Top 10 Best iPhone 7 Plus Cases & Covers in 2022


The highly anticipated iPhone 7 Plus is finally here with us. Well, its making is exceptional. It’s a phone that will retain its dominance over other high-end smartphones for a significant period. The “i” enthusiasts continue to express positive feedback over the performance of this latest smartphone model by the Apple Company. Again, it’s clear that the iPhone 7 plus bears a high-class look. Its entire making is elegant and exclusive. However, the bone of contention lies in how the iPhone lovers will manage to maintain the iPhone 7 Plus free from all forms of damage. Will it be possible to keep the iPhone 7 Plus as new?

Well, the answer to this question lies entirely in the iPhone 7 plus cases and covers. If you value your precious iPhone 7 Plus, then it’s only wise that you equip it with a high-quality case or cover. A high-quality case will enable you to maintain your beautiful phone as new for an extended period.

Below, we present you with comprehensive reviews of the top ten best iPhone 7 plus cases and covers, available on the market so far. These are the cases and covers that you will be seeing with most iPhone 7 plus enthusiasts throughout 2022 and beyond.

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10. SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Series iPhone 7 Plus Case

Among the best cases that you could rely on to maintain your iPhone 7 Plus as new is this product by the Supcase Company. It’s a case that is specifically built for the iPhone 7 Plus. It comes with a slim, minimalist, form-fitting design which includes a transparent back, smooth finish as well as clearly defined edges. This case is professionally made from high-grade shock absorbing PC and TPU materials. Thanks to the included precise cutouts, in this case, you can easily access the buttons, camera, and the ports with this case installed on your phone. It does not interfere with the performance of your phone.

It will shield the back and sides of your iPhone 7 Plus from all forms of damage. Also, its raised bezel is there to offer added protection to the screen from cracks and shattering. This case is available in a broad range of color options including black, blue, clear, to mention but a few.

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9. Matone Apple iPhone 7 Plus iPhone 7 Plus Case

Could you be looking for a high-quality and reasonably priced iPhone 7 Plus case that suits your budget appropriately? Then, you will be lucky to come across this product. The Matone manufacturing firm has done all that’s in their power to bring you this amazing protective cover for your iPhone 7 Plus at an affordable price tag. It perfectly fits on the iPhone 7 Plus while its precise cutouts allow for easy access to the phone’s buttons, camera, and ports. Its elevated bezel is there to protect your precious phone from scratches when placed in the face-down position.

Its transparent design allows for showcasing the elegance of the stylish iPhone 7 Plus while its lightweight and ultra-thin nature ensure no extra bulk comes to your hands or pocket upon its application. Its bumper is developed from shock absorbent TPU to offer maximum protection from hard hits, drops, or bumps. It has the power to endure scuffs and scratches. This case is designed to guarantee you a great experience with your iPhone 7 Plus.

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8. Spigen Slim Armor CS iPhone 7 Plus Case

is a case for the iPhone 7 Plus that effortlessly turns heads when installing correctly on the iPhone 7 Plus. Its elegant finish makes it exclusive and noticeable even from a long distance. Beyond that, this case comes to provide your expensive phone with optimum protection from all forms of damage. It features air cushioning technology as well as dual protective layers to ensure not even the sharpest objects penetrate through it to harm your phone.

Through its back wallet design, you can securely store two cards at its back. Its interior is made of a shock absorbing TPU while its exterior comprises of a high-grade polycarbonate material which promotes its protective power. Its minimalist design makes it slimmer than the regular wallets while its sleek finish makes it elegant.

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7. Spigen Rugged Armor – Best iPhone 7 Plus Cases & Covers


Among the exclusive and high-class cases for the iPhone 7 Plus is the Spigen Rugged Armor. The love that this case continues to receive on the market from the “i” enthusiasts is enough to give you a clear insight of its performance. It fits exactly on the iPhone 7 Plus without missing a mark. It comes with a glossy, lively carbon fiber feel which provides a classic look on your phone.

It plays its principal role of protecting your precious phone by absorbing any occurring shock through the featured air cushioning technology and mil-grade protection design in its making. Its variable TPU layer promotes its fingerprint resistance and allows for effortless application and removal from your phone. Also featured in its design is a unique opening at its back which allows for showcasing the exclusive Apple logo.

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6. Caseology Wavelength Series iPhone 7 Plus Case


The design of this iPhone 7 Plus case by the Caeology Manufacturing firm is impressive, elegant, and rare to find in other case models by other manufacturers within its price range and beyond. It features a soothing texture which includes a three-dimensional pattern in the quest to provide a comfortable and secure grip. It brings you a true protection potential through its polycarbonate and TPU sleeve bumper that will help you keep your phone safe from drops. You will love its slim fit and lightweight nature as you will hardly feel it when applied on your phone. It’s available in a broad variety of color options including burgundy, dark blue/black, gold/black, coral pink, to mention but a few.

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5. Spigen Liquid Armor iPhone 7 Plus Case


Spigen is the authorized manufacturer of this fantastic iPhone 7 Plus case. It’s a case that continues to receive encouraging reviews from its users on the primary online markets. It features a high-grade matte TPU build material that allows for easy installation and promotes its protective ability. It comes with a form-fitting design which allows it to take up a slim profile and provides a comfortable and secure grip to your precious iPhone 7 Plus.

Its surface has the ability to stay fingerprint free and withstand scratches thanks to its self-healing ability. All the corners of this case feature air cushioning technology and mil-grade shielding ability to protect your phone from cracking upon dropping. It’s custom made for the iPhone 7 Plus, so you can be sure that it will fit perfectly.

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4. Maxboost HyperPro iPhone 7 Plus case

If you are looking for a high-grade but cheap case for your iPhone 7 Plus, when considering this model by the Maxboost Company is a wise decision. It’s specially made for the iPhone 7 Plus so you can be sure about it fitting perfectly on your phone. It has the ability to offer world-class protection to your phone while providing a secure grip through its soft frame coating.

The Maxboost manufacturer employs the latest GXD shock technology to make this case as shock absorbent as possible. It features a stylish appeal, a sure bet in keeping you looking classy at any location. Also offered by its manufacturer is a lifetime warranty on this case. Therefore, you can purchase this case with utmost confidence.

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3. Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone 7 Plus Case


The dedication of the Spigen Company to quality has led them to develop this exclusive case for the iPhone 7 Plus. It’s a crystal clear case that’s designed with the primary aim being extending the lifetime of the iPhone 7 Plus by shielding it from all forms of physical damage. Its ultra-clear nature ensures that not even the slightest detailed of your phone is compromised upon its application. Its excellent clarity is designed to last long without yellowing with time.

Its raised lip around the screen is there to protect the camera and screen from harm by sharp and hard objects. All its corners come fitted with air cushioning technology as well as Mil-grade protection, all with the aim of protecting your phone from incurring damage from falls.

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2. Caseology Skyfall Series iPhone 7 Plus Case

Do you wish to apply the most beautiful case on your iPhone 7 Plus? Then, this case by the Caseology Company might win your heart. Its elegant design aims at complementing and enhancing the stylish look of the iPhone 7 Plus. It comes with a transparent body and a color-matched bumper to allow you to express your style in the best way. Also, among its noticeable traits is its ultra-slim build as well as the rich texture which gang up to make this case comfortable in the hands and the pocket.

Its incredible ability to shield the phone from damage is facilitated by the polycarbonate and acrylic materials utilized in its making. This case is custom build for the iPhone 7 Plus so you can be sure about its perfect fit on your phone.

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1. Caseology

[Parallax Series]

iPhone 7 Plus Case
Best iPhone 7 Plus Cases & Covers

Ranking in the Caseology Parallax Series is this case that’s making it big on the market. It features a one-of-a-kind design and comes with all you need in an iPhone 7 Plus case. Included in its making is a trendy, dynamic geometry of patterns that aims at creating a profound sense of movement in the texture of this case. It also features a smooth coating and a three-dimensional molding to generate a comfortable and secure grip.

It has the power to offer the iPhone 7 Plus excellent protection through its structured polycarbonate and TPU sleeve bumper as well as its back. With this case applied to your phone, you will always look classic at any location whatsoever.

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The top ten best iPhone 7 Plus cases and covers in 2022 are as presented in this post. If you know the value of your iPhone, then you should not wait for the wake-up call to protect it from all forms of damage using one of these high-quality cases and covers. You have the power and freedom to choose any of the reviewed products.

May you experience the real strength of the iPhone 7 Plus for an extended period by applying any of the cases and covers discussed in this post. All the best!!