Top 10 Best iPhone 7 Plus Screen Protectors in 2022


Getting a chance to own and utilize the iPhone 7 plus smartphone could bring out the best in you. Get to think of its elegance, exclusivity, and excellent performance, incredible right? However, the better a phone, the more susceptible to damage it becomes. A screen scratch or crack on your iPhone 7 Plus smartphone could be traumatizing and at times depressing. The screen is the most delicate section your phone. You must, therefore, be ready to protect it from all forms of damage. Fortunately today, with the introduction of the iPhone 7 Plus screen protectors, the “I” enthusiasts have a reason to smile. You don’t need to lose a fortune to keep your phone protected from screen damages. You only need to purchase a high-quality screen protector that will serve your cell’s screen protection requirements in the best way.

List of Best iPhone 7 Plus Screen Protectors Reviews

In this post, we come in to ensure that you get the best screen protector for your precious iPhone 7 Plus. Below, we bring you reviews of the top ten best iPhone 7 plus screen protectors present on the market so far. Read on to identify the ideal screen protector that will ensure that you utilize your high-end phone with no disappointment whatsoever.

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10. OULUOQI 2 Pack iPhone 7 Plus Screen Protector


Ouluoqi is the manufacturing firm behind the making of this set of iPhone 7 plus screen protectors. The included screen protectors are custom made for the iPhone 7 Plus to ensure that they fit perfectly. They are also designed to work perfectly with the iPhone 6/6s Plus. They feature a 9H hardness so you can be sure about their protective power. The screen protectors featured in this package are scratch/shock proof, dust-free, bubble-free, and fingerprint-free.

Installing them on your IPhone is as easy as ABC. The manufacturer of these screen protectors offers a 24 hours customer support to ensure that their clients are entirely satisfied with the quality of their products. Any quality issue is handled with utmost priority, and a refund or replacement is guaranteed for any defective product.

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9. YootechiPhone 7 Plus Screen Protector-2-Pack


If you want to have a fantastic time utilizing the iPhone 7 Plus, then it’s only wise that you consider employing this screen protector product by the Yootech Company. The screen protectors included in this package are of the best quality. They are custom made for the iPhone 7 Plus to provide a perfect fit. More than this, they are ultra-clear as they offer up to 99% transparency to facilitate an excellent natural phone viewing experience.

They are ultra-thin as they measure only 0.3 mm in thickness thus provides full compatibility with the phone’s touchscreen sensitivity. You will appreciate the ability of these screen protectors to shield the screen of your iPhone 7 Plus from any form of damage like scratches and drops. Their excellent functioning can only be traced to their high-grade make material- Tampered glass.

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8. IQ Shield LiQuidSkin iPhone 7 Plus Screen Protector


IQ Shield is the manufacturing firm behind the making of this one of a kind screen protector for the iPhone 7 Plus. It’s custom made to offer full coverage and a perfect fit. This package includes the screen protector, installation spray/tray solution, lint-free cloth, squeegee, as well as the comprehensive installation instructions. All these elements are geared towards the achievement of excellent, bubble and frustration free installation as well as fantastic screen protection services.

Unlike other screen protectors by other manufacturers, the IGShield screen protector is developed through an exclusive process which eventually results in a product with ultra-response sensitivity, non-yellowing, and self-healing durability. It’s a screen protector that ranks as a smart film and offers optical transparency once applied. This product will provide you with excellent value for its cost.

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7. SPARIN iPhone 7 Plus Screen Protector-Best iPhone 7 Plus Screen Protectors


The Sparin Company is glad to present iPhone 7 Plus enthusiasts with this one-of-a-kind screen protector. Right from its design, you can tell that this screen protector is built with user satisfaction as the top priority. It’s custom made for the iPhone 7 Plus thus fits perfectly without missing a mark. It installs easily only on the flat section of the screen with no non-adhesive halo while leaving the curved edges untouched for excellent case compatibility.

Its super thin nature facilitates its compatibility with 3D touch sensitivity. It’s extremely scratch resistant as it’s made using a high-grade tempered glass of 9H hardness. Also, this screen protector is of high transparency as it offers 99% HD clarity and 99% light transmittance to maintain the colorful and beautiful image quality of your iPhone 7 Plus.

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6. TETHYS iPhone 7 Plus 6/6s Plus Screen Protector


Tethys is the manufacturing firm behind the making of this universal screen protector. It’s compatible with the iPhone 7 Plus, 6s Plus, and 6. It’s an ultra-thin flexible tempered glass protector that measures only 0.22mm in thickness. This screen protector is expertly developed from industrial grade, 9H hardness glass to resist any damage agents including scratches effectively.

It’s custom made to ensure the curved edges are not covered, thus allowing for case compatibility and preventing sharp and chipped edges. It comes with Ultra HD clarity to ensure the original display brightness is maintained upon its application. Also included in its making is an ultra-clear oleophobic and hydrophobic coating that shields the screen from oil and sweat residues derived from fingerprints.

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5. amFilm iPhone 7 Plus iPhone 7 Plus 6S/6 Plus Screen Protector


This is just another screen protector designed to protect the iPhone 7 Plus, 6s and the 6 Plus from all forms of screen damage including scratches and cracks. In addition to protecting the screen, this protector is designed to offer 99% ultra-transparency to ensure that the optimal natural view of your phone is not affected in any way by its application. It’s ultra-thin, measuring only 0.3 mm in breadth to offer maximum compatibility with the touchscreen sensitivity. This screen protector is scratch resistant and highly durable thanks to its self-healing property and tough surface hardness of up to 9H.

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4. Maxboost 2 Pack iPhone 7 Plus Screen Protector


The maxboost screen protector boasts being the world’s thinnest iPhone 7 Plus screen guard measuring only 0.2mm in thickness. All gratitude to its ultra-slim design, this screen protector offers superior 3D touch sensing as well as 100% touch accuracy. It highly impacts absorbent and scratch-proof thus will keep your phone protected from all damaging elements throughout its lifetime. The Maxboost tampered glass screen protector is designed only to cover the flat section of the screen.

It leaves the curved edges untouched to ensure no effect occurs to the look of your iPhone 7 Plus with its application. It will protect the front camera, proximity and ALS sensors from any form of damage without affecting the performance of your iPhone in any way. Its oleophobic and hydrophobic coating is there to shield your phone from oil and sweat residues brought about by fingerprints.

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3. OMOTON iPhone 7 Plus Screen Protector


The Omoto iPhone 7 Plus screen protector brings you all you need to maintain your phone’s screen protected, thus extending its lifetime. It features laser-cut dimensions with the aim of offering optimum protection to your device’s screen. It only covers the flat section of the screen, leaving the curved edges open for excellent case compatibility. It’s making ensures that this protector offers maximum scratch protection to your phone.

Upon its application, your phone will always be protected from incurring scratches from keys, knife or other hard substances. Installing it is easy thanks to the included bubble-free adhesive cream. It provides HD retina clarity to your phone while the featured oleophobic and hydrophobic coating shields the screen from oil and sweat residues resulting from fingerprints.

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2. F-color iPhone 7 Tempered Glass iPhone 7 Plus Screen Protector


Among the best iPhone 7 Plus screen protectors on the market so far is this product by the F-color Company. It comes with a 3D edge to edge rounded phone coverage design to ensure that it fits perfectly on the iPhone 7 Plus. Unlike most screen protectors, this one offers full-screen coverage to optimize screen protection even from foreign particles like dust.

Its 3D rounded edges are meant to prevent the formation of sharp and chipped edges upon its application. Its rose gold titanium frame aims at matching the rose gold color of the iPhone 7 Plus. It offers 99% transparency for excellent display upon application. It installs with ease and bubble-free through a flip-over alignment system.

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1. JETech 2-Pack iPhone 7 Plus Screen Protector


Are you in the search for a high-quality but affordable screen protector for your iPhone 7 Plus? Then, taking this product by the JETech Company into consideration will be a wise decision. This screen protector is developed from tempered glass, a material known for its screen protecting traits and does not interfere with the sensitivity of the phone in any way. It comes with rounded edges to ensure no full coverage of the entire screen but only the flat section.

It measures only 0.33mm, thus ultra-thin to ensure no effect to the phone’s usability upon application. This screen protector is of high hardness and therefore resists scratches by up to 9H. It’s of high transparency and high-responsiveness. Beyond that, this protector is fingerprint-free, dust-free, and allows for one-push, bubble-free installation. The package comes with two identical screen protectors, a cleaning cloth as well as the instruction manual.

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Having brought you reviews of the top ten best iPhone 7 Plus screen protectors, the next step of selecting the product that suits your needs and budget appropriately remains with you. You have the power to choose any of the reviewed products. Ensure that your iPhone 7 Plus serves you for an extended period by securing its screen through a high-quality screen protector. All the best in your experience with the new “i” smartphone!