to ensure all quality issues are addressed appropriately.

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4. TURATA 3D Premium-Best iPhone 7 Screen Protectors


When it comes to quality, no other screen protector product beats this product by the Turata Company. It’s fully compatible with the iPhone 7 (2020) but also fits the iPhone 6s. It comes fully polished, with precise cut laser rounded edges, ultra-thin to ensure no usability compromise result from its application.

Its 9H hardness promotes phone protection from all forms of damage like scratches, cracks or fingerprints to mention but a few. Its 100% transparency allow for optimal normal viewing and phone maneuverability. Its one-touch installation design is bubble-free and leaves no residue when removed from the screen.

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3. Ionic Apple iPhone 7 Screen Protector


The Ionic screen protector for iPhone7 ranks among the best products in this category for some reasons. It’s developed from high-grade tempered glass, a guarantee of excellent performance in shielding the iPhone7’s screen from damage. It comes with a polished finish, while its edges feature a smooth feel for the best experience. It’s ultra-thin as it has a breadth of only 0.5 mm.

This screen protector is shatter proof, and its installation is bubble-free. It’s an ultimate impact absorbent protector that will provide an accurate value for its cost. Its 9H hardness is a guarantee of exceptional protection of your phone’s screen from scratches.

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2. iPhone 7 ZeroDamage Tempered Glass Screen Protector


Among the best quality screen protectors that could offer your iPhone 7, ultimate protection is this product by the Sahara Case Company. It’s a screen guard that will provide your phone with utmost protection without conflicting with your phone’s usability. It is 3D touch compatible, bubble free, dust proof, anti-fingerprint and shatterproof, so you can be sure about its quality.

Installing it on your phone is super easy as it only takes a few seconds. Its beveled edges are there to prevent sharp or chipped sides which could hurt you as you use your phone. Its extreme hardness allows it to resist scratches and other forms of damage. No smudges occur with its application all gratitude to its anti-fingerprint nature.

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1. Maxboost 2 Pack iPhone 7 Screen Protector


Are you looking for an iPhone 7 screen protector that will provide an accurate value for your few dollars? Then, look not beyond this product by the Maxboost manufacturing firm. This a 2-pack set of tempered glass screen guards. Each screen protector is ultra-slim, being the world’s slimmest screen protectors as they have a breadth of hardly 0.2 mm. Therefore, it could be extremely hard to notice the screen protector once applied on your phone. These screen protectors for iPhone 7 are designed to offer 100% touch accuracy as well as 3D touch sense.

The featured screen guards in this set are effective in absorbing impact and are 100% scratch proof. Each glass protector features an open edge construction design with the aim of covering only the flat section of the screen. The super clarity of these screen guards ensures no interference with your front camera as you take photos. Finally, these screen protectors are anti-fingerprint.

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The top ten best iPhone 7 screen protectors in 2022 are products that feature the best quality. Any of the reviewed products will protect your iPhone 7’s screen in the best way. The choice you make remains with you. Go for a high-quality product that will provide you with optimum value.